This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jan 15th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 426

Legal Disco

eBook class-action against Amazon, tech visionary Sheldon Adelson, reducing the paper chase in your law office
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Guests: Kiwi Camara
Category: News
  • eBook customers file a class-action lawsuit against Amazon for anti-competitive pricing agreements
  • Successful malware incidents rise
  • China tosses more obstacles at WHO team investigating Covid-19 origins
  • IBM acquiring, left and right, to get back into the customized cloud industry
  • NSA recommends only 'designated' DNS resolvers
  • Qualcomm to acquire Nuvia
  • Self-driving vehicles exempt from some crash standards in U.S.
  • Curt Franklin on his personal experience with tech visionary Sheldon Adelson
  • Kiwi Camara, CEO of DISCO talks about reducing the paper chase in your legal office and why DISCO thinks they are the SalesForce of the legal world.

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