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May 28th 2024

MacBreak Weekly 923

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Apple Logo, Vision Pro Games, Apple Music Best Albums

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Category: News

Could Apple change the orientation of its logo on future iPads? An OLED iPad mini is allegedly in development for a 2026 release. Would you buy a Lego model of an Apple Store? And why did Apple Music even bother releasing a top 100 list of the best albums on Apple Music?

  • Apple might change the orientation of its logo on the back of future iPads.
  • When are AirPods Max 2 coming? Here’s the latest reporting...
  • Apple iOS 18, macOS 15 AI features: Project Greymatter, Privacy, OpenAI deal.
  • Three new games are now available for the Apple Vision Pro.
  • New parkour Apple immersive video out now on Apple Vision Pro.
  • This Lego Apple Store model needs votes for a slim chance of getting made.
  • Apple Music 100 best albums.
  • Apple Pencil Pro casts a fake shadow based on which tool you're using.
  • Apple reportedly developing OLED iPad mini for 2026.
  • All-screen M5 MacBook with foldable display and Vision Pro price now rumored for 2026.
  • Prototype 3rd-gen iPod reveals that Apple built a Tetris clone for the iPod but never released it.

Picks of the Week:

  • Leo's Pick: MapleRead
  • Jason's Pick: Lex.Games
  • Andy's Pick: Tactiq YouTube Transcript Generator
  • Alex's Picks: Kewpie Mayonaise & Merlin Bird ID

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