MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

May 5th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 712

Bye-Bye Butterfly

13" MacBook Pro First Look, WWDC 2020 June 22nd

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Category: News

13" MacBook Pro First Look, WWDC 2020 June 22nd

The Week's Stories:

  • Apple releases new 13" MacBook Pro with Magic keyboard and physical escape key
  • At long last, the butterfly keyboard is gone for good
  • What are the specs for the perfect MacBook Pro? 
  • 13" MacBook Pro has one huge flaw
  • The best setup for live streaming
  • Office Hours YouTube series with Alex Lindsay
  • Should Apple change all their Macs to ARM? 
  • Online-only WWDC 2020 starts June 22nd - is this the start of a trend? 
  • WWDC Swift programming contest for students
  • Will work-from-home workers ever go back to the office? 
  • Apple Q2 earnings - up even in a pandemic
  • Tim Cook gives an amazing virtual commencement speech for Ohio State graduates 
  • Tim Cook teaches Warren Buffet how to use an iPhone

Picks of the Week:

  • Leo's Pick: Hands-On Mac
  • Andy's Pick: Blender
  • Rene's Pick: Here Kitty
  • Alex's Pick: Transfer

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