MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jan 17th 2023

MacBreak Weekly 853

MacOS: The Lustmaker

M2 Mac Mini, M2 Pro MacBook Pro, wInd3x

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Category: News
  • New M2 Pro/Max MacBook Pro.
  • New M2 / M2 Pro Mac Mini.
  • Digital IDs on iPhone launching soon in California.
  • Apple is working on adding touch screens to Macs in major turnabout.
  • ‘Retro Pod’ app yanked from the App Store.
  • wInd3x, the iPod Bootrom exploit 10 years too late.
  • Goldman Sachs lost $1.2 billion in just nine months in newest division.
  • The Apple TV expects you to have an iPhone in order to accept new iCloud terms and conditions.
  • Fake SSDs with great reviews are still popping up on Amazon.
  • Dropbox to roll out update with full support for macOS 12.5 by April.

Picks of the Week

  • Alex's Pick: Gator Frameworks Microphone Clip Quick Release.
  • Andy's Pick: Runestone Plain Text Editor for iPhone and iPad.
  • Jason's Pick: OpenAI Whisper.

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