Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Oct 3rd 2023

Security Now 942

Encrypting ClientHello

EXIM eMail Servers Exposed, Windows 11 Passkeys, Bing Chat Malware Risk

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Category: Help & How To
  • Exim email server ignored ZDI's responsible disclosure of critical remote code execution flaws for over a year, putting millions of servers at risk.
  • Malicious ads are appearing in Bing Chat responses, promoting fake sites distributing malware.
  • Windows 11 now natively supports passkeys, though browser support may make this redundant.
  • Researchers exploit WiFi beamforming side-channel to potentially reveal keystrokes, but practicality is limited.
  • The ECH TLS extension encrypts the ClientHello packet to hide SNI data.
  • Exim disclosure timeline and impact on millions of vulnerable servers.
  • Bing chat ads mimic search result malvertising risks amplified by chatbot trust.

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