MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Nov 14th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 66

Girls Gone Mac

iPhone 1.1.2 comes out and breaks the breaks, lightweight Mac rumors, and our software picks...
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Guests: Liana Lehua
Category: News


  • The mini-tablet-sub-notebook-big-iPhone thing!, this thing is practically it's own rumor aggregator, but hey, the panel likes the idea, and the lack of an Apple sub-notebook is the only reason that 12 inch PowerBooks still hold their value!
  • The New Zune (no longer in brown), is cool according to the panel.
  • 90% of Scott's complaints about the Zune, are gone.....
  • Except the whole "welcome to the social", which means "welcome to the Wake" in Canada
  • However, the Zune now has podcasts! With wireless syncing, Subscribe buttons and a good podcast directory
  • Best of all, even if you hate the Zune, the Zune gives apple reason to innovate beyond when they want to, so better products for all! Zune or iPod!
  • Scott: No More Zune Jokes (Write it down folks! I wonder how long this resolution will last, remember the whole "I will not buy another computer" in 07, resolution)
  • Leo has also been proved wrong as, the Zune uses the actual word podcast
  • The Curse Of Leo a strikes again! With the cool new Asus EEE PC (maybe the nickname Asusee?) which the panel likes
  • Alex: more downloadable content for all!
  • Alex: content has to be easily "controllable" as the next media consuming generation have been (i can vouch for this) brought up to be able to pause, play and control in many more ways practically all their content

Picks of the week:

  • Liana: Gametap, Gametap Light for Mac, Its a subscription game service for mac, with REAL games like Far Cry, For subscription
  • Alex: SMSMac, for sending text messages from your mac, great for sending messages to groups of people, cost relies on amount of SMS's sent
  • Scott: (Has a custom Camo Vest, with so many pockets it got rooms for stacks of camera lenses AND lunch, but that's not for sale), The Epson 3800, the Best Epson photo printer under $20000, 17"X22" prints and 2 black inks which don't have to be interchanged. (It does however weigh 48 Pounds, so not exactly portable. Scott also says never believe the Epson printer "Low Ink" messages, just keep going until you run out, print quality will not be affected) for $1175 (2 Alex's)
  • Audible Pick (By Leo and Scott): The Autobiography of Eric Clapton read by Simon Vance (Alex and Liana: umm...we kinda...don'
  • Universal Pick: Merlin Mannerisms! A date book with quotes from Merlin Mann for every day of the year!- No Link Yet, check back next week for more info

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