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Sep 26th 2023

Security Now 941

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NSA hacked Huawei? MS big AI data blunder, ValiDrive update

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Category: Help & How To
  • Apple has quietly removed support for Postscript in macOS Ventura over security concerns with the outdated interpreter language.
  • China has formally accused the NSA of hacking and maintaining access to Huawei servers since 2009, based on documents from Edward Snowden.
  • A misconfigured Azure Shared Access Signature token resulted in 38TB of sensitive internal Microsoft data being exposed, including employee backups with passwords.
  • The Signal messaging platform has added a post-quantum encryption protocol called PQXDH, combining its existing X3DH with the believed quantum-resistant CRYSTALS-Kyber system.
  • A zero-day iOS exploit chain was used to target Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmed Eltantawy, redirecting his traffic to install spyware after visiting a non-HTTPS site.
  • Steve gave an update on the status of his forthcoming ValiDrive USB validation utility, explaining delays due to challenges working at the USB level under Windows.
  • A blog post argued that the complexity of modern web browsers has made it impossible to create competitive new browsers from scratch.
  • An emailer claimed to have a mathematical algorithm that can generate truly random numbers.
  • Another emailer asked whether encrypting and deleting a hard drive could substitute for overwriting with random data.
  • There was an explanation of how public key encryption can be used bidirectionally for both encryption and authentication.
  • Listener questions whether all stolen LastPass vaults will eventually be decrypted.

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