MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Nov 21st 2017

MacBreak Weekly 585

Sous Vide or Not Sous Vide

HomePod Late, Net Neutrality Gone

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Category: News

HomePod will not ship until sometime in 2018. FCC will kill Net Neutrality on December 14th; states are forbidden from setting their own Net Neutrality rules. iMac Pro will have an A10 chip for Siri. How iPhone X face detection works. Apple gets a warrant for Texas shooter's iPhone and iCloud account.

  • Rene's Pick: Thrifter for Black Friday deals
  • Alex's Pick: Focus Orbital
  • Andy's Picks: Big Kahuna Chainmail Vortex, Sous Vide Turkey, and Mashed Potatoes
  • Leo's Ridiculously Expensive Cooking Picks: Mellow, VacMaster VP215, Solaire Grill

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