MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Aug 22nd 2007

MacBreak Weekly 54

HiDef LoTech

Apple responds to the iMovie complaints, faster than a speeding Woz, and iPod er... iPhone cases...

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Category: News
  • Everyone has been drinking?! Run away and hide!!
  • Leo and his wife like Dick in a box.
  • More iMovie Camera Discussion. Andy and Alex ordered the HDC-SD1, but Leo has ordered the HDC-SD5 .
  • Merlin has the A/V woes, because his Canon HV20 is now becoming outdated.
  • David Pogue hates iMovie '08. We believe that Apple's main goal for iMovie was not to remove features though, it was to make video editing quicker and easier.
  • Was was caught speeding at 104 mph in his Prius. Woz is also dating Kathy Griffin.
  • First iPhone mention: 30:15... Leo chickened out on unlocking the iPhone, but is still chickenish even after reading Gizmodo'ssteps. Wait... isn't Gizmodo dead to us for the Cisco iPhone " scandal"?
  • Skype became unstable and prevented the recording of a few podcasts for Leo
  • Merlin asks about cases: Leo uses the DLO Jam . Alex uses the Marware Sport Grip . Andy uses... nothing.
  • The European iPhone Launch Partners: T-Mobile (Germany), O2 (G.B.), and Orange (France).

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Last-Minute Breaking News: Adobe is now supporting H.264 and HE-AAC in Flash 9.

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