MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

May 9th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 40

On The Precipice Of Potential

PC World Editor quits rather than kowtow to Apple, Leopard arrives feature complete at WWDC, and our favorite old Mac apps...
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Category: News

This week's show notes once again provided by the amazing John Foster.

  • On the press a puss of potential. Don't know about squishing cats but have you seen bonsai kitties?
  • 40 is the new 30. But don't go to 30 or 40. Instead save yourself and fast forward to 29:46 minutes.
  • If you've ever wanted to beta test potato chips you can still get a box of them from Kettle.
  • This camera might be good for playing practical jokes.
  • Did you know that K-Tel is still around?
  • PC forgot to use "air quotes" when saying Genius.
  • Speaking of fake.
  • What Gore made by staying home.
  • Dungeons and Dragons rules.
  • Phone talk. 15:00 - skip ahead to... wait for it... Flash! Ah, ahhhh. Savior of a billion chips. Why the hell are Harley's allowed to be so loud? Don't take any time off from June 15 to July 15. Keep working. Keep skipping.
  • Now it gets good.... meaning we've past the 29:46 mark.
  • The LED story stems from the Green Peace kids complaining about the un-green-ness of Apple. Here's the link. Had they kept the rainbow logo they could have said "look we're green on top!"
  • Apple Tablet TV.
  • Check out these scary Beer School stats graph showing Mac vs PC browsers online.
  • Cash, keyboard grass or cash. Nobody types for... never mind.

Here's some news....

The chip puller story makes this funny. I was talking with a guy that said he was ripping DVDs so they would play on his Apple //e. Huh? His accent gets in the way and I go ohhhh... Apple TV. Weird that it sounds the same.

Picks of the Week.

  • Leo just found out about Platypus which is a wrapper for scripts. Makes a clickable application out of a shell script.
  • Self Service. How do you search for that?!?
  • Scott is watching over all with Earth Desk from Xeric Design. It puts the Earth on your desktop or screen saver.
  • Life House generates your own theme music. Everyone needs their own theme music.
  • iBat. Nope. iBat. Nope. iBat. Nope. iBatt. Ohhh... two t's not one. Andy didn't say that.
  • Merlin is moving YouTube to AppleTV with TubeTV.

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