This Week in Enterprise Tech

Oct 6th 2023

This Week in Enterprise Tech 564

Data Is Bigger In Texas

Cybersecurity Recruitment, Edge Computing, Hyperscale Cloud With Involta

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Scott Evers
Category: News

This episode of This Week In Enterprise Tech discusses the major cybersecurity recruitment challenges organizations face today and dives into the world of enterprise edge computing and the future of hyperscale cloud services with Scott Evers of Involta.

  • News Blips: The hosts discuss a severe vulnerability in Atlassian's Confluence Server that allows attackers admin-level access, how over 100,000 industrial control systems are exposed on the public internet, using fiber optic cables on the ocean floor for earthquake detection, and a Linux "Looney Tunables" flaw threatens most distributions.
  • Byte Discussion - Cybersecurity Recruitment: The hosts examine the cybersecurity talent shortage and creative approaches to recruiting, like looking beyond degrees to aptitude and expanding the talent pipeline.
  • Interview with Involta Enterprise Architect Scott Evers: Scott discusses his career path from physicist to enterprise architect. Common security gaps he sees in software-defined environments. The importance of workload-focused cloud migrations. How data sovereignty affects cloud choices. The persisting confusion around shared responsibility models.

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