MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Aug 17th 2021

MacBreak Weekly 779

It's Not a Clown, Bill

Apple CSAM updates, Safari updates, Apple TV's value
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Category: News

Apple CSAM updates, Safari updates, Apple TV's value

  •  After criticism, Apple to only seek abuse images flagged in multiple nations
  •  Apple Races to Temper Outcry Over Child-Porn Tracking System
  •  Apple’s Software Chief Explains ‘Misunderstood’ iPhone Child-Protection Features
  •  Security Threat Model Review of Apple’s Child Safety Features
  •  New U.S. Antitrust Bill Would Require Apple and Google to Allow Third-Party App Stores and Sideloading
  •  iOS & iPadOS 15 Beta 6 Release Notes
  •  iOS 15 beta 6 redesigns Safari yet again with a new address bar on top
  •  SharePlay release schedule update
  •  iOS 14.7.1 users complain about ‘No service’ bug after updating their iPhones
  •  Apple Told to Pay $300 Million After Wireless Patent Retrial
  •  Apple releases Ted Lasso sticker pack for iMessage and Clips
  •  Inside HBO Max’s Scramble to Fix Its Glitchy App
  •  Apple’s TV Box Is Now Mostly Pointless. Will That Change?
  •  1Password announces version 8 for Mac with a redesigned interface and new Watchtower
  •  iCloud for Windows updated with new password manager app
  •  Remember Yik Yak? Well, it's back and still anonymous.
  •  Adobe adds Healing Brush and Magic Wand to Photoshop on iPad, Mac updates, more

Picks of the Week

  •  Andy's pick: Nestflix
  •  Rene's pick: Cables Undone
  •  Alex's pick: Behringer Neutron
  •  Leo's pick: Glass

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