This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jan 8th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 425

What is Event Driven Modeling?

Starlink internet speeds, cyberattacks on healthcare, event modeling
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Category: News
  • Internet Speeds From SpaceX’s Starlink
  • Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations during a pandemic
  • The first rechargeable zinc-air battery
  • Docker and AWS credentials are getting stolen by a crypto mining botnet
  • Nissan Source Code Leaked
  • Two CentOS Replacements
  • Google Titan 2FA keys can be cloned
  • Dry Ice is the key to getting America vaccinated
  • Russian Attackers Have Accessed Some of Microsoft's Source Code
  • Bobby Calderwood of Evident Systems talks about Event Modeling and moving beyond a spreadsheet to measure event outcomes.

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