Untitled Linux Show

Apr 7th 2024

Untitled Linux Show 146

Airing the Dirty Laundry on the Soapbox

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

April Fools, FLOSS Bullies, and KDE Throwback

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Category: News

This week the crew starts by looking at a KDE throw-back distro, then followed that up with a bunch of April Fools news, and a few April first stories that check out. FFMPEG puches out version 7, LXC mints 6.0 LTS, and EEVDF is about feature complete. Then the XZ SSH backdoor gets an update, and that conversation turns a bit philisophical regarding how nice Open Source should really be. For tips we have the awesome selfhosted list, vim, xz --version and zstd, and then some xfs tools for resizing a partition. See the show notes at https://bit.ly/4aqmu5a and we hope to see you next time!

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