Ask The Tech Guys - Leo Laporte & Mikah Sargent

Oct 29th 2023

Ask The Tech Guys 1998

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Apple's 'Spooky Fast' Event, Voicemail Transcriptions, Roblox Tutoring

Records Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
Category: Help & How To

Apple has a "spooky fast" event coming up on October 30th. Remember to join Leo & Mikah for their coverage of the event @ 5pm Pacific! What are some ways to stop video ads from automatically playing while using cellular data? And are there tutors for learning a program such as Roblox? 

  • X launches two new subscriptions to boost your replies. 
  • HackerOne paid ethical hackers over $300 million in bug bounties. 
  • Tens of millions now work in the $250 billion 'Creator Economy". 
  • Apple sends out gift boxes with AirPods Max and 'Sweet and Spooky' snacks to promote Mac event. 
  • Should I have a dedicated 2.4GHz router for my smart devices? 
  • Why does a company need complete access to my Google Calendar for me to access their calendar? 
  • How can I stop video ads from playing while using cellular data? 
  • Can I transcribe voicemails to text? 
  • Is there a way to force the iPhone 15 to shoot at 24MP? 
  • How can I control the kind of information companies have on me? 
  • Why is my Samsung monitor turning off and on constantly? 
  • Since Windows ended the free Windows 7 / 8 upgrade to 10, could they end the Windows 10 to 11 upgrade soon? 
  • Are there services out there to teach someone how to use Roblox? 
  • Is there an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that will work under extreme cold temperatures? 
  • How can I download specific podcast episodes from a series at once?

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