This Week in Tech

Feb 11th 2024

This Week in Tech 966

He's Got a Huge Corpus

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Bluesky Goes Public, Zuck's AI plans

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Category: News

Bluesky Goes Public, Zuck's AI plans

  • The panel discusses the Apple Vision Pro 
  • Transcribe Glass 
  • X rival Bluesky launches to public with option to pick your algorithm 
  • Tech layoff tracker - 
  • A general discussion on AI 
  • Zuckerberg’s Plan for AI Hinges on Your Facebook and Instagram Data 
  • The panel looks back at the proto-internet 
  • Reddit Doesn't Have to Share IP-Addresses of Piracy Commenters, Court Rules 
  • David Kahn, Leading Historian of Codes and Code Breaking, Dies at 93 
  • The passing of John Walker, programmer and co-founder of AutoDesk

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