MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jul 26th 2022

MacBreak Weekly 828

Woz Not Here Man

Apple Newton, Rene Ritchie, Apple-1 Prototype
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Category: News
  • Apple begins to show rare vulnerability ahead of economic showdown.
  • For All Mankind' prop fused an Apple Newton MessagePad 120 and an iPhone 12.
  • M2 MacBook Air teardown: Apple forgot the heatsink?
  • Meet the new Creator Liaison: Rene Ritchie.
  • Apple Silicon is an inconvenient truth.
  • Steve Jobs' prototype for the original Apple computer is being auctioned off, and bidding has already hit $230,000.
  • Apple, Koss settle wireless-headphone patent fight before trial.
  • The Apple Store Time Machine.
  • Apple Brompton Road celebrates creativity with vibrant design and events featuring local artists.
  • TikTok is fastest growing news source for UK adults, Ofcom finds.
  • Instagram admits it's 'not good" after Kardashians beg it to stop copyin TikTok.

Picks of the Week

  • Jason's Pick: Floppy EMU
  • Andy's Pick: AirShot
  • Alex's Pick: News Over Audio (NOA)

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