This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jan 17th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 376

Tiers For Fears

How stable is your application and are you looking at the correct metrics to determine if you need to grow?
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Guests: James Smith
Category: News
  • Augmented Reality: From your eye contacts?
  • Mobile banking malware up 50% in first half of 2019
  • California may sell its own prescription drugs
  • Facial recognition: EU considers ban of up to five years
  • NY Fed reveals implications of cyberattack on the US financial system
  • US officials try to persuade British officials to block Huawei equipment on their 5G network
  • Google is killing off Chrome Apps that can go offline
  • FCC will pay ISPs to deploy broadband with 250GB monthly cap
  • With international tensions flaring, cyber risk is heating up for businesses
  • CEO and Co-founder of Bugsnag James Smith on how organizations are using Bugsnag to check how stable their application is before deployment

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