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Nov 6th 2014

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Nano Pills, Yosemite USB Install, and LiPo Batteries

Nano Pills, Yosemite USB Install, and LiPo Batteries
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.

Google[x] Reveals Nano Pill To Seek Out Cancerous Cells

* For a while now, Google has been working on health-tech: -- They've created a smart contact lens for diabetics that can detect glucose levels -- They invested in an auto-stabilizing spoon that allows Parkinson's patients to feed themselves by cancelling out the hand tremors Now they're getting REALLY ambitious: * They want to create a pill filled with nanoparticles that will spread out through the body and latch on to abnormal cells. -- A device outside the body can then query the nanoparticles to find out what abnormalities they have found. * If the devices are programmed to seek out cancerous cells, then they can also be designed to flouresce, which means that cancerous growths with show up much earlier and more clearly. Ideally, they want to develop the tech to the point where people could swallow a pill once in a while and have a wearable device collect data from those nanoparticles over time. -- That means instead of a snapshot of your health, like you would get with a doctor's visit, you can see your health over time!

Bootable OS X 10.10 Yosemite USB install drive

Parts Needed: - 8GB or more USB - A Mac... Step 1. - Go to the App Store - Download Yosemite Step 2. - Plug in USB - Open Terminal - Paste sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ —nointeraction Understanding Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) battery packs Live Section What does this all mean? 1. Using a bigger motor and prop can give you more speed and lift, but they require more current and will draing your batteries more quickly AND you need to make sure that you can SAFELY provide enough watts to drive them. 2. Bigger batteries will give you more capacity and more maximum safe current, but they'll weigh more, which will take away performance. 3. You can buy a pack that is optimized for voltage (6s 18.8v) which will allow your props to spin faster, but you'll sacrifice flight time at it's maximum speed. 4. You can buy a pack that is optimized for capacity (3s3p 11.1v 10amp) which will give you more flight time, but you'll sacrifice performance AND you'll lost more power to resistance 5. You COULD get a small motor-prop//large battery combo and get a slow quad with GREAT flight time. 6. You could get a large motor-prop//small batter combo and get a FAST quad with poor flight time. ** So.. YOU get to choose what you use, depending on what you need your quad to do! Johnathan Turner "So, about that quad copter repair episode. . . I got my Syma caught in a tree and after I was able to get it down one of the props isn't working. What should I do to diagnose it? The prop spins freely so I think it might be something with the motor.? Matt Antes Just re-watched KH78 and I'm ready to build a new FreeNAS box. But I can't decide on buying something more pro-grade like a SuperMicro server case, with redundant PSU and SuperMicro motherboard versus saving a bunch of money and using a consumer grade case, standard PSU and ASUS motherboard. Planning for something with 8 drives to start and expandable to 16. Can someone convince me of one way or the other?? Taylor Graham """Where did you find batteries for your syma quad +Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ? I remember you saying you ""upgraded the battery"". Are you using the Turnigy 750mAh nano-tech batteries? I'm one of the masses that bought the syma per your recommendation (bet their sales went up). I got the quad sans camera (x5) and removed the prop guards (6g), and the landing gear (3g). With my 500mAh battery, I'm getting 11-12 minutes. I have some 600s on the way as well, but batteries of this size are kinda hard to get.""" Cheap PoWeR for your Trainer

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