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Feb 25th 2007

This Week in Tech 89

The Future Is in Your Hand

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Talking urinal cakes, the XM Sirius Merger, and the top 25 web 2.0 startups dissected...
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Talking urinal cakes, the XM Sirius Merger, and the top 25 web 2.0 startups dissected...

  • Tumblr is an easy to use tumblelog service. Tumblelogs are very simple, lightweight weblogs. Check out Merlin's and Leo's.
  • Dvorak hates Joost. On the other hand, Joost just signed a deal with Viacom.
  • Comcast's unlimited Internet service isn't so unlimited.
  • Google and CBS' video store was a failure, but Google and BBC are in talks.
  • Google Apps is a series of Google applications that the company may be using in order to replace Microsoft Office for businesses and others.
  • Microsoft has been sued for the Office Live name.
  • Microsoft owes Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion over an mp3 patent infringement.
  • Microsoft and at&t are also in a lawsuit about voice recognition software.
  • Bill Gates clamps down on his daughter's computer usage.
  • The cartoonist who does Toothpaste for Dinner recently wrote about Second Life.
  • A 19-year old got a judge arrested by monitoring child pornography newsgroups for 16 hours a day.
  • A gigantic asteroid may hit in 2036.
  • Canon has lost its SED TV patent lawsuit.
  • Business 2.0 has listed 25 startups to watch out for. Kevin Rose's Revision3 is #9.
  • Filmloop was betrayed by its investors by combining it with another company in their portfolio.
  • Jimmy Wales' favorite Wikia Wiki is the Muppets Wiki which contains over 13474 articles.
  • Open Table will allow you to make restaurant reservations online.
  • Odeo has been put up for sale so Ev can put more work into Twitter.
  • Check out the worst commercial of all time: Eagle Man!
  • Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is going to sue the owner of an IP address who posted defamatory comments on his Wikipedia entry.
  • Puretracks, a Canadian music company, is going to begin selling DRM-free music.
  • The RIAA has listed the top 25 piracy colleges in terms of number of lawsuits.
  • New Mexico has purchased 500 talking urinal cakes in order to thwart drunk driving.
  • The Pirate Bay has set up Oscar Torrents that will allow you to download all the nominated Oscar movies and vote for them.
  • Bill Gates is saying that Vista sales are fantastic, but Ballmer is saying that Microsoft's sales forecasts are "overly aggressive."
  • XM and Sirius have announced a merger.