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Nov 13th 2014

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Probes, LiPo Charging, and Download YouTube Videos

Probe, Drones, and Download YouTube Videos
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Probe lands on a comet, new DJI quadcopter, audio recording options for voiceovers, SSD Drive for laptops, best equipment for recording audio, how to download YouTube Videos, and more! Rosetta mission to 67P The DJI Inspire Joycelyn E. - Valejo, CA // Trouble with Audio "Dear Know Hole-ers, I'm starting to do reviews on YouTube and I need help with the audio for the voiceovers. I'm using a USB headset but I get a lot of echoes and breath sounds. I'm happy with my camera and lighting, but I need to get my audio sorted and I've only got about $300 to spend. Can you suggest a solution?" Padre's Solution 1. Audio Technica AT-2020USB+ (Cardiod Condenser USB Microphone) $170 2. Adjustable Desk Stand $13 3. Nady Shockmount w/Pop Filter $22 4. 12pk of Acoustic Wedge Foam Tiles $40 Total: $245 Padre's "Way More Than Budget" Solution 1. Heil PR40 Kit (Mic/Stand/Cable) $327 2. Sure X2U XLR-USB Adapter $99 3. Pop Filter $7 4. 12pk of Acoustic Wedge Foam Tiles $40 $473 Fred Guarneri "Can anyone recommend a SSD Drive for a lenova y560p,I also was trying to determine if I could have both drives.?" Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SATA III $138 Samsung 840 Pro $179 Optical HDD Caddy $9 Padre's Battery Picks: Turnigy 3s1p 2200mAh 25-35C LiPo Pack (Training Pack) Turnigy Multistar 3s1p 1400mAh 40-80c LiPo Pack (Racing Pack) Capturing YouTube Videos with VLC Steps: 1. Download & Install VLC * Versions for OSX, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD 2. Open the YouTube video that you want to download 3. Copy the URL for the YouTube video your want to download 4. Open VLC 5. Click "Media" 6. Click "Open Network Stream" 7. In the box that says "Please enter a network URL:", paste your YT URL 8. Click "Play" 9. In the VLC tool menu, click "Tools" 10. Click "Codec Information" 11. At the bottom of the window, you'll see a long string in the "Location" field. -- "Select All" and copy. 12. Open a new browser 13. Past in the copied string and GO! 14. The video will start to play, right click the video, and "Save Video As" 15. Select a location for the video to be copied

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