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Jul 21st 2016

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Personal Space Drone

What to know before you GoFundMe

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Guests: Steven Petrow
Category: News

All is revealed with Elon Musk's Master Plan and it goes something like this: Tesla Solar is not really new, but newly important...or so Musk would have us believe. The idea is essentially an app store, but instead of apps it's sun power that Tesla wants to control. Musk also revealed the Tesla Semi - a ginormous solar commercial vehicle to be revealed next year. And the cake topper: the future ability to share your Tesla with a push of a button so you can make money from your super expensive car when you're not using it. Also, if you're going to successfully run one of the most popular places for people to find unofficial copies of movies and TV shows, you might think twice before you open a Facebook account for your business. Leslie Jones is back on Twitter, and we decided this means good is winning. Owen talks about the Hover Cam, the Bagel, Mirror's Edge, and Uncharted. Plus, one of Facebook's Internet drones has taken its first flight.

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