Coding 101

Feb 19th 2015

Coding 101 55

Smitty - Embedded Programming 2/4

Continuing with embedded programming.
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Internet of Things

Quote from Clemens Vaster (Principle Architect on Microsoft Azure IoT): ""The Internet of Things takes IT to the heart of companies' core businesses, into our homes, andóin the health industryóquite literally to our hearts" IoT Devices are used to **harvest large amounts of personal information. (no wonder we want to secure the data) -- IoT and Wearables Track things our bodies, our locations, how many steps weíve taken and where, what our heart rate is, blood pressure and more. Most of these devices come with GPS sensors, motion sensors, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. -- Secure at the device transmission level and at the service level. Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) - Azure for IoT - SDL is a software development process that helps developers build more secure software and address security and privacy compliance requirements which also helps reduce development costs -- SDL is made up of seven phases, including training for developers and program managers in the foundational concepts, building secure software that protects privacy, and responding to security and privacy incidents when they occur. ** Phases: Response, Release, Verification, Implementation, Design, Requirements and Training. Amazon Cloud for IoT Amazon Web Services provides tools to protect data in transit, and at rest. AWS provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control who accesses data, a Secure Token Service (STS), built in encryption on all of our storage options, services for key rotation, Amazon Cognito for securing your mobile infrastructure, and hardware security modules for tamper-resistant key storage. AWS also provides protected, monitored, and secured facilities where your data is stored so you can increase your data security while moving to the cloud. - Do we need standards to ensure data is secured? IoT - Securing your Personal Data 1) Don't include any peronsonaly id'able info on your wearable. 2) Unique Complex Password (no brainer, but had to be said) 3) Turn of Wi-fi and Bluetooth when not needed to sync. 4) Example permissions of Apps when installed, data collection could be one of them 5) Social Sharing - Be cautious!

Parts List

1. Arduino Uno: $24.95 2. Protoshield: $15.00 3. RTC (Real Time Clock): $6.99 4. 10K Ohm Potentiometers: $5.43 5. Analog Volt Panel Meters (x3): $5.36

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