MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jan 24th 2023

MacBreak Weekly 854

In the Pocket of Big Leo

HomePod, Mixed-Reality Headset, Apple Lisa

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Category: News
  • 2023 MacBook Pro review: More of the same, in a good way.
  • M2 Mac Mini review: Whatever you want it to be.
  • Apple resurrects full-size HomePod with updated acoustics.
  • Cat activates Homepod music playback.
  • Apple postpones AR/VR glasses, plans cheaper mixed-reality headset.
  • How Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset will work.
  • iOS 16.3 fixes multiple security vulnerabilities.
  • About security keys for Apple ID.
  • Apple builds on privacy commitment by unveiling new education and awareness efforts on Data Privacy Day.
  • Apple enlists ‘Ted Lasso’ star power and Today at Apple sessions for ‘Data Privacy Day’.
  • How Apple has so far avoided layoffs: Lean hiring, no free lunches.
  • iOS 16.3 code reveals Apple continues to work on classical music app.
  • Apple releases HomePod 16.3 software with humidity and temperature sensing, find my improvements, audio tuning, and more.
  • AI and the Big Five.
  • The Lisa: Apple's most influential failure.

Picks of the Week

  • Jason's Pick: Ivory
  • Andy's Pick: Iconfactory - Tot/Tot Pocket
  • Alex's Pick: Affinity Bundle

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