This Week in Tech

Aug 6th 2006

This Week in Tech 65

The $60 Million Dollar Man

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Kevin's on the cover of Business Week, AOL fires 5,000, the Web turns 15, and the Mac is hacked...
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Category: News

Kevin's on the cover of Business Week, AOL fires 5,000, the Web turns 15, and the Mac is hacked.

  • Kevin Rose is supposedly worth $60 million.
  • At DefCon, a group of hackers managed to hack a MacBook in 60 seconds. However, this is only an exploit to a generic wireless driver.
  • A group of hackers have managed to clone the RFID information in a passport.
  • The World Wide Developer's Conference is tomorrow.
  • A Core 2 Duo-based "Mac Pro", iPhone, and many more products are rumored to be released.
  • There's a banner at WWDC that states "Mac OSX Leopard...Vista 2.0".
  • August 6th, 2006 was the 15th anniversary of the World Wide Web.
  • Lenovo is pre-installing SuSe Linux on its ThinkPads.
  • A PowerBook with a defective battery exploded.
  • The USA has joined 40 other countries by ratifying a cybercrime treaty.
  • The RIAA is suing Limewire for $150,000 per song traded.
  • A Segway that will transmit data using Bluetooth has passed through the FCC.
  • AOL has gone free, and fired thousands of its employees.
  • Try out Goggles, the Google Maps flight simulator.
  • If you would like to surf the web while pretending to work, try out the Work Friendly proxy.
  • Dan Kaminsky, a researcher at Black Hat, has created a Net Neutrality test
  • George Lucas said that the Youtube Star Wars parodies can stay.
  • An engineer says that CinemaNow's DRM-to-DVD burning is "irresponsibly defective."
  • is getting a lot of public domain movies.
  • Norton Antivirus mistakenly advised UK preachers to delete files crucial to their program of choice, Visual Liturgy.