MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Nov 20th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 67

Kindle-ing The Flame

Dissecting the Kindle, using an iPhone to annoy pilots, and fixing Leopard...

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Guests: Liana Lehua
Category: News
  • Privacy Warfare: IMEI's transmitted from iPhone to apple? Now proved to be probably incorrect.
  • The Amazon Kindle-Built around a business model, not the consumer (Note from the shownotes writer: However, the Kindle is probably the best ever use of a 3G cellular data network as a replacement for wifi, after all, no service plan!)
  • Light frothy talk on potential macworld scenarios, Leo predicts a new iPhone (Write it down folks!)
  • Don't forget apple did make a digital camera, the Apple Quicktake! Which had a resolution of 640X480, the same as the iPhone! (Your iPhone, its a new Apple Newton! Its a new Apple Quicktake, its also a hard-to-use cellphone!...)
  • Not much else this week really, this time of year is always slow for news, all the holiday season products have been anounced, but the pre MacCESworld hype isn't quite ready to come out of the oven....

We got a lot for our Pick Dollar This week! (First the Alex:$700, and now the pick dollar, these guys practically are a currency factory!):

Shownotes by Shash

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