Ask The Tech Guys - Leo Laporte & Mikah Sargent

Oct 22nd 2023

Ask The Tech Guys 1997

Enjoy the B.S.

CarPlay Navigation, iPhone 15 Cameras, eCamm

Records Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
Guests: Dick DeBartolo
Category: Help & How To

It's Dick DeBartolo's 78th birthday! No wonder Leo and Mikah are dressed up for the occasion. How can you show your iPad and iPhone on your screen? It's software that Mikah uses on iOS Today! And how can I get my remote control to work constantly, rather than only after... cooling it down in a refrigerator?

  • Apple’s iMacs and MacBook Pros are in short supply ahead of planned launch at end of month.
  • eero Plus update may block podcasts.
  • We'll be covering the Snapdragon Summit event on Tuesday, October 24th at 12:00pm PST!
  • A caller has some suggestions about setting a fixed route for your GPS.
  • Can you turn off CarPlay's Auto Navigation feature?
  • Why is my phone not starting up?
  • How easy is it to host a podcast nowadays?
  • Dick DeBartolo joins us to celebrate his 78th birthday with great gadgets!
  • What's going on with my remote? Why can I only use it after cooling it down in the refrigerator?
  • Is there an application like Mylio (A TWiT advertiser) for Linux?
  • A viewer wonders about Leo and Mikah's opinion on the iPhone 15 cameras.
  • How can you get ChatGPT on your phone?
  • What software or hardware can I use to show my iPad and iPhone in a recording?
  • A suggestion of a laptop for those more sensitive to LED lighting.

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