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Jun 4th 2024

MacBreak Weekly 924

Wireless Wired

Justin Long, M2 iPad Air Cores, Apple News+

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Category: News

A new 3D 'Floor Plan' feature has been shipped with the latest HomeKit update. Apple mislabeled the number of GPU cores on the M2 iPad Air. You too can design your kitchen with the Apple Vision Pro & Lowe's. Plus, do cheap lightning-connected earbuds actually use Bluetooth even though it's a wired connection?

  • Qualcomm uses ‘I’m a Mac’ actor Justin Long to promote ARM PC.
  • Controller for HomeKit updated with new 3D 'Floor Plan' feature.
  • M4 iPad Pro uses Secure Indicator Light for mic/camera access.
  • Apple mislabeled GPU cores on M2 iPad Air; speed claims unaffected.
  • Cheap lightning earbuds use Bluetooth?!
  • Review: “What If?” shows off the Vision Pro’s strengths.
  • This is the best look yet at Apple's immersive video cameras.
  • Apple Vision Pro Mindfulness App may get 'Respiration Tracking' feature.
  • Lowe’s wants you to use the Apple Vision Pro to design your kitchen.
  • Apple News+ subscriptions growing 4x faster than major publishers, says report.
  • This is Lunar Lake — Intel’s utterly overhauled AI laptop chip that ditches memory sticks.
  • TSMC says it has discussed moving fabs out of Taiwan but such a move impossible.
  • Qualcomm: Snapdragon coming to "all PC form factors," including desktops.

Picks of the Week:

  • Leo's Pick: Bioluminescent Petunias
  • Andy's Pick: Ulysses
  • Alex's Picks: Zoom Tiles Beta
  • Jason's Pick: Webaround Big Shot 5

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