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Aug 13th 2006

This Week in Tech 66

A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Airport restrictions, Apple announcements, and the PC turns 25...
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Category: News

Airport restrictions, Apple announcements, and the PC turns 25.

  • It is the 25th anniversary of the IBM PC
  • PC World has listed the 25 greatest computers of all time.
  • New research states that smarter older people tend to be cranky.
  • Items confiscated at Pennsylvania airports are being sold on eBay.
  • At Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference, the The NASDAQ has threatedApple to delist them because they are not compliant with their rules.
  • Windows Vista is nearing their first release candidate, and will reinstate their customer preview program.
  • Parallels will soon be beginning to support Windows Vista.
  • Windows Vista's patchguard technology is hindering security says Symantec.
  • Starting in October, if you purchase a new PC, Microsoft will offer you a freeWindows Vista upgrade coupon.
  • This past year, Microsoft has broken their patch records.
  • Microsoft is bracing themselves for a worm attack.
  • Apple has released a security patch for its brand new Mac Pro.
  • Some "overzealous" AOL employees released 650,000 search records. Two days later, the New York Times identified AOL searcher 4417749.
  • You can search through the AOL search records.
  • Google says it won't pull an AOL.
  • Yahoo's new web crawler, slurp, is slamming some sites.
  • GoDaddy has cancelled their planned IPO.
  • The 802.11n standard vote has been delayed till January 2007.
  • Sprint-Nextel has dedicated $3 billion into rolling out WiMAX across the United States.
  • Nokia has purchased Loudeye.
  • Duran Duran is to perform virtual gigs on Second Life.

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