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Jun 23rd 2024

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Hosted by Leo Laporte

AT&T Landlines, US Bans Kaspersky and DJI

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Category: News

AT&T Landlines, US Bans Kaspersky and DJI

  • Microsoft delays Recall after security concerns, and asks Windows Insiders for help 
  • I just ordered the cheapest Surface Pro option - why I (probably) won't regret it 
  • Biden bans US sales of Kaspersky software over Russia ties 
  • The DJI Drone Ban: A Uniquely American Clusterf*ck 
  • Surgeon General: Social Media Platforms Need a Health Warning 
  • The Surgeon General Is Wrong. Social Media Doesn’t Need Warning Labels 
  • LAUSD approves cellphone ban as Newsom calls for statewide action 
  • EU Council has withdrawn the vote on Chat Control 
  • US sues Adobe for hiding termination fees and making it difficult to cancel subscriptions 
  • Apple Won’t Roll Out AI Tech In EU Market Over Regulatory Concerns 
  • AT&T can’t hang up on landline phone customers, California agency rules 
  • Amazon mulls $5 to $10 monthly price tag for unprofitable Alexa service, AI revamp 
  • What Game of Thrones did to the media 
  • Elon Musk Tweeted a Thing 
  • This Old House' Pays Tribute to Creator Russell Morash

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