Coding 101

Feb 12th 2015

Coding 101 54

Smitty - Embedded Programming 1/4

Embedded programming with Arduino.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.

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Internet of Things

Approximately 4.9 billion connected devices in use in 2015 **1 in 5 Developers now work on IoT Projects **~19 Million Developers worldwide, ~19% are doing IoT related-work, up 2% from last year Examples of increased Efforts --Connected Kitchens - Gartner projects Sensors in devices that could result in 15% savings in the food and beverage industry by in the next 5 years. Where is the Real Money in the IoT? **Services that pull and house the data! **IoT standards are in flux, some very complex, but there will always be data **Gartner projects IoT will add $1.9 trillion in value to businesses **Vertical integration of sensors with business services will dominate IoT AoT or Analytics of Things **Connecting inanimate objects and sensors to the Internet is only the first step **The term AoT points to the fact that IoT devices generate a lot of data that must then be analyzed to be useful. "- Pattern recognition?identifying patterns and developing statistical models that explain variations - Anomaly detection?identifying situations that are outside of defined boundaries, such as a temperature that is too high or the presence of an individual in an area that should be uninhabited - Predictive asset maintenance?detecting potential problems in machinery before they occur - Optimization?optimizing automated processes, such as cutting logs at a lumber mill or calibrating machinery in a factory - Prescription?recommending the best course of action for a given situation, often for front-line workers, as when weather and soil sensing is used for ?prescriptive planting? by farmers - Situational awareness?piecing together seemingly disconnected events and explaining them, as when a series of oil temperature readings in a car, combined with dropping fuel efficiency, indicate it?s time for an oil change"

Parts List

1. Arduino Uno: $24.95 2. Protoshield: $15.00 3. RTC (Real Time Clock): $6.99 4. 10K Ohm Potentiometers: $5.43 5. Analog Volt Panel Meters (x3): $5.36

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