MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Aug 21st 2018

MacBreak Weekly 624

Cake Time is Over

New iPhones, MacBook Air, Mac Mini
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Category: News
  • Coming this fall: new MacBook Air with a retina screen and "Pro" Mac Mini.
  • Also coming: iPhones and Apple Watches. All signs point to an announcement on September 12th.
  • Also (maybe) coming: Apple car may launch between 2023 and 2025. Or never.
  • MacBook Pro Speaker Crackling Issue is a real thing.
  • Australian teen hacky hack hacks Apple.
  • Apple vs Yahoo Japan
  • Open the pod bay doors, Tim.
  • Happy 20th B-day, iMac!

Tips and Picks

  • Alex's Pick: Colie Wertz
  • Rene's Picks: Pokemon Go Celebi quest and new Phillips Hue lights
  • Andy's Tip: Apple Watches with swelled batteries are still under warranty!
  • Leo's Pick: The Iconic Pillow Collection by Throwboy

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