MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Apr 11th 2017

MacBreak Weekly 554

TWiT Different

iCloud Hack, Mac Pro, Clips.
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Category: News

The Turkish Crime Family's deadline is over - did your iPhone get wiped? Apple could win big under Trump by repatriating assets. We look at the full transcript of Apple's Mac Pro announcement. Mac Pros now compatible with the latest Nvidia graphics cards - but not the trashcan Mac Pro, only the cheese grater version. Apple drops from first to fifth in best laptop survey. Qualcomm countersues Apple. Samsung to provide 92 million OLED panels for iPhones. Our guide to Clips. Johnathan Zdziarski's Little Flocker finds a new nest. Swatch wants you to "Tick different" - Apple is not amused. Every Apple video ever on Youtube.

  • Andy's Pick: Magnet window manager for macOS
  • Alex's Pick: Masters iOS/Apple TV App
  • Rene's Pick: the new iMore app

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