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Aug 29th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 55

Cage Match

iPhone unlocking, new iPods next week, and our software picks...
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Category: News

iPhone unlocking, new iPods next week, and our software picks...

  • Merlin recently discovered a fantastic list of Chuck Norris facts.
  • Scott Bourne has joined the ranks of Chuck Norris to gain his own facts site.
  • A 17-year old teenager was one of the first to figure out a hardware iPhone unlockingmethod.
  • Engadget has also successfully unlocked an iPhone using a software method.
  • Another software iPhone unlocking method has been delayed due to legal threats from AT&T.
  • Rumor had it that there is going to be an Apple event on September 5th for iPods. Turns out that right after the show concluded recording, Apple did release a press invite entitled, "The beat goes on."
  • Apple has posted a job opening for an iPhone Applications Frameworksengineer.
  • Jacqui Cheng of Arstechnica writes that Apple will indeed have a large unveiling on September 5.
  • Exactly two years ago, the iPod Nano was announced.
  • Scott Bourne made a second appearance in an online comic this year.
  • Weekly Picks

    • Andy: Upload any picture to the Palette Generator, and it will produce a palette of solid colors based on the picture.
    • Merlin: Spanning Sync allows Merlin to sync up his Google Calendar to iCal.
    • Scott: He loves to use Garageband in order to produce music. The newest Jam Pack is really amazing.
    • Leo: He has switched from Parallels to VMWare Fusion because it is much faster.

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