MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jun 19th 2018

MacBreak Weekly 615

Knotty Pine Futures

Final Thoughts on WWDC 2018
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Category: News
  • Rene Ritchie's favorite things at WWDC 2018
  • iOS update will block GrayKeyUSB access to iPhones, hackers say they have a workaround to the update.
  • iOS 12 will share emergency location data with 911
  • Apple Park employees all get standing desks
  • Free Summer 2018 Apple Camp reservations now open, sign up before they fill up!
  • Apple fined $6.8 Million in Australia
  • Oprah joins Apple TV, the animation studio behind The Secret of Kells to follow - but where how you be able to watch it?

Tips and Picks:

  • Andy's Tip: How (and why) to reset your Mac System Management Controller
  • Rene's Pick: Logitech Rugged Combo 2 iPad keyboard cover and Crayon stylus
  • Alex's Pick: Notes App

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