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Feb 18th 2024

This Week in Tech 967

I'll Be Your Shabbos Goy

Hosted by Leo Laporte

KOSA, French Public Scrolling Ban

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Category: News
  • Zuckerberg says Quest 3 is ‘the better product’ vs. Apple’s Vision Pro
  • Apple to be fined over $500 million under EU antitrust law
  • Fighting the smartphone ‘invasion’: the French village that voted to ban scrolling in public
  • 2 Twitter books are coming out
  • Bluesky opens up to the public
  • The Reply Guy Constitution
  • Kids Online Safety Act secures enough support to pass Senate
  • Leak of Russian ‘Threat’ Part of a Bid to Kill US Surveillance Reform, Sources Say
  • Intel accused of inflating CPU benchmark results
  • Amazon Argues National Labor Relations Board Is Unconstitutional
  • Apple iMessage, Microsoft Bing Dodge EU’s Big Tech Crackdown
  • FCC commissioner wants to investigate Apple over Beeper Mini shutdown
  • Bored Apes' creator Yuga Labs acquires Proof, takes over Moonbirds NFT brand
  • Sarah Silverman’s copyright infringement suit against OpenAI will advance in pared-down form

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