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Mar 11th 2007

This Week in Tech 90


Hosted by Leo Laporte
Microsoft's OneCare fails the av test, the Microsoft way, and Sony Home...
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Microsoft's OneCare fails the av test, the Microsoft way, and Sony Home...

  • Read interviews with several programmers, including Bill Gates, from the 80s in Programmers at Work.
  • Microsoft's own Windows Onecare fails to protect Windows. It scored the lowest in a test by AV-Comparatives.
  • Clam AV is an open source antivirus software.
  • Frontpage is gone from the Office suite. However, it serves as a foundation for Sharepoint Designer 2007 and Expression Web Designer.
  • There won't be any patches on March's patch Tuesday.
  • Idiocracy is a fantastic movie about how the world's society became dumber and dumber throughout the future.
  • Samsung has begun shipping hybrid hard drives.
  • An IBM consultant has stated that Vista was meant to run on 4gb of RAM.
  • BBC has stricken a deal with YouTube, but it turns out that they'll simply only put promos on the site.
  • Apple has patented an iPod/iPhone lanyard.
  • Steve Jobs was spotted at his kid's soccer game wearing headphones that he was allegedly talking to. Was he using an iPhone?
  • Sony has announced the Playstation Home which is basically their competitor to Second Life.
  • There is a Second Life Liberation Army that attempted to "destroy" things in the virtual world.
  • Intel "accidentally" deleted court-ordered emails.
  • A startup is going to provide Second Life avatar ratings.
  • Feeling lazy constantly? A new class of FDA-approved stimulant drugs will keep you going and going...