MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Nov 29th 2022

MacBreak Weekly 846

One Nil to the Arsenal

Musk vs Apple, China, Manchester United
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Category: News
  • Musk’s fight with Apple is one he’s likely to lose.
  • Musk claims Apple threatens to remove Twitter from App Store.
  • Apple restricted AirDrop in China before widespread protests broke out.
  • iPhone 14 Pro demand to ‘disappear’ as Apple misses shipment goal by 20 million units.
  • An 'unthinkable morning': 1 dead, 16 injured after car crashes into Apple store in Hingham.
  • Apple Watch Ultra's powerful diving tools arrive with the Oceanic+ app.
  • We went diving with the Apple Watch Ultra. In short: dive computer makers should be worried.
  • No, Apple isn't planning to buy Manchester United.
  • Apple battling ESPN for rights to stream Dutch soccer league.
  • Judge approves Apple's plan to pay $50 million to settle butterfly keyboard lawsuit.
  • World Cup soccer balls plugged into chargers.

Picks of the Week:

  • Jason's Pick: ReadKit 3.1
  • Andy's Pick: Bondic Liquid Plastic
  • Alex's Pick: Sound Devices A20-RX

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