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Apr 16th 2024

MacBreak Weekly 917

Let A Thousand Dorks Bloom

M4 Mac Rumors, iPhone Mercenary Spyware Attack

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Category: News

The rumor mill has begun on the upcoming M4 chips. Could these M4 chips be a way for Apple to start pushing into the AI-powered device market? Apple notifies users in 92 countries about attempted spyware attacks on select iPhone users. And Apple expands repair options for its devices with support for used genuine Apple parts.

  • Apple readies M4 chip Mac line, including new MacBook Air and Mac Pro.
  • Apple is reportedly planning a big AI-focused M4 Mac upgrade.
  • Apple’s mysterious fisheye projection.
  • Apple alerts users in 92 nations to mercenary spyware attacks.
  • Apple drops term 'state-sponsored' attacks from its threat notification policy.
  • Apple to expand repair options with support for used genuine parts.
  • Apple opens access to used iPhone components for repair.
  • ‘Dickinson’ showrunner says she ended the show after Apple ‘actively gaslit’ her.

Picks of the Week:

  • Alex's Pick: Liminal
  • Andy's Pick: Downie
  • Jason's Pick: The Masters Tournament on the App Store for Vision Pro

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