MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Oct 11th 2022

MacBreak Weekly 839

What Is Apple Hiding?

Steve Jobs AI, Meta Quest Pro, iPadOS 16.1
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Category: News
  • Mac shipments shoot up a whopping 40%.
  • Steve Jobs AI features in spooky ‘interview’ with Joe Rogan AI.
  • This is Meta Quest Pro.
  • iPadOS 16.1 slated for late October launch with new hardware.
  • The iPhone 14 keeps calling 911 on rollercoasters.
  • Apple ‘notebooks’ become ‘laptops’ in sweeping Mac branding change.
  • iPhone now supports 86-year-old Dvorak keyboard layout natively, delighting Woz.
  • Apple owns 40% of the fast-growing pre-owned smartphone market.

Picks of the Week

  • Jason's Pick: Kodo Libra 2
  • Andy's Pick: Etymotic Research ER3SE Studio Edition Earphones
  • Alex's Pick: Izzycast

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