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Apr 2nd 2024

MacBreak Weekly 915

I Ain't Got That Many Stockings!

MLB visionOS App, Spatial Personas, Journal App

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Category: News

Does Apple need help with its approach to immersive videos? During its production, Jon Stewart was not allowed to interview the FCC chairwoman, Lina Kahn, on its Apple TV+ show. And, Apple sues a former employee for leaking the iPhone Journal app to the media.

  • Apple’s Immersive Video problem.
  • MLB for visionOS strikes out on Opening Day.
  • PSA: The MLB app doesn’t work on the Mac anymore.
  • MLB tvOS app adds Multiview, and it’s a winner.
  • Spatial Personas launching on Vision Pro today.
  • Vision Pro engineers moved to folding iPhone project; delayed to 2027.
  • Here's what Apple retail's new machine to update iPhones in the box looks like.
  • Jon Stewart interviews Lina Kahn, says Apple wouldn't let him.
  • The AltStore, an alternative app store coming to the EU, will offer Patreon-backed apps.
  • Apple sues former employee for leaking iPhone's Journal app and more.

Picks of the Week:

  • Alex's Pick: SmallRig
  • Jason's Pick: Baseball Savant
  • Andy's Pick: Torchy Blane in Panama

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