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Jun 22nd 2021

MacBreak Weekly 771

I'm the Swiper Now

Apple antitrust concerns, Ted Lasso merch, Apple Pay AR
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Category: News

Apple antitrust concerns, Ted Lasso merch, Apple Pay AR

  •  Apple Faces Antitrust Probe Into Pre-Installed Apps, App Store, and More in Germany
  •  Apple Can’t Block Pre-Installed App Removal Under Bill
  •  Trudeau’s Party Passes Bill to Regulate Social Media, Streaming
  •  iPhone bug breaks WiFi when you join a hotspot with an unusual name
  •  Comment: I didn’t expect to like Spatial Audio, but I’m a convert
  •  YouTube Says iOS Picture-in-Picture Coming to All US Users
  •  Official Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond merch now available: shirts, mugs, jerseys, stickers, more
  •  Another person accidentally swallows an AirPod, which still works after being ‘retrieved’
  •  Apple launches new AR experience and Snapchat lens promoting Apple Pay Express Transit
  •  Sonos urges regulation of big tech, criticizes Apple’s plans to open Siri to third-parties using HomePod
  •  Obsessive Apple fan creates perfect reproductions of Apple I manuals

Picks of the Week

  •  Andy's pick: Shadow Cloud Computing Service
  •  Rene's pick: WWDC 2021 Developer Videos
  •  Leo's pick: Craft - Create Amazing Documents
  •  Alex's pick: Blackmagic Bidirectional Converter

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