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Dec 14th 2006

MacBreak Weekly 19

Live via TalkShoe

Photoshop CS3 Public Beta, Content Creation Monopoly, iTunes music sales, Parallels coherence, Aperture update, iPhone rumors, this week's picks
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This was the MacBreak Weekly's team first time using TalkShoe which is a service designed to do live call in like shows. Pluses include no echos, no drop outs and the ability to mute host and bring in other callers that have logged in. Works with any phone that can call a phone number. Lots of people apparently got the TalkShoe Chat to work but some could not. Cool tool overall. YMMV.

Adobe CS3 beta is coming December 15th. This is HUGE news because it ships as a Universal Binary.

Declining iTunes sales are unfounded. "There are three types of lies - lies, damn lies, and statistics." Source wikipedia.

Parallels Beta marches on. While we talked about this thing last week nobody really had much time to spend with it before hand so it was just talk. However, this week Alex and John have seen it in action. It's truly is the new Classic.

The kids wanted to know so we talked about the iPhone rumors. Now more expensive then last week. Possibly the team was Steve'd!? Doesn't come in brown but possibly zirconium. Whatever color zirconium is...

Get a free fake prototype iPhone by winning a caption contest on This site is rated PG13 for childish comments and made up swear words.

We also talked about:

Picks of the week:
Scott likes the Rode Podcaster mic. USB output. Has a head phone jack. Feels like an RE20.

John is drawn to Sketch Fighter from Ambrosia Software after mentioning it on last weeks show. Addictive like Google Earth.

Google Earth is rocking Alex's world. Load in 3D cities. Add your own house with SketchUp. Addictive like Sketch Fighter.

Merlin found his other sock. TubeSockLoader is actually a missing feature that lets you cue up all the YouTube movies that you want to convert to your iPod/Mac format for storage and future playback.

Sssshhhhh... secret MBW/TWiM Macworld Party to be revealed soon. Stand by!

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