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0:00:00 - Leo Laporte
Well, hey, hey, hey. It's time for Ask the Tech Guys. I'm Leo Laporte Coming up. I'm going to help somebody stop those annoying video ads on his smartphone.

0:00:08 - Mikah Sargent
And I'm Mikah Sargent, and we take a look at some apps that will help you transcribe a three-hour video from Mom.

0:00:14 - Leo Laporte
And then you're going to help me figure out. Where did I put my nuts? It's all coming up. Next, on Ask the Tech Guys. This is Ask the Tech Guys with Mikah Sargent and Leo Laport, episode 1998, recorded Sunday, october 29th 2023. Best tail in the biz. Ask the Tech Guys is brought to you by Cachefly, delivering rich media content up to 159% faster than other major CDNs. Join Cachefly, the world's fastest CDN. Your website visitors will love Cachefly's lag-free video loading, hyper-fast downloads and friction-free transaction processing. Learn how to get your first month free at Listeners of this program get an ad-free version if they're members of Club Twit. $7 a month gives you ad-free versions of all of our shows, plus membership in the Club Twit Discord, a great clubhouse for Twit listeners. And finally the Twit Plus feed with shows like Stacey's Book Club, the Untitled Linux Show, the Giz Fiz and more. Go to And thanks for your support. Well, hey, hey, hey, it's time for Ask the Tech Guys. I'm your friendly Squirrel, Leo Laporte.

0:01:47 - Mikah Sargent
And I'm Mikah Sargent. Arrrrr, I'm not even talking into a microphone. I'm Mikah Sargent.

0:01:57 - Leo Laporte
And it's the Halloween edition, did you guess? I've asked the tech guy.

0:02:02 - Mikah Sargent
I've had a little rum, I guess today.

0:02:04 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I'm a little rummy after all these nuts. So you might be asking I was why the hell is this here? Because we got into the escape box on Thursday. That was you know what. That was so much fun A lot of fun.

0:02:20 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, my goodness, I had a great time with that. Yeah, read Between the Lines. Which is a local kind of escape box, escape room place, escape room shop. You guys.

0:02:30 - Leo Laporte
Lisa brought the continuity department, you went along. Plus wow, yeah, to the escape room.

0:02:35 - Mikah Sargent
And you guys did, you do it, you did it in time, we did it in time, we did it in under time, yeah so the idea of escape room if you don't have one in your locale many do is you go into this room and it's a scenario.

0:02:46 - Leo Laporte
What was the scenario?

0:02:47 - Mikah Sargent
The scenario was a babysitter. The babysitter was home with the kid and the kid needed to go to bed by a certain time. Really, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's pathetic. No, it was actually. It was quite fun.

0:02:59 - Leo Laporte
Okay, and so you're the babysitter. No, we. You have to get out of the kid's room.

0:03:04 - Mikah Sargent
You're trying to get the kid's doll so that the kid will go to bed.

0:03:07 - Leo Laporte
You are the babysitter yes, and it took you how long.

0:03:09 - Mikah Sargent
It took us 35, 38 minutes To find a freaking doll. Yes, we were very involved. Okay, it is rated at three puzzle pieces and the escape room or the escape box we did is rated at four puzzle pieces.

0:03:25 - Leo Laporte
So they brought us a box with lots of locks all around it and puzzles and mysteries. It took us an hour and 43 minutes, did I? No spoilers? Okay, I won't tell you how long it took. It took a long time and it was hard.

0:03:40 - Mikah Sargent
It was very difficult, especially with no opposable thoughts, but it was a lot of fun and everyone should join Club Twit so that you can watch us try to break into the box Club.

Twit only. Yes, it is a Club Twit exclusive. Where do people go to join the club? Twittv slash Club Twit. That's where you go and that's what's great about. I think one of the things that's so cool about Club Twit this is oddly satisfying is that joining the club at $7 a month or $84 a year means that you don't just get access to what's coming out in the future. You also get access to a huge back catalog of stuff that we've published, including this babysitter or the babysitter, this escape box. So I think that's exciting that you are going to get a bunch of stuff that you can go back and watch kind of a library of content that's exclusive to Club Twit members.

0:04:29 - Leo Laporte
All right, meanwhile, you know what we had to do this just to get these tools out of here. Yeah, okay, Now we can do a show Meanwhile. Here we are to answer your tech questions at 1-888-724-2884. The lines are open. If you're watching live, that's roughly 2 to 5 pm Eastern.

0:04:49 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, you can also join us by going to calltwittv in your browser of choice. You can either use your phone or, if you want, to your computer, and when you do, you will join our fabulous Zoom room, where you will wait for us to bring you on air. It's important that you raise your hand in the Zoom room, not your physical hand, but your digital hand, or your paw, if that's what you have your paw.

Paws are okay, paws are fine, and when you do that, that lets us know that you have a question, because we do have some folks who just like to tune in via Zoom. So having that hand in the air lets us know that you're there for questions. Oh, you can also email us if you want to. You can also call us at ggtwittv. You can send us text, in which case we'll print those out. We also have audio and video that can get sent that way, and I don't know if we mentioned if you call us at that number. That's open right now during the week 888-724-2884,. You can leave a voicemail and we would be happy to answer your questions.

0:05:51 - Leo Laporte
I have in our news segment of the day three. Count them. You'd see three if I had fingers numbers for you how they relate 250 billion, 4 million, 16. All of them in dollars 250 billion dollars, 4 million dollars and 16 dollars. And they all relate Well. They're all about technology 16 dollars.

0:06:16 - Mikah Sargent
I bet that is Twitter's subscription.

0:06:19 - Leo Laporte
The new subscription there are going to be three tiers of paid subscriptions, actually four, four tiers, and I bet that he rolled out in Australia and South Africa or somewhere. The one dollar a year, not a bot fee, which is completely absurd since obviously plenty of bots are willing to spend eight dollars a month for a blue check. So the eight dollars a month blue check will remain, but there's now a kind of sub blue check, three dollars a month. What do you get for that? Nothing, as far as I can tell, maybe the good feeling that you're helping the richest man in the world balance his checkbook. That's the basic subscribers. They get a small bump added to their replies.

0:07:02 - Mikah Sargent
What does that even mean? See, it's well. It's Because when I've heard of someone saying I need a small bump, that means something else. That's a different kind of bump.

0:07:09 - Leo Laporte
Yeah. Then there's premium plus for 16 dollars. You get no ads from the for you and following feeds. You also get a blue check mark, of course, the ability to edit tweets, longer posts, longer video uploads, encrypted direct messages and more, and your replies get right to the top of the bunch. See, I think this ruins Twitter. If people who are willing to pay money, it becomes what Pay to play. Yeah, get higher up in the replies. That's annoying, I don't want to see them. It's all blue checks in your replies now.

0:07:44 - Mikah Sargent
What's that called in the game, where you buy the box and inside the box is random stuff and you can get Loop box? Yeah, they're going to do loop boxes next. I see my tail. By the way, you currently have the attention span of a squirrel, which is fantastic, by the way. Did you see my tail? What is that Hell?

0:08:07 - Leo Laporte
of a tail. This is delightful. I think this should be our thumbnail for sure.

0:08:10 - Mikah Sargent
I was about to say I think you just gave me the perfect thumbnail for YouTube. I appreciate it. I did touch your tail, all right, we like to touch my nuts. No, I'll leave that to you. Thank you, can II've got a thing? Oh no, you've still got two more numbers. I got two more numbers. My bad, my bad, my bad.

0:08:26 - Leo Laporte
Actually it was three numbers and one, the 16, three, eight and one was four numbers, but there are other numbers in the world. What was the other one? Four million dollars, that's how much a White Hat, I guess, hacker has earned last year, according to hacker one finding bugs. That's a big bug bounty Whoa Four million.

0:08:48 - Mikah Sargent
Four million dollars a year and this is bugs for different companies.

0:08:52 - Leo Laporte
Yeah Okay, hacker one is one of the good guys in this. They pay ethical hackers to find bugs. Companies go to hacker one.

0:08:59 - Mikah Sargent
Okay, I was going to say how does that get paid?

0:09:01 - Leo Laporte
You know, would you handle this for us? They have paid last year over $300 million in bug bounties. Oh, I'm sorry that's not last year, that's since they started, but there is 30 hackers have earned more than a million dollars so far. One has received four million dollars for bug reports, but now that I see that it's over 10 years, it's a little less impressive. Still, it's good. It's a good living, it's a living. It's a living, and hacker one's a good one. So a company like, let's say, I don't know, ibm, would go to hacker one and say would you administer our bug bounty program? Because the thing here is, if you don't pay hackers to give you the bugs, somebody, some bad guy will, absolutely. And in fact, there are companies kind of like hacker one, but instead of working with the companies to fix the bugs, they work with nation states and hacking organizations to take those bugs, bugs, bugs and use them elsewhere. So, a lot of money, though if you're thinking about a career, that might be the one to go with. Now I said one more number. Yes, $250 billion. That's the size, according to the Washington Post, of the creator industry. Oh, $250 billion, with tens of millions of workers, hundreds of millions of customers, its own trade association. I'm sorry this is for some reason coming up as part of the Microsoft news network, which is not what I want to see, but Drew Harwell and Taylor Lawrence authored this. Pretty amazing.

The Census Bureau does you know industries? You know they ask you when you, when you do the census, what industry are you in? And a lot of them are social media or creators. They asked high school kids used to be. When you asked a high school kid, what do you want to be, they'd say when you were a kid, you probably said astronaut. Yes, I did no. Or then maybe professional baller sports, some sports player, but now by far they choose influencer. Oh, okay, I'm not going to react to that. It's just as likely you'll become a professional player in the NBA or an astronaut, as it is that you would become an interesting paid influencer, so it's very rare that it'll actually Well.

It's funny because my son always said I want to be an influencer. He said you should be an influencer, dad. You are an influencer, you're my inspiration. I want to be an influencer. And I said, son, go to school, get a job, get a skill. He did he went to college. I paid for four years of college, got a broadcast news degree. What is he? He's an influencer. He's an influencer. You know what, though? He's a successful influencer, so I can't really knock it. Some people do make it. Others contributed $35 billion to the United States gross domestic product GDP, so it's a big business, but they're not paying taxes.

0:12:08 - Mikah Sargent
Is that what the conversation was? I saw the headline said something about, but they barely exist in official records.

0:12:13 - Leo Laporte
Well, it's kind of part of the problem. And I tell Henry this I said take your money, put a third of it aside, because you're going to have to give it to the feds. Yeah, more, more, more influencers are making money through things like YouTube and Twitch, where they do get tax forms, so they can't just skate by.

0:12:30 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, that was my biggest concern. My brother for a couple of years was a game streamer and I was very much on him about make sure you're paying your taxes. Make sure you're paying your taxes, because I knew that Twitch does submit the forms and does all that.

0:12:45 - Leo Laporte
So, according, to the Washington Post. The census tracks many different jobs. You want to hear some of the other ones. I would love to Videotape duplicator.

0:12:52 - Mikah Sargent
Okay, there's not a lot of work there, all six of them, yeah, canary razor.

0:13:00 - Leo Laporte
That's a, that's R.

0:13:01 - Mikah Sargent
A I, not R A Z. Oh R right, yeah, someone who weaves, somebody who shaves canaries, Okay, cool.

0:13:06 - Leo Laporte
Somebody who brings them up. Gotcha, wow, you have an imagination. Magicians, health helper is a. Is it one of the professions you could tell the census? I'm a magician's helper. You can't tell them you're a squirrel, though or a pirate.

0:13:20 - Mikah Sargent
You could say you're an inventory manager, yeah, and you just you collect nuts, that's a warfinger. A warfinger? Yeah, that sounds like those.

0:13:29 - Leo Laporte
W H A R F I N G E R. This is the Washington Post. I'm not making this up.

0:13:33 - Mikah Sargent
I bet it's something to do with warfs An owner or keeper of a wharf.

0:13:38 - Leo Laporte
Oh, a warfinger. Or a roller skate repairer. Oh, there are 23 separate job titles related just to cigarettes. These might be in the public relations specialists, or the one I'm in. By the way, when I the census asks independent artists, writers and performers, that's probably you too Independent artists, writers, performers. So three numbers. Now it's your turn. I didn't mind. I'm going to put my glove back on.

0:14:10 - Mikah Sargent
This perfectly goes into what I wanted to talk about, which is something that I was shocked to see. Yes, apple is holding an event, as we know, tomorrow, tomorrow night, at 5 pm.

0:14:22 - Leo Laporte
First ever prime time event. They're going up against Monday night football. Who's playing? It doesn't?

0:14:28 - Mikah Sargent
matter because Apple's got an event, yes, and so at 5 pm tomorrow, leo and I will be covering that event live. You should tune in to watch us, not on YouTube, of course, but here, twittv.

0:14:40 - Leo Laporte
Apple will take us down if we do it on YouTube. So we just do it in the other places. You'll know.

0:14:45 - Mikah Sargent
What shocked me is that Apple seems to be getting into the creator slash influencer marketing game in a big way. Leading up to this event, a number of influencers received a box from Apple and on the inside of the box, I got it.

0:15:06 - Leo Laporte
I got it right here, oh, oh, if they need it, we can get it.

0:15:10 - Mikah Sargent
It says it's almost Halloween and Apple has some treats in store for you. On the evening of October 30th, we'll unveil something special about you to blah, blah blah. To make your viewing experience a bit more spatial, we hope you'll enjoy immersive listening with AirPods Max, along with a few sweet and spooky snacks. They sent AirPods Max and a bunch of candies and snacks to influencers ahead of this event. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know that.

0:15:36 - Leo Laporte
I've ever heard of them doing this before I know, back in the day, when I was an influencer, before I was a squirrel, apple would occasionally send me do you need this? You need this back. Oh goodness, I was wondering what it was for. Cut the lines quick. That's an emergency line cutting tool. I received a box from Apple with like 20 iPods all different kinds of iPods in it Really yeah with a big bow on it.

So they do this. I sent it back immediately. I was offended yeah, see that's, but don't be offended because I didn't even invite me to watch the video, let alone send me AirPods. They didn't even send me an invite saying we're going to do this at five o'clock. They didn't even want, maybe because I'm a squirrel. Squirrels get no respect in the world. I get no respect.

0:16:30 - Mikah Sargent
So okay, but that's good to know that it's happened before. I felt like this was them really leaning into the influencers. We've seen a shift. We know that.

0:16:40 - Leo Laporte

0:16:41 - Mikah Sargent
There's been a shift in their PR strategy. So Lamar Wilson was one of them. Lamar Wilson was one wearing that hat.

0:16:48 - Leo Laporte
Wait a minute. I love Lamar. He used to be on our. He used to do a YouTube show with Lamar. I'm just curious what it takes to be. You know how many subscribers you need to get the box.

0:17:01 - Mikah Sargent
I wonder if he's. Is he more on TikTok or is he more on YouTube these days?

0:17:03 - Leo Laporte
Let me just go look on YouTube at Lamar Wilson. Oh yeah, he's got 2.14 million subscribers. Good on you, lamar. He's done very well for himself. He's doing YouTube shorts a lot, which is, I think, the hot thing right now.

0:17:17 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, and let's see his. He's got 1.1 million followers on TikTok as well.

0:17:23 - Leo Laporte
So my son has 2.5 million followers on TikTok. Did he get AirPods Max? No, but he's got an Apple coverage.

0:17:29 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, that's right, son, if Apple made a sandwich right then he would have coverage.

0:17:34 - Leo Laporte
There you go. Yeah. Well, good on Lamar. It was just kind of starting out when he did the YouTube show for us. He's done very well for himself. Good on you, lamar. So I guess that's a form of you know. I mean, you don't have to have a resume. In the old days You'd have to send him clips from your PC magazine or Macworld magazine articles to prove that you were somebody.

0:17:59 - Mikah Sargent
Also, Mark Gurman joined us on Thursday on Tech News Weekly to give us kind of a preview of the event. Oh yeah, and he said that there are a few folks who actually did get in-person invite to New York and in New York they will be able to try out the new Mac hardware and will probably have like dinner beforehand and then go to do the event. So it's not. It wasn't as widespread as Apple's previous press events where they bring in a lot of people to the Steve Jobs Theater, but they do have some sort of location, he said, in New York and some premium press companies. Oh, I'm surprised to hear that.

0:18:39 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I was too. Oh, that's interesting and it's in New York. In New York, so that means it's 8 pm. Yeah, so it's really. I mean, they, this is an interesting.

So I saw a theory that Apple is doing is trying out. They've never done a primetime event. In fact, the only ones who've ever done primetime events, I think maybe are Samsung, because they're in Korea and so it kind of became an evening event. But generally Apple does it midday and they get a lot of attention midday. They don't compete with television watching dinner time with the family, walking the dog, or NFL Monday night football. The theory is, maybe they're trying this out. This isn't Mac's announcements not a big deal for them If nobody watches, no big deal, right. But they're trying this out to see what kind of what kind of interest they can get from Lamar and others because of the Vision Pro announcement coming up in January, because that is going to be a very important announcement for Apple, right, they want everybody to watch it and I think they're testing out what's a good time, what's a good time to do it. And, tim, if, if you want my advice, get a squirrel costume, yeah, everyone will tune in, everybody will watch. Actually, they probably would.

0:19:53 - Mikah Sargent
If Tim was wearing a squirrel costume, absolutely There'd be so many memes. If you had a tail like this, the beautiful, glorious tail, can we make the thumbnail a GIF? What, patrick, I need you to get on something. It's not in the budget. Oh no, join club twit so we can make the thumbnail a GIF?

0:20:15 - Leo Laporte
Yes, we need your money to make animated tail movements, so I think this will be interesting tomorrow. Are you looking forward?

0:20:22 - Mikah Sargent
to it. I am. I am because you're going to be buying a computer for yourself.

0:20:26 - Leo Laporte
I don't know, you said it was M.

0:20:27 - Mikah Sargent
Oh wait, no, it was two things right. M3 with a mini.

0:20:31 - Leo Laporte
LED or OLED screen. So maybe you won't be. They'll probably not update any of the design. It'll probably be the XDR display that they do currently on the Fortune 16. That's right? Okay, never mind.

0:20:41 - Mikah Sargent
But I still I don't know. I think it's going to be fun that it's at a different time and I am looking forward to seeing what they say in comparison to what we saw from the snapdragon event, where snapdragon was directly comparing itself with apple's current line of silicone yeah, already by the way, the naysayers are starting to come down on Qualcomm's claims of faster and all of this stuff.

0:21:07 - Leo Laporte
Low power and faster. Yeah, we'll wait and see. Yeah, we will wait and see. It won't be till mid next year. It's interesting Apple's not responding to Qualcomm. Qualcomm, though, might have been trying to sneak that in ahead of Apple's M3 announcement, because they didn't want to talk about how their performance was compared to the M3, just the old M2. Just the M2., so to speak. You know what I'm saying. Should we do a quick break for a sponsor?

0:21:33 - Mikah Sargent
announcement yes, let's go to a sponsor announcement.

0:21:37 - Leo Laporte
Do you think they mind if a squirrel does their ad? I don't know they might be. Maybe they'll want their money back. Oh no, this would be worse if a squirrel did it or a pirate. I think a squirrel is better than a pirate.

0:21:51 - Mikah Sargent
A squirrel is less problematic than a pirate. Yeah Right, yes. Well, hold on, let me tell you about my product, your particular squirrel, though I don't know as long as we can just make sure it stays up here.

0:22:03 - Leo Laporte
Squirrels care a lot about their public key infrastructure. Right, because when they store their nuts, it's very important I don't like this they find them again. This episode of Ask the Tech Eye is brought to you by HID Global. Reduce Risk and Operating Costs. Reduce Complexity by Outsourcing Public Key Infrastructure Operations to HID Global's Cloud-Based PKI as a Service Model. It provides automated management of the complete certificate life cycle and encryption. It's your one-stop shop for simplifying private and public PKI management with one predictable price on one easy to use platform. Your simple subscription system has no additional charges for additional certificates under your current plan.

Geographically dispersed in scalable architecture across multiple regions, hid Global goes wherever AWS is. Ease your procurement pains. With HID Global, you'll get up and running in two weeks, much quicker than the competitors. Their assistance with deployment always includes their incomparable white glove service expertise and knowledge, and you will receive ownership of your private keys For Google and Mac systems. HID's Connector Model of PKI uses open source certificate utilities, so your organization could use multiple operating systems. Great for BYOD, look. All you got to do is find out more at today. Thank you HID Global. Salute from the squirrel. So a squirrel salute I I don't have. As you know, I do actually have opposable thumbs. I don't have fingers, so I'm gonna let somebody else push the buttons today, okay, well, all I could do is mush them well, I am gonna push the buttons because I want to pick up on Chuck, who has a very interesting Video set.

0:23:55 - Mikah Sargent
Wow, let's see.

0:23:57 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's like what's channel Dynamic at the top. Oh, we know about Chuck, don't we? Have we seen Chuck before? Join us in the Stargate, mr Chuck, how much would would Chuck, chuck, chuck, good Chuck.

0:24:12 - Caller
So good morning. First one problem for me today, right? So first of all, that's a zoom, that's a owl three camera I do a lot of board meetings and then COVID, I have improvising and adapting and, and I thought the camera was apropos to my first world problem today. So for those who are only listening.

0:24:36 - Leo Laporte
you've got a super wide angle kind of Cinemascope shot of you. I mean, this is 180 degrees, I think it's the whole room, yeah, and then below it you've got a tight shot of you, which is great, and the cool.

0:24:51 - Caller
One of the cool things about this is if I walk around the room, the camera will move to adjust To where I'm at.

0:24:56 - Leo Laporte
Oh nice, that's nice.

0:24:57 - Caller
So if I'm so, I'm not going to do that to everybody and make them all sick To their stomach, but it will also register. If there's other people talking, it'll start and play them, and there's a whole camera man thing for me easily.

0:25:09 - Leo Laporte
It's the owl cam.

0:25:12 - Caller
Yeah, and it's really it's. It's from owl labs, uh, and we got it during covids at my employers so that we could uh, so I can do presentations for boards of directors all over the place.

0:25:25 - Leo Laporte
I'm a property management, so nice to tell the owners how the buildings are doing. So it's actually. I didn't realize. This is through. I'm looking at the picture of it's a 360 degrees, so I'm seeing your hole, the whole space, and it looks like an.

0:25:38 - Caller
This is. This is my kitchen in remodel mode. I love it.

0:25:44 - Leo Laporte
You better be careful, though, about Having your children wander in and your wife yeah.

0:25:50 - Caller
Uh. I don't want to be on camera.

My young man while my wife came downstairs and I cautioned her off, I said you don't want to come in, don't come in here, but the um anyway. So we're doing all of this and uh, and we're doing the kitchen and we've not done it for 38 years and I'm a big fan of doing the right thing. Don't buy twice by smart, yes, and and so I think I've gone a little over my head, right, my degrees and information systems. I'm no idiot. But and I've heard you guys talk about Uh, cameras and things and how you you need to put them sometimes on a different Uh, different form of wi-fi so that you can work with that Um, and the smart store got, got a smart oven and I've got a smart refrigerator, and what is it?

0:26:41 - Leo Laporte
What is a smart oven and refrigerator? What, how, in what way is it smart?

0:26:46 - Caller
Well, relatively smart right.

0:26:49 - Leo Laporte
I've what you know. We talked about this last week. Why do you connect a refrigerator to the wi-fi?

0:26:55 - Caller
Well, for instance, my my refrigerator will tell me when it's made the giant ice cubes. Oh, this makes the spherical ice bowl.

0:27:04 - Leo Laporte
Yeah Well, you know I'd buy it for the spherical ice cubes. But uh, and let's you know, they're ready time for a drink.

0:27:12 - Caller
You've got three of them ready, so I can have a three drinks if I need to.

0:27:15 - Caller
That's a circle.

0:27:17 - Caller
And uh, and the oven will monitor the temperatures. I can also start at preheating as I'm driving home, or it hooks into the the a word, I can't mind ziggie, so you could say ziggie Is, that is Is. I just woke it up. It's what I call mine, right, yeah, and I? I replaced all the light outlets in the kitchen with the smart. You've got it all in yeah so I can, so I can yell it. You know that guy in the other room and say, hey, turn on the light.

0:27:52 - Leo Laporte
I'm going in the other direction. I'm getting getting everything dumb in the house. Dumb, dumb, dumb. It's when you don't have fingers.

0:27:59 - Caller
It's getting the point where I'm thinking maybe, maybe I am dumb, um oh. So you know, I don't know what the, what, the features of all of these things are. It's a whole boatload of technology to learn all at one time. But what I do know is I'm not cooking up well to my device. So the question is is it worthwhile to go up and get a 2.4 megahertz router that's dedicated only to those systems? Right, I've got the blank cameras and I've got the, and I've got the one outlets.

0:28:33 - Leo Laporte
What are you using right now as a router?

0:28:38 - Caller
What am I using right now? Is it rabbit?

0:28:40 - Mikah Sargent
A router.

0:28:41 - Caller
I've got two routers, right, I've got the, the one that Comcast leases me and I kind of hate it. But at the time I was going up to a gigabyte Gigabit internet and I didn't want to mess. I was sick of fighting the internet during covid, so I just bought them. Let takes the one on that they had. I'll be perfectly glad to drop that off in In their bin and not pay them every month to have that. But um, and I've also got a mesh network in the in the house as well, and so they kind of run in parallel. Who's who's mesh are you using?

0:29:20 - Leo Laporte
Ah, geez, what is it? Hero or be Vila, it's an era it's an era yeah. So hero does have 2.4 gigahertz as well as 5 gigahertz.

0:29:32 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, they do both. You said you're having trouble connecting. Do you mean regularly? When does this come up? What's happening? Because that'll give us some insight into what's what the problem is here.

0:29:42 - Caller
So this this morning, with my Coffee in hand, I'm one of these former Marines. It doesn't like sleep like humans do. So this morning, at about five o'clock, I've got a flashlight on my head and I'm installing the smart light switches in the house With the power off, because nobody can tell the powers off at night.

0:29:57 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's the best time to do it, yeah.

0:30:00 - Caller
And so I rewired the switches. I put the smart switches in, I downloaded the app and I can't get the smart phone I can't find, I can't search and find the 2.4 megahertz on my phone and I can't find the two what the? And the switches won't use the 5g got it.

So I'm in that spot and I know that they're. You guys talk about going on and turning off the 5g, but maybe if there was a primer or a or a guide or maybe a Podcast I could listen to that explain that sort of thing. Then I'm like I know those guys.

0:30:37 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, okay, so if you have a hero Um, then this is something that you can do without needing to purchase anything new.

I will tell you Um, I've done what you had originally said. Uh, in the past I had a printer that I bought way back in college, and when I purchased it it used a Wi-Fi protected setup to uh to actually connect to the network. And as time elapsed and Wi-Fi protected setup went away, you had Wi-Fi in college. Yes, I had Wi-Fi in college. I am, I am, I'm a youth, and so I had to keep around a uh airport extreme and I exclusively used that so that I could connect that printer. But then I also, because I had to keep it around for that, I turned off the 5 gigahertz uh band on it and just used the 2.4 gigahertz band. Um, so that's entirely possible. You could buy a dedicated box to do that, but it's much simpler to just use what you have.

If you have a hero Uh, the way that you do it on hero is you go into the troubleshooting steps, and this is something that can apply to any body who has a router. There's going to be some way of of being able to just turn on the 2.4 gigahertz, turn off the 5 gigahertz. But you go into troubleshooting. You say my device won't connect and then you say my device is 2.4 gigahertz only and then there's a button that says temporarily pause 5 gigahertz for the next 15 minutes. It turns off those 5 gigahertz radios and it just does the 2.4 gigahertz radios and then you'll be able to connect those uh things that you have in your wall. And the reason why it's 2.4 gigahertz exclusively is because the little wi-fi chip that's inside of the uh box that you're installing on the wall is On the other side of this dry wall.

There may be metal involved, there may be other types of of uh Interactions that can get in the way, and so they don't let you use 5 gigahertz, because 5 gigahertz doesn't travel through things very well. It's a very robust connection if you're closer to it or if there's nothing in the way, but the further away you get and the more that's in between it, the worse the connection is. 2.4 gigahertz can do a lot better. So, uh, it's kind of just a way to try and keep people from having the issues in the first place. They just say, no, we're only doing 2.4 gigahertz, and so that's how you do it with iro. Do you want to leave it on 2, 4 though?

0:33:11 - Leo Laporte
You eventually. No, no, it'll go back to 15. After the 15 minutes. You just want to temporarily turn off the 5 gigahertz radio. So and then, and then have all of the iot devices join 2.4, yep. So the other reason for that is many iot devices don't do 5 gigahertz exactly, but don't know the difference because it's all the same name and they'll join the wrong wrong band and then never work. I had a um, an air purifier that did that, and so Turning off the 5 gigahertz, getting your whole iot setup working and then letting it so after 15 minutes.

0:33:45 - Mikah Sargent
It turns back on.

0:33:46 - Leo Laporte
That's at the troubleshooting settings, which is a weird place for it, but that's where they put it. So go into your settings, looking troubleshooting in your iro. If it is indeed an iro, uh, I'll have to look at it. I think it's a euro. But I guess the other thing you could do yeah, I mean you could go out and get some cheap tp link Wi-Fi, that's 2.4 gigahertz only. That'll be a little more secure, because then your iot devices would be on a completely separate network. Uh, euro and most other routers, even though they'll have two or sometimes now three radio bands or even more with wi-fi seven, uh, they don't. They still let them talk to one other, because if they didn't, then some of your devices would go.

Well, I can't see the printer. Where, where is it that's? It's disappeared. So they they don't have any barriers between the various frequencies if you set up a separate router or you have vlan capability. If your router's like a little more fancy and you have vlan capability, you can keep the iot network separate, which is what you want, from your secure network. You don't want the refrigerator Because it doesn't get updated as much, because the company that made it isn't maybe, is committed to security. You know, if it's samsung, you probably are right. But but you don't want the refrigerator to suddenly become a portal Into the network where your computers are and your phones. So you have them in separate networks and by doing so you you preserve some, you know some security. You have a A wall between the two. I think that's what you're getting at, that you want.

0:35:20 - Caller
Where I'm trying to be right. So I've got cameras, I've got, you know, ziggi over in the other room and I've got Uh, I've got all kinds of things going on and I just don't know that I want it on the same network as yeah that's what I do.

0:35:34 - Leo Laporte
I have Comcast gigahertz as well and I use a ubiquity router with them, and Ubiquity, because it's a pro-somer higher end system, does allow me to do vlan. So I have a 2.4 gigahertz Virtual network. That's for iot only and it solves that problem. We were talking about it. Trans, it goes farther, uh, and then I at, for instance, my garage Wi-Fi. I have a access point, my garage, so my garage access, because they have a lot of stuff, yeah, my car, my garage door opener and stuff. That's that that little. A Wi-Fi access point can only do to have it set only only for 2.4 gigahertz, because nothing in the garage is ever going to want five gigahertz and I don't want it to plus it. You know it needs to be able to go through the garage door and stuff like that. There's stuff outside, there's a purple air sensor and some cameras out.

0:36:23 - Caller
So if you're going with that, you're going in with a little sack of money and you're going online and you're looking what. What router system would you?

0:36:31 - Leo Laporte
get well if you've been saving your nuts for some time, I think I have the best. You know what? You had such a good tail. When we were doing the escape box, I felt like I should have a tail. He was a mermaid or what were you? And?

0:36:49 - Mikah Sargent
I was a dark siren was what the dark costume said it was a dark, sorry.

0:36:53 - Leo Laporte
Anyway, yeah, if, if, money's no object and you really want to do this right. It sounds like you do. I really like ubiquity and you so, but it gets a little more fancy so involved.

But ubiquity has the UDM, the ultimate dream machine, which is their router. That's what they called me in high school. Udm, the dream machine it's one box it plugs into your Comcast and it actually is kind of cool because it can do multi-homing. So you could also have a, for instance, a 3g network attached as a second port, second-way import, so that if for failover or even for improving speed, things like that gigahertz, you don't need to do that. And then that is connected to a switch. And this switch, the one I got, is a power over ethernet switch. So and it has, I think this I got a 64 ports crazy. Anyway, power over ethernet, okay, so that's nice, because then I run an ethernet line from that switch. It's in a closet up through my attic down to various ceiling spots, including one in my garage, and the Wi-Fi access points. Ubiquity cells are power over ethernet, so they get their data and their power from one jack. You plug that in and that's now on the multi-port switch. So you can then control it, because all of these switches are smart. You can say you 2.4 gigahertz, you both, and so I have. And the other thing we did before we installed these is did a survey of Wi-Fi in the house to see where the dead spots were, to see where we wanted. That's why we have one in the garage where we wanted access points. So we were very careful about where we place these. And then I also and you may or may not want to do this I also ran more ethernet down through the walls for some hardwired ethernet ports at the, at the workstations, at the TV places where you'd want hardwire. So the Wi-Fi coverage is excellent and the hardwire ethernet is excellent.

You can say this device that's an IOT device, keep that on the in my insecure lands called Godzilla, my secure lands called Mothra. So all the IOT devices are on Godzilla 2.4 gigahertz, all the computers and phones are on Mothra. The only time I have to break the exception on that is for things like printing. A printer should be an IOT device, but computers don't like a printer to be in a different Wi-Fi network and printers don't like it either. So you kind of there what you may find. There are some IOT devices that want to be on the main secure network. I make exceptions for those, but otherwise you have complete control.

Now this is thousands of dollars. I'm talking here and I only I did it during COVID because we had a kid at home zooming to school. My wife was working from home and I wanted to make sure that we could do the podcast from home, so I wanted to make sure that we had a very solid setup. Plus, I was really tired of hearing honey, the ethernet, the internet, down the internet. So I was on the guy they blame when the internet you know what I have to tell the kid get off.

Netflix, get off Netflix. I'm trying to work here. You don't want to have to do that. So gig a gigahertz. You've got a fast enough connection to do that, if you have a good router set up. So if, if price were no object and you were crazy, that's how I would do it, but you could also heroes very good, you've got a good system and you can buy more beacon some of them are saying they've got your systems to that just work quite well.

0:40:26 - Mikah Sargent
So, yeah, if you, if you feel like you know in your more in your early mornings when you've got your lampstrap to your head, you want to mess around with the networks, then it's really cool to do the ubiquity. But if you, you know, want something that's not, doesn't need to be as configured, and we'll still give you that connection that you're looking for. I think hero is fine.

0:40:47 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I mean there are a number, and ubiquity also offers little routers and switches that you can use to do some of this as well. So you know, it depends how fancy you want to get.

0:41:01 - Caller
Fancy, yeah yeah, I'm a first-time long-time you know started program with cards and started listening to you when I'm still in the Marine Corps and stationed at Pendleton and nice. Thank you guys for having me.

0:41:15 - Mikah Sargent
I went to school Maryfey Pendleton, you did North.

0:41:19 - Leo Laporte
Carolina, where's.

0:41:21 - Mikah Sargent
Maryfey Pendleton is in California. Okay, of course it's the ocean side, yeah you went to school in California.

0:41:27 - Leo Laporte
This is all news to me. I'm learning about him all the time. So what did you do in the Corps?

0:41:32 - Caller
I was an avionics man. I was on a development team for the Marine Corps Supercoaster and I served through depth through, from the Persian Gulf, through the deserts, through Desert Storm one, and and that was that was what I did well, thank you for doing what you did for our country and us.

0:41:51 - Leo Laporte
That's really great. That's really well and when did? You retire?

0:41:57 - Caller
actually I did my last tour of duty. I was working for the California State Military Reserve and I was the officer in charge of plans and operations for a little while.

0:42:13 - Leo Laporte
So cool so cool yeah, like three years ago. Well, it's an honor talking to you, sir, I appreciate it and and yeah, if you wanted to go whole hog or whole squirrel.

I really like the ubiquity system and, by the way, it also is capable of doing security. They have their own camera system which works on the same network, and they have a doorbell and all that stuff. I haven't done that, but it sounds like you're a you like to, you like to do the Internet of Things stuff, so this would be a good way to go. It's a good company, american company, former Apple engineers. There have been problems in the past with them pushing out some beta versions of their software that weren't reliable, but I've had nothing but success with them over the last three or four years, so I recommend you don't mind me tossing out a micro question, and that is what's your current state of password programs?

it. Warden is our sponsor and we love them. They're open source. They're free for individual users forever. Because it's open source, you can get a family plan for $3.33a month. Get the whole family on it. I think most password managers are feature come.

0:43:22 - Mikah Sargent
They do try to parallel, for sure parody but I, yeah, I think that word and does a great job of trying to get all of the latest and greatest features.

0:43:29 - Leo Laporte
The only one I'd stay away from at this point is last pass, who was for a long time a sponsor, but they kind of see the pooch and I was aware, yeah, one password's good. A lot of you probably use one password. Mac people like one password. There are many other choices. There's open source choices, like you pass XC, but I'm a big bit warden fan. I feel that warrants great. And scooter X and our IRC says past keys, but I think he's being sarcastic. I say nuts to past keys still.

0:44:01 - Caller
I still. You know, leo, you got the power here. Maybe you know the nuts in the tail, squirrel baby. You can set a, a sarcasm font and just make it be like a little, a little backwards. I tell it fun so that if you say it, everybody just knows, you know I should, or just sarcasm on sarcasm on, yeah, yeah yeah, just like that.

0:44:26 - Leo Laporte
Hey, a pleasure talking you know I forgot. But Steve Gibson had a past keys, a much better past keys set up called sqrl, squirrel, squirrel. I might have to wear this on Tuesday for Steve.

0:44:38 - Mikah Sargent
Yes you should wear this for.

0:44:41 - Leo Laporte
Andy and not go, because he just loves taking pictures of you frankly, this one costume serves all, serves all well how you want to now we're having some fun now are we gonna do John, should I? Go around trick-or-treating in this outfit um, maybe some suggestions, that yeah. I like it when trick-or-treaters are six feet tall. It's always exciting when they come to the door.

0:45:10 - Mikah Sargent
You never know okay, what are you doing here?

0:45:12 - Leo Laporte
what are you doing here? Well, I'd like some candy, please let's.

0:45:17 - John Ashley
I see someone hanging out in the and the call.

0:45:21 - Mikah Sargent
Lill's been hanging out all, right all right.

0:45:24 - Leo Laporte
We have a lot, of, a lot of regulars in the, in the, in the rooms, and which is great. We love you, but we may not take all your calls because we want to give everybody a chance. It's nice to get new colors on hi Lill. Dr mom is in the house.

0:45:39 - Caller
Hey, okay, can you hear me okay?

0:45:41 - Leo Laporte
you're down at Camp Pendleton, just around the corner exactly, but they fly over us all the time.

0:45:46 - Caller
I have a interesting question and then, if we have time, a story about a generational difference yes let's hit the question first. I was trying to download a Google calendar for one of our local sports teams professional teams so I could keep an eye on when the games were, and they're now using a company called, I would say, rocket. It's ROC, rokt yes, go there you get and I'm gonna duck away from my cuz. I wanted to show you this duck away.

0:46:14 - Leo Laporte
Notice what they're saying can you go full screen so I can read this. I want to, not you, dr no, no, they can do it.

0:46:21 - Mikah Sargent
You don't do anything. Yeah, they have the power though don't judge it away. Yeah, let me get out of the way and I can see you email just in there, dr.

0:46:31 - Caller
we don't want to show you your email address okay, basically it says thank you, just say we want permission to access this calendar, and it says we want permission to access and delete every calendar Google associates with. Yeah, I mean, what is that?

0:46:50 - Leo Laporte
it. This is a problem with these permissions and you see this all the time which is there. They're not very granular, so in order to get permission to read and write a calendar, they have to ask for global permissions, which means they will have permission to delete a calendar, any calendar. But you, you're not necessarily. I don't expect them that Rockets Rockets a good company. They're not. They're not gonna be in there messing with your calendar. I wouldn't give it to Joe from Fresno. But Rockets, fine, or rocked, yeah, probably rock rock.

0:47:27 - Caller
I was thinking about yeah, probably rocked but they?

0:47:30 - Leo Laporte
but the idea is they can't say we just want permission to access this one calendar, they, there's no, there's no facility for that from Google. You see this with Apple too, and it's confusing to people and it bothers them to people because you know you give somebody access to your photos. Apple's nice. They give you some granularity so you could say allow this one photo or allow all the photos, but a lot of times the permission has to be global. That's just the, that's just what Android or or or Apple or whoever offers, and so these companies don't have the ability to say can we just this? We just want to touch this one calendar. You'll see this with SMS messaging.

When you sign up for Telegram or WhatsApp, it has to ask permission to read and write your text messages because it's gonna use that to authenticate you and people go wait a minute, I don't want you reading and writing all my text messages. That's that. There's no way for them to say well, just this. Once you know Apple, some, I think, moving in that direction, I would not worry about it. I subscribe to the San Francisco 49ers calendar. I in my Google calendar. I like to have that there so I know when the games are.

0:48:40 - Mikah Sargent
I wish they just did a published link, though, instead of that's the best way.

0:48:43 - Leo Laporte
It's really. Yeah, they're going through an e-commerce platform and that's because they kind of want to keep track of you, yep that's what I'm reading about here.

0:48:53 - Caller
I have season tickets to the game. I mean they'll get it to me the podra's?

0:48:56 - Leo Laporte
who are you going to?

0:48:58 - Caller
podra's podra's that's where I live.

0:49:01 - Leo Laporte
I know, you know, I know.

0:49:03 - Caller
I want to be able to sit there and look ahead of time and say, okay, there's six games coming up. I have four tickets to them, so I share them with my family. Yeah, you know, do you guys want?

0:49:11 - Leo Laporte
yeah, you know, rock is a mission driven hyper growth community of curious explorers intent on unleashing the potential of e-commerce. You know what that means we're gonna spy on you, so we know everything about you that's to me is why?

0:49:29 - Caller
because there is a Google calendar just for the podra just do that.

0:49:32 - Leo Laporte
You don't have to do the rocks updated very often.

0:49:35 - Caller
Right now, a lot of games aren't there.

0:49:37 - Leo Laporte
This is by the way, coming from the podra's, not from, you know, the podra's contracted with rocked because, they want to they just want to know a few things about you. The podra's fan like your home.

0:49:48 - Caller
They already have my credit card number, they don't need anything else.

0:49:50 - Mikah Sargent
I'm reading about the specific integration and it talks about the analytics.

0:49:55 - Leo Laporte
They're able to grab whatever you said, your calendar this way and, yeah, it integrates with their CRM as well but I can assure you that if, rocked, all of a sudden, we're accessing other calendars, you would hear about it and the podra's would hear about it, and the podra's would be very upset because they don't want, they want you to use this, they don't want you to be offended by it, right, honestly?

0:50:15 - Mikah Sargent
with this boils down to is the you probably exact what you're saying. The calendar that's there is not getting updated and they realized, oh, if we just integrate this with this system, that we have what we have to go ahead and put in the dates, then we don't have to worry about it, it'll work on its own. So it's a bit of laziness says here.

0:50:31 - Leo Laporte
This is in their calendar integration page inspire customer action in the moment. Engage your audience through an entirely new mobile marketing channel their calendars, oh. Derive results and measure impact with personalized outreach to each customer, sent when subscribers are most likely to engage. So what's gonna happen? You're gonna see a podra's game a week out. They know you have that in your calendar. They are gonna put an invitation to buy tickets in your calendar.

0:50:57 - Caller
That kind of I hate that personally yeah, that's the kind of stuff I don't want. I just want to be able to see when the games are there are fan there.

0:51:05 - Leo Laporte
For almost all teams there are fan driven calendars. That will not have that problem and they'll be up to date because once the once the podre set their schedule, they're not gonna change it. So right, you don't need you don't, we don't get.

0:51:18 - Caller
We don't get rain out here. It's not an issue. Yeah.

0:51:21 - Leo Laporte
I mean, and if usually fans are pretty good about keeping those up, today I subscribe, pay for a service because of my business called Forecast with a K, and this is a calendar that that puts in like today is National Car Day, right, yes, fellow travelers, premieres on showtime. It's International Internet Day. What? This is cool. Yeah, it's not cheap, but this way I know everything that's coming up and I add this to my. Can I use your calendar?

0:51:50 - Caller
yeah, I'll give you my don't forget, tomorrow is National Haunted refrigerator day. Exactly, clean at this today to clean out the scary things from your refrigerator. Old science project.

0:52:00 - Leo Laporte
I thought it was an Internet of Things.

0:52:02 - Caller
Joke, okay no, no, it's actually, it's there, but if I do find ghosts in there. I should leave them then, since this is just about science projects yes, it's about haunted refer, it's about 100, for you got time for a cute story. Sure, you know I make. You know I make Lego and stuff and I actually made the Lego typewriter. Well, my five-year-old grandson comes over, looks at his punching the keys these good.

0:52:24 - Leo Laporte
What is this we're using?

0:52:26 - Caller
no, he sits there and he says, you know, starts typing on message and then he looks at me, says grandma, where's the send button, where's?

0:52:33 - Mikah Sargent
the send button where's the?

0:52:35 - Caller
family gets to carriage return oh well, he thought that was cute because it has a manual carriage return.

0:52:41 - Leo Laporte
But he's sitting there going like we don't send this out to the people. Isn't that cute? Where's the send button.

0:52:53 - Caller
I can't believe your grandson is.

0:52:55 - Leo Laporte
Is that old already? Wow?

0:52:57 - Caller
he's five and speaking of sarcasm, I don't know if you can read my shirt, but it says sarcasm is my secret power yeah, that's like you know.

0:53:04 - Leo Laporte
I hate sarcasm and I understand why our last color didn't said you should indicate it, because you never know if it's true or not right. But I but I also love sarcasm because you never know if it's.

0:53:16 - Mikah Sargent
I see, and I have this problem where sometimes people don't read the sarcasm that I'm exactly. I'm you good at picking it up, but sometimes people don't see it when I'm doing it, and so then I have to clarify after it. No, I was, I was sarcasm.

0:53:29 - Caller
I usually put like a wink emoji or an LOL or something at the end of it if I'm being snarky, just so they know I'm kidding that's a good idea.

0:53:38 - Leo Laporte
If I had an emoji if I had a physical?

0:53:40 - Mikah Sargent
yeah, because it's only when I'm taught. It's usually whenever I'm talking out loud, I just put a nut after each one, hey.

0:53:46 - Caller
Leo, I'm an old married lady. Please cover those up.

0:53:50 - Leo Laporte
These are eight corns. What are you talking?

thank you, doctor, mom thank you, doctor send a button before you run out and subscribe and I will give you my password. Because it's a company. Yeah, it's a hundred dollars a year. Oh my, it is not cheap. Or ten dollars a month is not cheap. This forecast, it's really designed for broadcasters and people like that. Back when I was a DJ back in the day, you know, on the radio we would subscribe to. Maybe they would come in mimeographed newsletters every week that would have stuff like that, what the the days are, because DJs you know you're always looking for right, a little something today is not a little ball day, yeah and they would have little factoids about.

You know superstars. Katy Perry once was a portholes to an NFL football game or something right, and then you would be able to say that in the beginning of the song, and so I used to subscribe to a bunch of those, and they were much more expensive than this. So now I feel like this is a bargain. Bargain, a bargain, all right. What do we do now? I'm look at the timer. The timer says it's time for an ad.

Is it yes, time for an ad and then more of your calls at 8887242884, you got that on this auspicious Halloween episode of ask the tech guy is that why we're dressed funny? That's why I was puzzled. Oh, now I get it. It's Halloween Tuesday, right Tuesday. I'm excited. Do you trick-or-treat? Do you go out?

0:55:21 - Mikah Sargent
no, no, no. I, yeah, I'm actually not, do you have?

0:55:26 - Leo Laporte
trick-or-treaters at your what is it? Three-story walk-up with a car garage three-story shoebox with a tandem garage.

0:55:33 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, do you get treaters in there, we actually haven't. One year I did have my lights on. We never got anyone.

0:55:38 - Leo Laporte
All isn't that depressing, yeah yeah, so now you don't bother to turn. I just, yeah, I don't mess with. We are in the countryside, we are so remote there's. No, no kids would go out there. They'd be afraid to go out there. I think, yeah, I'd be spooked. Yeah, which is too bad, cuz it's fun to see the kids in their costume, yeah, but I'm just gonna stand out in front, go, hey, let's get your nuts here.

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0:59:54 - Mikah Sargent
Well, we have, we have. I think Darren didn't hang it out in the call for a while. Darren, I Don't wake him up. Indeed, I'm well, I'm awake.

1:00:08 - Leo Laporte
Come over to the Stargate. Oh, welcome in the ocean be in venue.

1:00:13 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, we can't hear you. Darren star, there we go.

1:00:19 - Caller
That's a good little pop up there. I'm mute. Yeah, thank you for that. So, yeah, thank you very much for taking my call and do my best to stay focused, but, like my dog, I get easily distracted by squirrels.

1:00:29 - Leo Laporte
Where are you calling? From the mountains, it looks like.

1:00:32 - Caller
I Actually I currently reside just on the east side of Camp Hamilton, so a lot of my goodness Out today.

1:00:37 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I'm Sandy Agans. Yeah, where's this picture from?

1:00:42 - Caller
I believe this is the central coast. I'm trying to remember where I took this.

1:00:46 - Leo Laporte
Are you a pilot?

1:00:47 - Caller
I am, yeah, my left wing tip there flying up the coast. I'm always jealous of pilots moral rock way out in the back.

1:00:54 - Leo Laporte
Oh yeah, moral best. Sure, I pilots get this great view of the world. You know, and I think that's a lot of the reason people fly is for that Pure experience up in the up in the sky there. It's amazing, it really is. I love it. What can we?

1:01:08 - Caller
do for you. Yeah, so I have a mobile data related question. I have a pixel seven and I have pay as I go data, and Is there a way to stop Video ads from loading while on mobile network?

1:01:24 - Leo Laporte
Oh Okay, uh, uh. Oh yeah, that's troubles. Yes, there is. It's an ad blocker, basically, and there are a lot of ways of doing this. I will tell you how I do it and it's kind of my favorite. It's a. It's a site called next DNS and next DNSio, and the way it works on mobile is it installs a profile that instead of using the carriers DNS you know the DNS is what links you up to sites, including those annoying video ads. Those usually come from a different server, an ad based server. So when you use next DNS it, it takes over your DNS on the phone. On iPhone, it puts in a profile. It works with the Android and I can't remember how it does that probably puts in a profile. So the phones, whole phones behavior is different. You're no longer going through T-Mobile or whoever's DNS server. You're going through the next DNS server and when you go to next DNS, you can then say, okay, this is just for my phone and these are the things I want to block. There is We've talked before about something called a pie hole.

In fact, father Robert set up a pie hole on know-how, which is a raspberry pie that basically filters. It's an ad blocker that filters all your traffic as it's coming in. This is essentially a raspberry pie pie hole in the sky. Next, dns does all of that stuff, so it can block ads. It can block those annoying video ads, you know. The only thing it can't block is if the video ads are coming from inside the house, what we call first con, first person content. So when you're friend and you wouldn't want to block that, when you go to twittv and you press the play button on one of our shows that's coming from our site, you wouldn't want to block that.

1:03:12 - Caller
Yeah, and that's fine. I Get the fact that ads are a necessary evil. Um, it's just. Can I stop them from charge? You know running up my mobile data Reasonable there are a number of, really.

1:03:25 - Leo Laporte
You know, look, we're ad supported, so I like ads. But there are a number of very good reasons not to Support ads, particularly the ads that are embedded on web pages. There's a security issue, there's a bandwidth issue it slows the site down and lately, on mobile, there are sites I'm not gonna name names, but there are sites that are unusable Because they have so much stuff and the ads are now sliding up and down, and what's Most frustrating to me is then you use the site without all that stuff and it works so well and you're going why, why are they doing?

Why are you doing this Well?

1:03:56 - Mikah Sargent
they have to monetize, yes, and, and unfortunately it gets to a point but yeah, exactly what you're talking about here where you only have so much data to use. And if it's all being Spent on just getting these video ads to load, I also use next DNS, and it's if you can use it at home, you can use it anywhere.

That's what makes it great is that you know you're probably, when you're at home, connected to Wi-Fi, so it's not so much of an issue. But when you're out and about, that's where you want to save that data, and so something like next DNS comes in and helps make sure that that stuff is not and it lets you have different settings for everything.

1:04:28 - Leo Laporte
So I'll show you. I'll quickly run over to my next DNS. It's next oh, what's my 2fa?

1:04:36 - Mikah Sargent
He's got lots of passwords.

1:04:38 - Leo Laporte
Can you get my phone? It's, it's. It's in the tree, the third oak tree from the left. I think I put it there.

But what I hate, what you can have is different configurations for different devices and it'll give you a Six-digit code. Yeah, it's in my office. It'll give you a six-digit code and when you set up next DNS on that Android device You'll say use this code so you can have different settings for home office, even by computer. Now, next DNS is free, but only for the first 300,000 hits a month. After that I think it's 99 cents a month. It's not expensive, certainly less than okay than mobile bandwidth. And the thing is I, you. Once you pay for it, it's unlimited and I use it every. I use it at home, I use it on all my devices. Thank you, john. I want, I do want to log into this now. Let's see if face recognition works. When you're a squirrel it does not says why is a squirrel? Want to use your phone? All right, oh, oh, give me a home when my a corn's may roam. You know I gotta do everything. What is the pin for this? It's so funny, I'm not used to this. Okay, next DNS. You know it's good to use two-factor it really is, but when you're a squirrel Maybe not. Okay, now I'm logged in. So this device is not using next DNS because I we're on our own corporate network.

You can show this. There's nothing on here that, but it will show. It shows you how I can install this on a variety of devices. There's even a command line client and there's different settings. So you see, I have home and I have Leo, and I could show you the security settings and so forth. There's all sorts of you know, safe browsing features, dns. I mean this is all for security. I mean this is really nicely done. There's also privacy and you can use the ad, these ad blocker lists, so the lists you'll end up using, and they have a whole variety of these that you can use. Um, and what's nice is this isn't running on your phone. Your phone just goes through their DNS. There's also good parental control, uh, which is pretty cool. Your phone isn't doing any work. All of this is going through your Uh, their servers. So, in effect, it's really it's the same speed, in fact, maybe even faster than your carrier's DNS. There's even logs, there's analytics. I mean this thing is really impressive.

Um, so if I want to set up this device, I can either change my DNS settings. Let's see what it says for android. I think there's probably a Proof. Oh no, you have to turn on you. Okay, there's a setting. There's also an app for android, so it's absolutely doable. Great, that's one way. I mean. There are many, many other ways. Any ad blocker would give you the same benefit. Uh, the thing about doing next DNS is it blocks it everywhere. If you had an ad blocker for firefox, for instance, use firefox focus, which is their privacy browser. Yeah, it'd work in in in your browser, but those apps aren't going to get blocked. Even this works, even in apps, because they all use DNS to get their content. Great Well, thank you very much for that.

I'll go check that out right now I'm glad to give you a floor.

1:07:59 - Caller
Thanks, for taking my call. And hey, hey, micah, do you know why Pirating is so addictive?

1:08:05 - Mikah Sargent
Why is pirating so addictive?

1:08:07 - Caller
Because after you lose your first hand, you get hooked. Ah.

1:08:12 - Leo Laporte
That sounds like an echo joke. The worst.

1:08:16 - Mikah Sargent
the worst, that's good, that's good.

1:08:19 - Leo Laporte
Yeah uh, there are others, like quad 9, There are a number of dns Third-party dns providers. You can use cash, not Cachefly.

1:08:29 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, what is it?

1:08:31 - Leo Laporte Yeah, and and It is, oh, I always could, I always want to call them Cachefly, but they're not anyway. You know who I'm talking about? Yep.

1:08:40 - Mikah Sargent
You and.

1:08:40 - Leo Laporte
I both know Clown flair, clout flair, Cachefly clout flair. Anyway, there are various things that do this similarly. I just find xd and that's the the most powerful. Great Thanks, a lot, guys, thanks.

Thank you. Will it block the hbo ads? That were not there before. So it's hard to block first-party stuff. You don't want to block first-party stuff because that would mean you couldn't watch video on a site and and generally ad blockers only block stuff that's coming from known ad servers. But you can blacklist a server. So if you know that hbo's all of hbo's videos are coming from you know videohboservercom you could block that specific address and those you. You just see a hole there. You'd still see the hole but you wouldn't see the video. Okay, what else? How about a voicemail?

1:09:34 - Mikah Sargent
I'd love a voicemail.

1:09:38 - Caller
Hi, this is Eric from Racine, wisconsin. I have a recording that a friend made of my mother, who is 95 years old, telling her life story. It's in two parts, but it's three hours long and the recording is inm4a format. Now I can listen to it in iTunes. I'm wondering is there a program or an app or some way I can have this transcribed so I can print it out and share it with my family and relatives?

So they can read it at their leisure. What a wonderful thing to have Thanks very much Love your show.

1:10:21 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I'm so thrilled that he has that. You know, I want to do this with my mom, my 90 year old mom. Same thing, and she could go on for more than three. So what is an m4a file?

1:10:32 - Mikah Sargent
An m4a file is a special, I guess, in comparison to some of the other formats throughout there. Um video file that's it's. It's compressed, um, but what it does is it works with. It's kind of like it was made for iPhone in the before times. Um, it's old, it's. Yeah, it's an old school format that it's like iTunes and iPhone. Back in the day, whenever you were trying to put like a music video on your iPod, it was often an m4a file format. Now to transcribe, it sounds like so there are a lot of choices exactly.

I was thinking. If we wonder if he's on the mac, what was that great?

1:11:12 - Leo Laporte
whisper dot ai. Thank you, and there are uh a number in the app store. If you search for whisper dot a if you're on the mac, this works. If you're if you search the apple store for whisper, you'll see a number of apps you can buy. Um, I uh one is one is uh let's see. No, that's not that isn't whisper.

1:11:31 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, that's not it.

1:11:32 - Leo Laporte
Let's maybe dot ai it Uh, because I have one on here that I use all the time. Um, is it iCo? I can't remember. Jason snel recommended one. Yeah, anyway, they're the, probably. This one is uh speech to text transcribe. These are not free, by the way. Uh, they will take m4a files. Uh, almost any of them will. There are websites that will also do this.

Whisper is nice on the mac because there is actually a free. Really. You can get whisper ai for free On your mac. It's just an ai Uh uh system that does speech to text very well. Um, and so if you, if you go to github and look at whisper, you'll be. You can see the instructions for downloading and running on a mac or, I think, probably a pc, but it's a little complicated, so these guys have wrapped it around an application. They usually charge a nominal fee, not a subscription, for the use of it.

The other possibility are one of many ai Uh text to speech generators. I've used otter ai in the past. The idea with these is that they uh, they will Listen to meeting audio and give you a transcription, or something like that. Uh, I told you, I've told you before, I had a friend, dan. He's a great guy, he's an engineer. He carries a recorder around with me. He said do you mind if I record our conversation? So I'm sitting around with my friends around the table? He records it, after records it, sends it out to whisper ai transcribes it, then sends it to chat gpt. Which then?

analyzes it, summarizes it and within like our conversation finished within 30 seconds, he says let me read back some of the highlights of our conversation and some action items, and it was like, wow, wow, so that's what some of these things will will do, and you know, you can do it for free If, if, you're willing to do a little geeking around. What is the one that, uh, paris martinow uses for her? Uh, a lot of reporters, of course, do interviews and they've got trans, they've got audio recordings of their interviews and they want transcriptions. Makes it much easier, um, but I can't remember which, which one she recommended to use trend.

1:13:42 - Mikah Sargent
I don't think okay, because that's that's one that jason howell, jason howell, jason snow used to use for um, yeah, I think it's trint for apple finance calls.

1:13:53 - Leo Laporte
Um, yeah, you used to have to type those by hand. We've come a long way, baby, quite a long way. It's hard with a hook, uh, or pause, yeah, I hope all's. Um, they're quite a few of these. There's some free, there's some inexpensive number of them have free Trials. Yes, three hours is a lot. Usually, the free trial is an hour of uh of audio. So what a great idea for doing this. Um, you're, you even can do it now on android devices. The google pixel has built-in transcription, so you could just open the file and it would transcribe it. There's lots of ways to do it. Um, you could upload it to youtube and yeah, that's.

1:14:31 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, that's. Yeah, that's a great idea. Not the best, no, but not awful, and it's improved for sure. Yeah, um, yeah, I. If you are on a mac, that uh program we were talking about is mac whisper, which is basically using us. That's wrapped in in mac. Yeah, makes it easy to use. Yeah, it's just very easy. You can quite literally drop that video file onto it and this is a rapidly changing field.

1:14:52 - Leo Laporte
You know, we used to do or we still do, uh, uh, transcripts of our shows Because it's easier to search, and so forth. Uh, we paid a lot of money for a human to do that. Steve Gibson still does, elaine ferris, um, but nowadays there's so many ways to do it cheap and free, using ai, and it's quite impressive. I think ai does a does a pretty good job. I just did a quick search for transcribed text and there are hundreds of solutions here. So, um, what I would look for is somebody to do it for free, you know, maybe as a free trial, or, uh, maybe on a device you have. Uh, because three hours is a long time. You might have to pay a little bit for it. It's worth it though, isn't it? It's she. So, paris, use Trent, okay, um, would? What fan in our irc says?

1:15:42 - Mikah Sargent
Paris used. Oh sweet yeah. The thing that I liked about Trent was that oh, t r I and t. Yeah, t r I and t. Yes, I did say Trent, that's my fault, uh.

1:15:51 - Leo Laporte
I said that's just your, your st Joseph.

1:15:55 - Mikah Sargent
It is. What I liked about Trent is that it ties into a lot of different services so it has like a dropbox watch folder so you could put stuff into that dropbox folder videos, and then it would automatically pull it over and transcribe.

1:16:08 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's actually what dan was doing, but he was using A open source tool to do that, so he had to build a little thing. Is you know, it depends how much money you want exactly, exactly.

1:16:19 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, I think Trent has a pretty good start. Um, a little trial trial.

1:16:24 - Leo Laporte
Let's see pricing Starter 48 dollars.

A trial yeah, start free trial. I wonder how many hours you can do for free. Yeah, see what. You have to log in to see what's included. Oh, wait, a minute here it is Seven days access up to three files. You might might be enough to get that one m4a file that transcribed. Almost everybody to understand m4a if they don't, it's easy enough to turn that into an mp3 with. There are lots of different tools out there that'll convert to mp3. If m4a is just kind of mp3 is mpeg 3, m4a is mpeg 4 almost certainly itunes.

1:17:06 - Mikah Sargent
You can file export and then choose to, yeah, export as mp3.

1:17:09 - Leo Laporte
Did he?

1:17:09 - Mikah Sargent
say he was on a mac, no, but did say using itunes, so it could be windows, but in any. In any case, itunes itself will let you export it as an mp3.

1:17:20 - Leo Laporte
Okay, all right. Oh look, they're right there. Well, they realize that I have limited range iPhone 15 camera from Todd hi Todd, is there a way to force the new iPhone to shoot at 24 Megapixels? I've been testing the main lens at 1x and not all are shooting at 24. So the iPhone now is what? 48 megapixels natively but actually prefers 24 because it does pixel binning. So can you show us?

1:17:50 - Mikah Sargent
how? And you want to, they want to always be at 24 megapixels always shoot at 24 megapixels. Yes, I just have to remember the native, or is it 12?

1:18:00 - Leo Laporte
12s the native? That's what it is, that's what he's, that's why he's struggling.

1:18:04 - Mikah Sargent
There we go, photo mode, okay, so let me, do we have space for airplay one, or should I just talk it through? Yes to airplay one. Okay, I'm sharing the airplay one and We'll pop this up on the screen. So we go into the camera settings and then we go into formats and within formats you'll see an option that says photo capture, under which you'll see photo mode, and in photo mode you can choose. I want it to be 24 megapixels or I want it to be 12 megapixels, and that's how you choose and that's permanent. Yeah, I've got mindset to 24 megapixels, and so it says photos on the main camera at 1x can be saved at 12 or 24 megapixels. Photos taken with night mode, macro flash or portrait lighting will be.

So this could be what's happening with Todd, was it? Yes, if you're taking a photo that doesn't have enough light, so it's in night mode. If you're taking a macro photograph, if you're taking a photo that has the flash turned on, or if you're taking a photo that has portrait lighting turned on, those are taken at 12 megapixels. So even when you have 24 megapixels turned on under photo mode, as you can see here, it's still going to drop that to 12 megapixels for certain types of photographs. So just keep that in mind, that it does try to Reduce the file size, because the idea is, if it was taking it, that it at that higher 24 megapixels while it's in night mode, macro flash or portrait lighting, it's not going to look good, and so you're going to get a better shot with the, with the 12 megapixels according to apple.

1:19:45 - Leo Laporte
This is interesting on iphone 15 models, the main camera resolution is set to 24 megapixels by default.

1:19:53 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, that's how mine came, in fact was, I'm not sure why his was not 24, but that is the default.

1:19:59 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, so the only yeah it'll only switch away in certain modes back because, for instance, uh, if it needs to gather more light, it's going to do fewer megapixels so that it can have more light, more to play with, exactly. Yeah, um, now there is, I seem to remember, a setting that says don't reset to the default.

1:20:20 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, that is a whole nother part of the, the camera. Uh, in fact, this is great. We just had an episode of ios today where we went in depth with literally every setting of the camera. Um, but if you go into preserve settings under camera, yeah, here is where you can say all of this. You can say, hey, I want you to keep the camera mode as it is whenever I set it, I want you to set the exposure as it was every time, and then you can set it to the pro-raw and the resolution controls.

1:20:46 - Leo Laporte
So if you have a favored mode? Yes, uh, you can set that all up and keep it that way.

Yep in preserve, but if you don't do that, it will default back and for some of us I kind of I have it so it always jumps back to this default because I hit, do weird settings and stuff and I don't want to keep in that and same Yep. Yeah, when I pick up the phone I want it to be kind of in a better, in a known state. Um, anyway, there's some solutions for you. Thank you for the email.

1:21:12 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, that's uh atg at twittv.

1:21:17 - Leo Laporte
Now what? It's really hard. My peripheral vision it's limited so I can't. Normally I can see more.

1:21:25 - John Ashley
It's okay, leo, I'll, I'll.

1:21:26 - Leo Laporte
I'll turn my head quite a bit and I'm getting a crick in my neck, to be honest.

1:21:30 - John Ashley
Uh, how about let's pick up on chris? They have had their hand raised.

1:21:33 - Leo Laporte
Oh, chris, scouring Mr Coffee guy from miami beach. No, every time I say that he gets mad at me. Yeah, also, that's a different chris. Oh Well, let's try the other chris and then we'll do. Chris, I don't know who we're talking to. Hello, chris. Hey, where you calling from?

1:21:54 - Caller
Where would you like me to be calling from?

1:21:57 - Lero Laporte
Miami beach.

1:21:59 - Leo Laporte
I know it's Miami Chris. How many cups in are we? Just so we know.

1:22:04 - Caller
All right. Well, I'm in about four cups, easy, let's be honest. Okay, yeah, I want to get past mica there, how you know, so so let's start off. Good afternoon, my friends. I don't want to keep mica out of the picture ever. So hello, mica. Hi rosemary orchard, uh, and you really crushed it this week on um, uh, ios today with the map. So I just wanted to say that. So what?

1:22:25 - Mikah Sargent
did you do? I just really appreciate. Uh, we talked about, yeah, maps. Um, basically, there are a bunch of new features and maps, and so we talked about all of the new stuff that's been added. Um, and it was, you know, one of our shorter episodes because we had that event, that live event, afterwards.

1:22:40 - Leo Laporte
Well, is that worth breaking away early for the qualcomm Holy cow?

1:22:45 - Mikah Sargent
so much information.

1:22:47 - Leo Laporte
Yes, I'm being sarcastic, oh yeah sorry.

1:22:52 - Caller
I caught that and that's okay with me, because after three or four cups I'll catch almost anything that's flying through midair.

1:22:58 - Mikah Sargent
I yeah, let me throw something in your way. It's here. Oh, I got it, I got it. Oh man, these got it, I got it, I got it.

1:23:04 - Caller
So, um, I wanted to thank you for having me on. Um, I don't know if you were going to go over to chris mark or, or, uh, any of the other. Nobody anybody else, just you. We're not going to anybody, just me. Huh, you missed me already. Well, it's not always easy to get on, and you know, john, honestly to be honest In about six cups so.

1:23:23 - Leo Laporte
I get. I get hate mail if we have you on every time. So we got it. Oh look, he just did the same.

1:23:28 - Caller
Hey, male, really.

1:23:29 - Leo Laporte
Well, they just say because people say you know you have the same people always on, so we like to spread our regulars out. But you're such a character I always enjoyed talking to you, to be honest, so I will let you on. How did you do the fireworks? Do that again.

1:23:43 - Caller
I, oh, I think I just did like this, that's it. I don't know how the fireworks there we go, oh, okay, so that thumbs up. That's one thumb up.

1:23:51 - Leo Laporte
Don't flip me off. I don't want to see what happens there. Put two thumbs in the middle.

1:23:54 - Caller
I would. I would never now do jazz hand. There you go.

1:24:02 - Leo Laporte
That is a feature of the macintosh that takes many people off guard because no it affects. It's part of the new ios and our macos sonoma very frustrating and it affects everything. So, uh, you could turn that off, as, as you'll notice, when you're using your camera On your macintosh, using sonoma, there's a green box in the menu bar up on the right there.

1:24:27 - Mikah Sargent
If you click on that you can see you could turn reactions off, or, if they're off, you can turn them on there was a bug in it early on where it would freeze the camera system, and so that happened to me during ios today one time. That's not good, which was annoying. Yeah, that's been fixed. There are a variety of gestures.

1:24:42 - Leo Laporte
There's thumbs up, thumbs up.

1:24:43 - Mikah Sargent
There's uh, you could do the rock hands and I think that makes lasers happen.

1:24:48 - Leo Laporte
Um, you can do a heart do do a heart for us, chris. Let's see a heart. Can you do a heart? Oh, do it right in the middle.

1:24:57 - Caller
You go on that. Do it right in the middle, weird, it's right in the middle.

1:25:01 - Caller
Yeah, huh, yeah.

1:25:04 - Caller
Oh, there you go.

1:25:05 - Caller
Oh, there it is.

1:25:07 - Caller
There they are, that's good.

1:25:09 - Leo Laporte
So there's a yeah, that's kind of fun.

1:25:11 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, for the first time, exactly the first egg, precisely that For the first time.

1:25:16 - Leo Laporte
I didn't even know they were there because no, most people don't million features now yeah, exactly, and that's one of the reasons I mentioned it, because I think there'll be people will say what. Some people will want it, some people won't. Your honor, I am not a heart, that's just that's a feature.

1:25:29 - Caller
Yeah, that's a feature. That's not a big deal at all. So what I wanted to find out? Um, everybody in the chat has been amazing, especially, uh, scooter x. I guess he was talking about the euro seven for about 5.99. So I'm those just came out right google fiber.

1:25:43 - Leo Laporte
That's brand new, those just came out.

1:25:44 - Caller
Yeah, yeah, those are brand. I'm gonna give that a little bit of time. Probably go with maybe a three of the uh Wi-Fi six plus, I guess, on the euro. I think would be good enough for me for now. For the condo I got under 1500 square feet but I've been having some drops lately so I figured maybe that would you know that would work. I'll give it a try. I'll go to target, pick them up whatever. Um, one thing I'm kind of curious about lately is, uh, I've been getting mail, probably like most people, and I've been getting my uh first full name, last name and, um, you know whether I have a middle initial? I don't really like to put that out there, but I mean I do. But the problem is, is that, uh, it could? They're not putting the full name off of the middle initial, but it's coming from a variety of different places. So I fixed the bank I reached out to Wait a minute, stop.

1:26:33 - Leo Laporte
I've only had one cup of coffee. So, chris scouring, that's your name. I think everybody knows that by now. You're seeing there's a middle initial, or there's not there.

1:26:44 - Caller
Well, they're using my first full name and last name, Christopher middle initial j scouring.

1:26:50 - Leo Laporte
No Well, what are they using? Are they using your middle name as a last name? Is that your problem?

1:26:57 - Caller
No, it's the first full name, middle initial and then last name. Yeah, and you don't coming on a variety.

1:27:04 - Mikah Sargent
Different and you don't want your full name being shown on your mail. Is that the problem?

1:27:08 - Caller
Well, basically, yeah, I don't want to let. I wouldn't have no name, but obviously then you wouldn't get your mail. So I'm trying to think of Marty Boyn.

1:27:15 - Mikah Sargent
We'll look at you like no, no, no, I get it. Really, You're calling in. It was just that we couldn't understand what your problem is.

1:27:22 - Leo Laporte
I still don't understand. But I'm a squirrel, I've the privacy issue. You don't you when your mail comes?

1:27:27 - Caller
to your apartment.

1:27:28 - Leo Laporte
You don't want people to say oh, his middle name is Johosa fat, Is that it?

1:27:33 - Caller
No, but I mean isn't, isn't security supposed to be where? I mean I called like five companies already and say you can just put Chris Scower and on the envelope, but I don't want the first, full, middle, initial and last name on there.

1:27:46 - Leo Laporte
And I keep getting more of you wonder where they're getting this information from.

1:27:50 - Caller
Yes, and I call social security, I call my three.

1:27:53 - Leo Laporte
Now they're getting it from Equifax TransUnion. You know the. I called them. They said no, that will get. First thing to do is get your credit report and see what it says your name.

1:28:03 - Caller
I have all three of them and that's exactly what it says. So wherever they're getting this from is not coming from the bank. So is the federal government, or or the credit bureau. It's coming from somewhere and I'm not giving it to them.

1:28:14 - Mikah Sargent
The only thing then it's some data broker somewhere, right? Ok, what is your middle name? No, don't tell us.

1:28:22 - Caller
I'm not going to tell you.

1:28:23 - Mikah Sargent
He doesn't. Why are you keeping it a secret?

1:28:25 - Caller
He doesn't want us to know because I'm a secretive type of person.

1:28:28 - Leo Laporte
OK, you're embarrassed by your middle, but I love you.

1:28:30 - Caller
Leo, I love you just the way you are, leo, even as a squirrel.

1:28:33 - Leo Laporte
Leo G. So yeah, my middle name is Gordon, if I saw that on an envelope and it's not. It's not spam, it's it's it's snail mail, it's postal service.

1:28:44 - Caller
Well, it's been regular mail until I fixed it recently and say can we just put on there just the first last.

1:28:51 - Leo Laporte
So where, where are you seeing this in in internet mail?

1:28:55 - Caller
No, I'm getting this in regular US US mail.

1:28:59 - Caller

1:29:00 - Leo Laporte
And you've already checked with the credit reporting bureaus.

1:29:03 - Caller
Yes, and you've checked with the federal government of Social Security Administration.

1:29:08 - Leo Laporte
So they let you say I don't want my middle name to show up.

1:29:12 - Caller
You don't have to Well, it used to be with Social Security if you order one of those cards in a middle name, card that you had to have your you had to have my social security card.

You don't have to have it that way anymore. They change it to where you can just have your first name your way, no middle, initial and last name your way. It has to be close to the social security number, the birth, but you can change that unless somebody else out there has got different information. But that's what they've informed me of, which is less for people out there to get a hold of.

1:29:42 - Leo Laporte
The US Postal Service has a service for correcting addresses and that would be another place to check. Because of this outfit, it may be in there, I don't know. It's a strange thing to have two faces. It is yeah, yeah.

1:30:03 - Caller
And that's not you at all. You're not a two face person. I mean, come on. No, you are wonderful.

1:30:09 - Leo Laporte
You are, so I'm in here somewhere. So I'm thinking it work could be. You know somebody like our sponsor Melissa, which does address correction. You know, when you enter in, when you go to a form and you enter in your name and address, it often suggests an address, sometimes with the zip plus four stuff. I don't even know. That's because they're using a service to auto fill those and it may be. My suspicion is, you know, once your middle name gets out, you're kind of out of luck because those services are going to have it.

1:30:44 - Caller
Well, no one knows the middle name, they just seem to somebody knows, he knows it somewhere. That they know that there is an initial associated with the first and last. Next, they used to do genealogy and so I'm kind of wondering you could have that removed. But wherever there could be a database, I mean, I don't know, I'm just thinking. You know, some people like to put the Social Security number out there, go with certain companies and say, hey, no one can get me Nowadays, I don't trust. So here's one more place.

1:31:11 - Leo Laporte
Thanks, to Scooter X to check which is the direct mail. Thank you, Scooter. Direct Mail Marketing Association, the DMA, they also for junk mail.

They have a site, dmachoiceorg. Such a lie. It's not a nonprofit. So this allows you and I don't know how well this works, but it does allow you to go in there and say I don't want to get mail like this and I want to get mail like this. You can opt out people who are deceased. You can, and I bet you, you can go in here and say I don't, I don't want my middle name, I don't know. It's one more place to check. The problem is there's so many places. Maybe you're, maybe a service like our sponsor, deli, would go out there and you can say I don't, everybody who has my middle name, no, delete them, I don't know. It's hard, it's hard. I think you're going to have to live with your middle name.

The middle name is not out there.

1:32:09 - Caller
The first full name, last name and possible middle initial that they're using, which is correct, is out there. I don't know where they're pulling that from. So in an age of security, it's trying to limit. It's everywhere, it's everywhere, it's everywhere, it's everywhere, it's everywhere.

1:32:23 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's the problem, and so you don't know where to go. It's interesting You've already gone to the credit unions and you approve of the name they use for you.

1:32:34 - Caller
Yeah, it's just my first and last name. I can put my one, I can put my one, and that, by the way that generally is by social security numbers.

1:32:41 - Leo Laporte
So that's why, when you buy a car, they'll say what's your social security number, because they're going to look up your credit report and that's where they would get your name. So it's good if it's not, if the middle initial is not there.

1:32:53 - Caller
Well, the credit bureaus are very interesting. Now it basically is sort of like whatever comes their way, that's what they do. They don't voluntarily do things and make changes to things.

They're sort of like well, if it's my, that's the name that we got, chris, then that's your address and everything. That's what you put down, or somebody else put down out there for you. So we're just a collective. It's like the banks say the same thing right now. Well, you have to contact the company that you work with in order to get a refund. No one wants to be. No one wants to be accountable.

1:33:22 - Leo Laporte
Is it mostly junk mail that has the, the name that you don't like?

1:33:27 - Caller
Well, I got something from a cremation place up in Pennsylvania just the other day, so I don't think that counts. That's interesting, I just said why would a pencil?

1:33:35 - Leo Laporte
Are you have family in Pennsylvania? No, why would a cremation place in Pennsylvania?

1:33:41 - Caller
I know some of the Amish in Pennsylvania where they have great pastries we have we have a family plot in Erie, so I would expect to get that, but maybe not.

1:33:49 - Leo Laporte
Chris, that's interesting. No, I don't know. Is it a national? Is it like the Neptune Society, a national cremation facility? Or is it just in Pennsylvania?

1:33:59 - Caller
Are they saying I have to go to, but I don't want to walk away from the camera in Pennsylvania?

1:34:03 - Leo Laporte
We got you. We got you, we're here, we're ready. I don't understand. You're covered. I'm going to die in Miami, but I would like my ashes to be created in Pennsylvania.

1:34:12 - Mikah Sargent
I will only accept Pennsylvania ashes. So, for this is where.

1:34:19 - John Ashley
I'm going to leave me.

1:34:21 - Leo Laporte
If you're concerned about privacy, this is where I sponsored to leave you really good yeah.

1:34:25 - Mikah Sargent
I've had. So I've had family members who had some stuff online that they didn't want online and they use delete me, and it was recently just used it as well.

1:34:34 - Leo Laporte
The problem is your name is out there and it's in hundreds of places, not just data brokers, but hundreds of places. And so delete, even delete me. We'll get it from the data brokers, but it might be other places, and then the worst part is they repopulate. So you get rid of it and then, oh look, it came in over the transom. We know his middle name.

1:34:55 - Mikah Sargent
So just don't buy anything anymore, don't take any loans, yeah.

1:34:59 - Leo Laporte
I think you just got to live with it.

1:35:00 - Mikah Sargent
to be honest, Change your middle name to so if I give the money to, you, mike, had to go get me my new Tesla.

1:35:08 - Caller
That would be good, so I just send you a money order, right?

1:35:10 - Leo Laporte
So here's a really good example. Okay, that works In our IRC, mick, great friend Mick. He lives in Ohio, southern Ohio, and he's had some medical issues of late. He's been to the doctor's office and all of a sudden he's getting medical spam with his name, his Medicare number, everything. And he knows and he's right, his doctor sold it. When you first have a baby, you know and you're in the hospital and then you notice like a couple of weeks later you start getting ads for diapers and Gerber. That's cause the hospital sold that information. Everybody does it now and it's too bad.

1:35:45 - Caller
But you can't tell them to not do that, not being stupid here, but I mean Well, increasingly you can, and here in California, that's true.

1:35:52 - Leo Laporte
We have that right in Europe. Because of GDPR, we have that right and because it's California, it's a big stage. A tenth of the population in the US I suspect you're going to see more and more forms will say you know, do not release this information or, you know, keep it private. I think they should, but you know, it's such a mess out there that everybody knows everything. That's why I'm a squirrel.

1:36:16 - Caller
That's why I changed my identity.

1:36:18 - Caller
You are and one of the nicest girls I've ever seen.

1:36:23 - Leo Laporte
I know what you like and you're not getting them, so stay away from my.

1:36:28 - Caller
I could like another cup of coffee. I'll tell you that After this call, this was a lot of fun.

1:36:32 - Mikah Sargent
I appreciate you having me on so much Salute. Thank you so much, chris Jane.

1:36:37 - John Ashley
My friend.

1:36:38 - Leo Laporte
Jehoshaphat Jeb Jeb Jebediah.

1:36:42 - Caller
Where you live, my.

1:36:43 - Leo Laporte
Jebediah. Why do you know where I live? Jingleberries Terrifying. That's what it is, it's jingleberries.

1:36:50 - Mikah Sargent
Jingleberries. That's what it is. He doesn't want anybody to know. I have to move. How does he know where you live? I don't. Maybe it was just a joke. He's joking, I hope.

1:36:58 - Leo Laporte
All he knows is you live in a three-story walkup, you know who does know where I live, who?

1:37:03 - Mikah Sargent
So? Do you remember when we had a caller who called in and was printing out wrapping paper on giant printers? Oh, yes, yes. So that caller made chihuahua wrapping paper, no, yes, and I decided I needed to have some chihuahua wrapping paper.

1:37:23 - Leo Laporte
Yes, so you ordered some chihuahua wrapping paper.

1:37:27 - Mikah Sargent
I did indeed order some chihuahua wrapping paper which I will show we will show you here, if you want to grab that, what?

1:37:35 - Leo Laporte
Now, are these your chihuahuas or just generic chihuahuas? No, these are just generic chihuahuas.

1:37:39 - Mikah Sargent
But the funny thing about chihuahuas, they all look. They all look so much alike. So I've got this nice sheet of chihuahua wrapping paper that I can use. That's a start, but what's an oasis? You've got one sheet. Yeah, because I just wanted to see. You wanted a sample, I wanted to see if it was good. Yeah. Or I decided to go all in on it.

1:37:53 - Leo Laporte
Is it good if?

1:37:54 - Mikah Sargent
you like it. Yeah, it's actually quite thick and it's kind of textured, which is neat. Anyway, you could actually wrap when that was, so no, I wouldn't wrap it all in it. So, lily, come here. What's awesome, though, is that the listener included a little bit something more. There's more yes in the package, leo, should we want to, yes, we will now have the ability yes, just get these organized properly to create yes, our own prayer candles.

1:38:31 - Leo Laporte
Oh no, yes, saint Leo of the Holy Microphone.

1:38:38 - Mikah Sargent
And Saint. Look, I'm actually the trio the father, the son and the whole.

1:38:42 - Leo Laporte
So we got to go and get some of these candles.

1:38:45 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, we need to get some prayer candles.

1:38:47 - Leo Laporte
There's a store in town that sells prayer candles, just generic ones and just wrap. So you wrap these around, wrap these around the outside of the camera. Over the shoulder. Or is that dead and or is it confused by my head?

1:39:00 - Mikah Sargent
I love that the listener took the time to create these for us. But on top of that, look at that you also. That is great.

1:39:09 - Leo Laporte
Isn't that awesome. I think it's a little sacrilegious, but I know that's, I'm a little weird about Jammerby. Is this a side address or a top address? My, no, I think it's a side address.

1:39:20 - Mikah Sargent
I think we're OK on that you also have some more stickers here that were sent.

1:39:24 - Leo Laporte
OK, what else? La Port, leo La Port. I'll put this on my laptop.

1:39:29 - Mikah Sargent
Isn't that great.

1:39:30 - Leo Laporte
And then here's my Great, we had some stickers. John had some to say Uncle Leo says screw you. Oh, look at that, mike. I like that pose. Where do you get that picture?

1:39:43 - Mikah Sargent
That was a photo that I took when I came to visit Petaluma to see if I wanted to move. Here you were praying and I was doing one of these goofy poses. Oh, that's cute, yeah. So I just want to thank our listener for A taking the time to create these and then also send those in the package.

1:40:00 - Leo Laporte
And what's his name and what's his? Do we have his His name URL so you can order some Leo prayer candles?

1:40:06 - Mikah Sargent
I will tell you the name of the place. The shop is called Amherst Phenomenon, that's A M E R S yeah, phenomenon, nice A.

1:40:18 - Leo Laporte
M E R and it's on Etsy and it's on Etsy. Yes, very nice.

1:40:22 - Mikah Sargent
Very cool.

1:40:23 - Leo Laporte
So thank you for that.

1:40:24 - Mikah Sargent
And yeah, we'll have to get our candles soon so we can make them into candles, so cool.

1:40:28 - Leo Laporte
That's so cool. Now what? We should take a quick break. Let's take a little break so I can adjust my nuts. I'm never going to be able to go to the bathroom in this thing. I'm so in trouble. And then, when we come back, more of your favorite squirrel, moose and Squirtle.

1:40:54 - Mikah Sargent
Pyrite and Squirtle. Pyrite and Squirtle All right, we're back.

1:40:57 - Leo Laporte
Thank you everybody for being patient during that long break. Now, who should we talk to?

1:41:06 - John Ashley
All right, all right. Arizona Lou has been hanging out on the line.

1:41:10 - Leo Laporte
Oh, it's regular. It's the regular hour. Hello Lou, America's oldest comic.

1:41:17 - Mikah Sargent
That's his name.

1:41:18 - Leo Laporte
That's something like that right Arizona Lou on the line. Hello, Arizona Lou.

1:41:29 - Mikah Sargent
Nope, unmute yourself. Arizona, lou, we can see you talking, but we can't hear you talking.

1:41:40 - Leo Laporte
I'm thinking this should be actually a little more forward. Then you could take a nap and you wouldn't know if I were awake or Arizona Loucom.

1:41:56 - Mikah Sargent
I am dressed as a pirate. That is all that I am. I'm not Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm not Captain Jack Sparrow, I'm not. What else did they say today? There have been lots of suggestions. I'm not a scob performer. Scob performer, I'm not Rick James, I'm just a squirrel?

1:42:17 - Leo Laporte
No one even.

1:42:18 - Mikah Sargent
There's no names for you.

1:42:19 - Leo Laporte
There's no names for me.

1:42:20 - Caller
All right, arizona, lou, I'm going to hang up on you. You can rejoin the call.

1:42:25 - Mikah Sargent
I'm not whoever that person is, that's Millie Vanilly. Let's go ahead and actually let's do another email who is Millie Vanilly?

1:42:32 - John Ashley

1:42:32 - Leo Laporte
is Millie Vanilly. Ladies and gentlemen, Millie Vanilly.

1:42:36 - John Ashley
You should have another email, Leo.

1:42:39 - Mikah Sargent
I do. Would you like an email?

1:42:40 - Leo Laporte

1:42:42 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, I could see how I would be the one that is wearing the bandana. I have two. I don't know which one of that. One is Millie or Vanilly.

1:42:49 - Leo Laporte
New Samsung F24T 450FQE monitor. Thank you for the number Is turning its screen off and on every seven seconds. This is from Jamie Wizardling in our Discord. Hello Wizardling, Hi Wizardling, oh, I know you from New Zealand. I didn't know you were from New Zealand, mate.

1:43:13 - Mikah Sargent
No, that's a bad QE. I was going to say, wasn't that yeah?

1:43:17 - Leo Laporte
I'm sorry about the all blacks. I'm already convinced it's a bad QE monitor. My new Samsung F24T 450FQE monitor. It's a monitor. It's turning its screen off and on every seven seconds, showing a blank screen, black screen, with only the input choice. You don't say an HDMI. Or yeah, on the top left when my Windows 11 i5-8400 PC is sleeping, its screen, oh oh Doesn't happen when the PC is fully slept or off. It didn't happen with an older ViewSonic monitor. It's HDMI. Doesn't happen with another LG monitor using the same PC, as Samsung has connected a motherboard HDMI port to use the IGPU, the integrated graphics processor. Lg is connected to the graphics. Wizardling says if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

1:44:10 - Mikah Sargent
Little chemistry Interesting. So I like I mean it's good that you tried another LG monitor that's not doing it. If it wasn't doing with the other monitor and that monitor was using the same HDMI cable that you're now using, then there could be something wrong with the HDMI port on the back of the monitor that may be causing a connection disconnection. Disconnection, I'm going to guess the cable. That's what I'm going to guess you think it's the HDMI cable, but why did it work with a different monitor?

1:44:42 - Leo Laporte
So HDMI does a handshake. It's really a common problem with HDMI that if the handsh so then that's when you first turn on a computer with HDMI. It'll sit there for a while because it's negotiating refresh rate, resolution technology is it using Dolby or whatever a variety of different stuff? And then it comes up right. The flickering means usually it's going off and on that. They're still trying to figure this out.

There's something missing and a cable that could be a little off spec might work with one monitor that's not trying to do as much and not work with a newer monitor that says, well, no, but I can do HDR, and it keeps telling me to do HDR, but then I try it and it fails. That kind of thing. You know what I'm saying. So I would make sure you've got the latest HDMI spec, which is 1.2A. Is that right? I think it is. Anybody know? Make sure you've got an up-to-date HDMI cable. Get it from Monoprice. They make good cables. Amazon is iffy because while there are very good cables on Amazon, there are also bad cables on Amazon. It's sometimes hard to tell the difference. So go to Monoprice. Or a known thing. Keith512 says it might be power issues. Yeah.

1:46:06 - Mikah Sargent
I mean there's a lot of things. It might be Exactly. It might be this, it might be that the cheapest, easiest fix is to try the cable.

1:46:11 - Leo Laporte
Now, you didn't imply that you had swapped the LG to use that cable in that port, so it could also make sure that you've tried all combinations of cables and ports on the LG and that it works in every case with the LG, and then you can. That's how you narrow it down. That's really a good thing to do. In fact, it's nice that you have a second monitor, because if you don't have this behavior at all in the LG but it's just on the Samsung, it might well be that the Samsung has a capability the LG doesn't have and that your cable isn't supporting it, or maybe the HDMI connection doesn't support it.

1:46:45 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, wizardling says they did swap the cable. Didn't see a change. But I agree that let's because then Wizardling also says that they use two generic HDMI to spec cables, so might want to try a more reputable non-generic HDMI cable Could be.

1:47:04 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, is it a newer Samsung Wizardling? Wizardling is an R Discord, which is nice Club member. He gets extra special, frequent Brand new, brand new. Yeah, so that might be that it has capabilities. You know Samsung. Some Samsung displays now have HDR, for instance. They might also have a higher refresh rate.

It might be 240 Hertz and some of those things might be baffling either the card or the cable. Cable's the easiest. So get the highest quality new HDMI spec cable you can and see if that helps. And if it doesn't, oh, now you got another. You might have another issue. It's a 75 Hertz monitor. Ok, that's interesting. So it's not faster than 75. It doesn't do 90 or 120. That's a little odd. Is it a Tee-Fee and 75 Hertz is not. It's a weird number, to be honest. Usually it's 60, 90, 120, 240, something like that. I mean a computer could do 75. This is a tough one because it could be a lot of different things. I think Redcon 5 says he'll have some questions for next week, but if he does come in to do those questions, you've got to wear the squirrel costume. I'm just saying. I'm just saying. Any other thoughts for wizardling? I don't know if we have an answer for that.

1:48:37 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it could be something. I mean, that's the problem. This seems like it could be something, could be a lot of things, yeah, exactly.

1:48:44 - Leo Laporte
You're on the right track, which is swapping different things in and out. To kind of narrow it down 75 Hertz is the new 60.

1:48:57 - Caller
Actually real quick. He might have a 4K. If that's 4K and he's trying to go over 60, he needs a HDMI 2.1 cable.

1:49:03 - Leo Laporte
That's what it is, not 1.2, 2.1. That's what it is, thank you. That's Benito Gonzalez. He's back and we miss you, benito. Welcome back our technical director, and you may wonder why it squeaks when everybody talks. He's sitting in a rocking chair.

1:49:22 - Mikah Sargent
A spooky haunted rocking chair.

1:49:24 - Leo Laporte
Spooky haunted rocking chair. Check for a firmware update. Yeah, there's some good suggestions in the chat. So he says it is not 4K, it's 1080p. That should be 1080p. 75 Hertz should be very easy for your internal GPU, your integrated GPU, to handle. I don't think that's too difficult. Do you want to do another email? I got another one. You gave me three. Let's do three.

1:49:56 - Mikah Sargent
Let's do three.

1:49:56 - Leo Laporte
Unless this was the one that was stuck to wizardlings. Windows upgrade from Mike in Burbank. Hi, leo and Mikah, I understand that Windows has ended the free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10. Can you believe that For years they allowed that and just a couple of weeks ago they turned the server off? Yep, that's right. Paul Therade has confirmed it. Will they also be ending the free upgrade from Windows 11? To Windows 11 from Windows 10? Ah, that's a good question. I think not.

Uptake on Windows 11 has been laggard. They estimate about 400 million. Now that seems like a lot of people, but when you have 1.6 billion users and only less thana third, fewer than a third of them have switched to your newest version, that's cause for concern. So I'm going to guess they're going to continue that upgrade path for Windows 10 to Windows 11. Providing your hardware is compatible, of course, which has always been one of the issues. You have to have TPN 2.0 and so forth, but in an eighth generation or later, intel processors or AMD, I think you're probably going to see that continue for some time. It has not been turned off, however. Yes, 7, 8, 9, 2, either 10 or 11, there is no 9. I was tricking you, sarcasm. 7 and 8 to 10 or 11 is no longer doable, used to be, so I wouldn't worry about Windows 11. Windows 12 is just around the corner, exactly, holy cow. Let's take another call.

1:51:32 - John Ashley
Only get better. Yeah, Daniel is on the line.

1:51:36 - Leo Laporte
Hi Daniel, Come on in.

1:51:37 - Mikah Sargent
Hello, Daniel, and remember you can get in touch with us by going to calltwittv or calling us at 888-724-2884.

1:51:46 - Leo Laporte
Hello, my dear You're here. Welcome, Daniel, what's up?

1:51:51 - Caller
Hi. Thanks a lot, leo. Thanks a lot, micah. I have a question. I also sent it in a video form a couple of weeks ago, but you never got back to me, I don't think, so I'm going to try to bring it up now. Yeah, I'm sorry.

1:52:04 - Leo Laporte
You know we probably have that video somewhere, but Some place, yeah, some place.

1:52:08 - Caller
My son really likes Roblox.

1:52:11 - Mikah Sargent
OK, yes, the online gaming system.

1:52:14 - Caller
And he wants to learn how to make his own games, and so I would like to have, though, a service, a more one on one service than watching videos, because he has very simple questions. That can't be. You know, you don't want to watch 20 videos when you've got a unique problem. You know, like he tries to create a project, and the project he can't save it, it won't save it just needs, like a human, to talk to.

1:52:41 - Leo Laporte
Oh, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

1:52:43 - Caller
Yeah, you know. I mean, how old is your son?

1:52:48 - Leo Laporte
He's 20. Ok, good, so he's an adult. I would be hesitant to send him into the Roblox Discord if he were 10. Right, but, if he, if he's 20, he can handle himself online. Roblox, like now a lot of stuff has a Discord channel. You know our club Twitter has Discord, discord and your son will be familiar with Discord almost certainly. Discord is a very popular. Yeah, he's in there, he's on the oh he's in there that's.

There's a help channel in there. That's probably the best place to ask a question like that Very simple questions. You should be able to get a simple answer. There's a lot of helpful people in there. Of course, roblox has its own tutorials and stuff, but I think yeah, if you just had a simple question, let me join the Roblox.

1:53:41 - Caller
But now let's say we will. Let's say, just as I've got you online if you wanted to up it you know you want to like a human. Like you know, like you can take lessons online, you know, with oh, like a Roblox tutor Right.

1:53:58 - Mikah Sargent
That's a good. This is a really interesting thing because, yeah, most of us have certainly looked at a bunch of tutorials and you know there are like StackExchange, maybe you got a human to talk to you.

1:54:12 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, you could ask questions in Stack. Yeah, you'd get a human to talk to you. You know what? Okay, crazy, but I bet ChatGPT could probably help you. Let me just try. So he wants to save his Roblox program.

1:54:25 - Caller
That's a simple thing. That's the beginning, but that's just that's what stops us from going forward, you know.

1:54:29 - Leo Laporte
This is kind of crazy, but maybe you could do that. Let me try, Let me. Let me just ask ChatGPT. Uh, I have a button on my screen now because I feel like it's my close personal friend. How do I save my program in Roblox? Wait a minute. How do I save my program in Roblox?

1:55:03 - Caller
In Roblox Studio. Saving your program or game is straightforward. Here's how you can do it. One open Roblox Studio and ensure you're editing the game or program you want to save. Two click on the file menu in the top left corner. Three from the drop down menu, select Well, you get the idea.

1:55:21 - Leo Laporte
Should probably go on for an hour.

1:55:22 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah yeah, yeah, that's pretty cool, but what's cool about it, too, is that you could say a very specific thing. You can say when I say you could, you could not even just have to talk to it, but type to it Uh, when I save, I'm getting this error, and then you copy that specific error and then it can pop back in with specific, specific advice for that specific error. Um, now, scooter X in the chat did find three different tutors and I think that middle one, the varsity tutors.

It's basically a place where people can go and sign on to be tutors for specific things and then you as a person can go on and get one of these tutors and they have roblox tutors specifically, sure do look at that award-winning Roblox tutors is on my screen and I think I see that in some of my searching.

1:56:07 - Caller
So varsity, it seems like a reputable Organization yeah, I think I've heard of varsity tutors.

1:56:13 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, you recommended that one. Yeah, that's certainly you could do that too. It is nice, isn't it, to have a human. You might even check. Roblox has become so popular. There are some believe it or not Community colleges with robot roblox classes. Wow, so you might check your local, I don't know in your area. Check your community college I. This is hysterical because who knew? But it turns out, programming is programming and if you're coding in roblox, that's your developing skills. That could be useful. And then there's also ways to make money if you publish your. Your class here is here on varsity. This is on create and learn. Unfortunately, we've lost my screen so I can't show you, but we they have beginner roblox game coding Monday, wednesday and Sunday.

1:57:01 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, so human beings teaching. Yeah, it's like a tutorial thing.

1:57:04 - Leo Laporte
It's like a little mini class. So there's online, but there are also even real-world classes real-life classes these days, which is Fascinating. I think I even saw a university Roblox Isn't that great. So, yes, there's a lot of information out there. This is a very popular thing very cool.

1:57:27 - Caller
Thank you, and I have one more question. Sure you can help. You spend some money, yeah. Gladly don't buy a man, you know, you know the. Mac Mac books are coming out.

1:57:36 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, don't buy anything till tomorrow night. That's my advice Do you want to Mac?

1:57:42 - Caller
well, I was already to buy a Mac book air, yeah, so the Mac book air will not be updated. Mike has got one.

1:57:50 - Leo Laporte
Mike has got the 14 inch or sorry, is it 14 or 13? 13 inch there. I've got the 16 inch here. These are the new M2 Mac book airs. They will not be updated because they just came out this year and they're great, love them a highly recommend them if you want light, thin and, for 99.9% of users, more than enough power on this, which means Leo should absolutely not buy a new Mac book pro tomorrow, but he probably will. No, no, but you know it's that M3.

1:58:22 - Caller
When the M3 comes out, it's gonna be driving me crazy, though, yeah exactly Exactly my point.

1:58:28 - Leo Laporte
So a couple of things will happen. Tomorrow night Apple will announce, we're pretty sure, new M3 based 14 and 16 inch Mac book pros. They will not announce the low end 13 inch Mac book pro. Right, that's not due and frankly, no one should buy that, even if they did announce it. They will be M3 based. I expect we will see M3 pro and max versions that's what the rumors say, and I think the rumors are pretty accurate which means you'll be able to spend $4,000 or more On these laptops. It'll be easy to spend three thousand like out of the gate. But it also means current Mac book pros are dropping in prices. In fact, not only the dropping prices there, they're dropping in availability. So I guess Apple has stopped making the older ones and they're starting to sell those out, because the availability is now November and December for the old Mac book pros. Do you really want to go ahead? Well, do you really want a high end? Are you really drooling, slapping?

1:59:35 - Caller
You know I've got a. I've got an Intel. You know Mac book pro, now that the keyboard's not working and Apple told me he was gonna cost, you know you've earned a new Mac book, my friend, you're suffering with a butterfly keyboard on an Intel Mac book pro.

1:59:54 - Leo Laporte
Sir, my friend, you're using this for work. I give you my full permission To buy and get the 16 because you want lots of screen. Real estate right.

2:00:05 - Caller
Yes, but you know most of my work is on an external monitor anyway, you know yeah, I personally prefer the 14.

2:00:12 - Leo Laporte
In fact, I'm sorry I got this 15 inch Mac book pro or Mac book air. It's too big. I like the little one. I like the little one and I hope they offer the the midnight blue. They may not because it's a fingerprint magnet. What do you do?

2:00:28 - Caller
you recommend the air.

2:00:33 - Leo Laporte
For you no you, you go long enough. Yeah, your long days of suffering are over your spec Exactly.

2:00:39 - Mikah Sargent
You're special you deserve it.

2:00:41 - Caller
Gosh darn it.

2:00:42 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, exactly, gosh darn it.

2:00:46 - Leo Laporte
Do you have?

2:00:46 - Mikah Sargent
a. Do you have a?

2:00:47 - Leo Laporte
spouse. Yes, you might want to consider spousal acceptance factors, but honey Leo said he wasn't a squirrel suit when he said it was the sound of the banging on the door.

2:01:07 - Caller
I was here.

2:01:08 - Leo Laporte
No, I, you know I'm very lucky, because my wife says you have to get it After.

2:01:14 - Caller
She says how much she says then oh, she's gonna say she'll be a picture of this reputable man. Yes, recommended.

2:01:26 - Mikah Sargent
Not the, exactly not.

2:01:31 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, no, I think these are good. I it's hard to say because the M3, that three nanometer node, is in our phones and the phones these new iPhone 15s are Only 10% faster than the old ones. It's a little bit disappointment. They're not much faster, but it is an old node. So one of the things we'll talk about if you watch my cut me tomorrow night at 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern, right here we will talk about when we will be playing. Close attention. Apple may not say, but we'll try to figure out which Version of the three nanometer M3 they're offering. In theory, this three nanometer processor should be much more than 10% faster and much more power. What do you call it power? What's the opposite of hungry? Yeah, I was gonna say power, power, power doesn't need power, power, efficient, efficient. Thank you, that's the word.

So I need a cup of coffee. But but we haven't seen that yet and we're a lot of people were punnets, were a little bit disappointed by the iPhone 15. So Watch the numbers at Apple. If Apple's comparing it to Intel, that's a bad sign. What Apple does and they did that last time right, they compared their M2 to the Intel processor. That's always a bad sign. Of course. It's faster than the Intel for less power. How does it compare if they compare to the M2 and they say it's 30% faster than the M2? That's what we're looking for. That's what we're looking for, but you know anything's gonna be better than what you have. You're using a oh butterfly keyboard.

2:03:06 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, Poor fingers.

2:03:08 - Leo Laporte
You deserve a new machine and these new keyboards are much better. Everything's much better on the on the MacBooks. My wife I'm too map. Before pro 14 and after I got my my MacBook Error, I compared it side-by-side with hers and I said I should have held out. But I didn't know Apple was gonna do it so soon.

2:03:25 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, but now you're just not gonna buy one tomorrow.

2:03:30 - Caller

2:03:33 - Leo Laporte
Thank you, my friend, thank you for the call.

2:03:37 - Caller

2:03:42 - Mikah Sargent
I think it's time for one last break.

2:03:45 - Leo Laporte
We will be back. I have to adjust my nuts, but we'll be back with more of. Ask the tech guys, you're gonna edit that out right right after this.

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2:04:54 - Leo Laporte
Mikah Sargent, leo Laporte, pirate squirrel. This is, if you're confused, episode 1998, so we're dressing as if it's 1998.

2:05:05 - Mikah Sargent
We're gonna party like it's 1990 a party like it's 1998, where everyone wore Halloween costumes all year round in the year 1998, as you very well know.

2:05:15 - John Ashley
I think I would like to do one more voicemail possible.

2:05:19 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, let's do one more voicemail, if possible.

2:05:23 - Caller
Hey tech guys. I'm up here in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where we get some extreme temperatures. We're talking anywhere from about a hundred and five hundred and ten degrees sometimes To down to about 20 below zero on the winter time move.

I have my unattached garage which is uninsulated. I do have a Tesla and that charge is fine, yeah, but I'm looking for a UPS of some kind that can provide me with I'd even be happy with 30 minutes of Power under those extreme conditions. I'm only gonna use the UPS for couple of security lights and a couple of nest cameras. Anything you got would be appreciated, thank you NASA, call NASA.

2:06:15 - Mikah Sargent
I'm trying to think of who would have these like harsh environment, ups is.

2:06:20 - Leo Laporte
Well, so the garage is unheated and uninsulated, mm-hmm. So the garage is gonna get up to 110 degrees and and and. By the way, the reason the Tesla charge is fine is because Tesla preconditions the battery. They have little heaters in the battery to handle this. Lot of, lot of modern EVs do arguably, though, would you think that it?

2:06:42 - Mikah Sargent
it's not an ideal Environment even for the Tesla. Even with those preconditions and stuff, probably not gonna get as much life out of it as you would if it was in a non harsh environment.

2:06:52 - Leo Laporte
I mean, I think this is always a problem with EVs is how do they handle Really cold temperatures? But you know Norway has Already said we're not gonna allow people to buy gas vehicles anymore. I think it's completely doable for a manufacturer and Tesla's in the forefront of this to make a vehicle that can handle Loat. I gotta go to an orthodontist low temperature conditions. So you know the Tesla should charge just fine, because especially if you say I'm gonna charge and give, give it a chance to precondition, or you charge overnight and it says, oh, we're charging, heats up the battery a little bit, warms it up before it starts charging, it's gonna get a better result. Look at this, dr. Mom found the APC and they make very good. I like APC. I've bought them for years. Apc has a harsh environment.

2:07:43 - Mikah Sargent
There was a discontinued on October of two years ago.

2:07:48 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, but there's a replacement. Yeah, there's got to be a new one, right, let's see smart, so yeah, so APC apparently does this thing is the only way I think you could handle it is by having a little heater Whoo in there.

2:08:03 - John Ashley
I don't know how you'd handle the 110 degrees.

2:08:07 - Leo Laporte
$7,000. So in, so an environmental. That's, that's the wrong thing, it's what. So you say seven thousand?

2:08:15 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, seven thousand dollars for that.

2:08:17 - Leo Laporte
One that's discontinued is four thousand, the one that's suggested is the replace seven thousand, something like having a heater in there. So they do have some. If you search APC for harsh environment, they do have some stuff. You'd have to have a fan in there for the hot days and a heater in there for the cold days. That's interesting. Industrial UPS is the R series for rugged environments. Wow, this is interesting. Here's a current one the s are SURT six thousand APS, apc, smart UPS for harsh environment. But you like to know more about what they mean by harsh environment. I guess if you download the data sheet you could find what the ranges of temperatures were this is a tough.

That's a tough, it is a tough thing. You want a half an hour of security lights, so that's a actually surprisingly large amount of power. Eric Duckman says if you insulated and got a heat pump it'd be cheaper than seven. That's true. That's a good point, that's a good point.

2:09:28 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, yeah, depending on how much these might cost, it might be Better to get a standard UPS and just insulate it sometimes harsh environment just means dust yeah, that's true.

2:09:41 - Leo Laporte
So I'd want to make sure that it can handle. You know, batteries are notoriously Finicky about temperature. They really want to be in that special range. Here's one from power solutions, scooter X on the job. This is the alpha micro 100 UPS, a reliable, outdoor rated, uninterruptible power supply. So UPS means it has a battery in it, right, and that's where we're getting in trouble here. It's not merely a surge protector. It will run from for two hours and 15 minutes of full load. Full load for for this it was 45 pounds. I wonder how much it costs.

2:10:22 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, request a quote is the only way I can find out.

2:10:24 - Leo Laporte
What's to quote. That's a bad sign. That's always a bad sign. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. Enhanced battery life, wide range, automatic voltage regulation yeah, they're featuring all weather protection, you know. Now there's just saying it's because of the environment that they're you're spending more for money for that. I'm not sure it's interesting. It's interesting. Outdoor operating temperature 40 below to 165 above.

2:10:57 - Caller
That was about that should do you that was what that should do you.

2:11:01 - Leo Laporte
dr Mom says they use the EVs in Iceland all the time. You do want to charge indoors, that's right.

2:11:07 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, that's right get a UPS and put an in an ice chest. I.

2:11:12 - Leo Laporte
Don't think it's the heat. I'm worried about it.

2:11:14 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, that was just a yeah funny in the discord.

2:11:18 - Leo Laporte
I Universe is gonna be the new universal signal for sarcasm.

2:11:23 - Caller
Yeah, I should have done that.

2:11:24 - Leo Laporte
Yes, sarcasm, yeah, no, I don't have, we don't don't have an answer for you. That's a. That is tough conditions, frankly.

2:11:37 - Mikah Sargent
You can also move you could move.

2:11:40 - Leo Laporte
That's what I would do. Another question, another question Do you, do we do a phone call? I?

2:11:47 - Mikah Sargent
see, I see people on the phone. Yeah, it's Arizona. Lou made it back, yeah don't do Lou again.

2:11:54 - Leo Laporte
Sure, we figured out how to get his microphone working.

2:11:59 - Caller

2:12:01 - Mikah Sargent
Hello you, can you hear me? We can hear you now, lou hey yeah, I'm listening to.

2:12:09 - Caller
Well, let me see. Do you hear me? Do you hear a rustling sound now? Nope, okay, then I. Well, I just want to tell you guys that you are Getting real squirrely today.

2:12:26 - Leo Laporte
So you, you think that was the here, your hearing aids were doing the job, huh, and they, they thought that was actually I at my age, I tried to plan ahead.

2:12:36 - Caller
Yeah but not too far ahead. So I decided after my old learn colleges that I would get hearing aids for Christmas. Oh nice and Then, since I'm getting older, I'm moving up to Halloween. So these are your first, your first hearing aids first ones and You're hearing good, I don't know a whole lot of difference in people that I hear, but I can listen to Podcast.

2:13:05 - Leo Laporte
Listen and talk, yeah that's one of the things I like about hearing aids is you compare them with your phone and then it becomes an audio output device and people. You can listen to stuff, and people don't even know you're not paying attention to them.

2:13:17 - Caller
Yeah, and it's also an input device because I can make phone calls yours has a microphone. Wow, that's fancy can't talk to you guys on, evidently, but that's the way it goes fancy schmancy.

2:13:32 - Leo Laporte
So how? Let me just can I ask how old you are, lou?

2:13:37 - Caller
If I tell you when I was born, can you figure it out?

2:13:39 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I think we did this before. You did it in Roman numerals, right?

2:13:43 - Caller
I was born in MCM X Li 1961, 1961 LX.

2:13:51 - Caller

2:13:53 - Leo Laporte
MCM is 19, l is 50, x is 10, so 1961, you're younger than me X Li I was born in 40 XL. You got the L and X reverse. That's different.

2:14:06 - Caller
That's different 1941.

2:14:08 - Leo Laporte

2:14:09 - Caller
Yeah, and I'm not old yet, I will be in my.

2:14:12 - Leo Laporte
It's the last of November in my 82nd birthday, but I'm impressed that your hearing's been so good up to now. That's really good.

2:14:22 - Caller
Yeah, well, it's this. This is pretty cool and, like I say, I don't notice much difference.

2:14:27 - Leo Laporte
I don't know more than once in the crowd that didn't you'll notice, and you know me, get your, get your audiologist to Adjust I mean, you have to make a few appointments. But what I noticed immediately was this I could hear the sounds of my feet on the carpet. What? And the credit? Cuz you don't, cuz one of the first things you lose is high-end, and so I hadn't been hearing things like the wrestling of my clothing, and so I hadn't heard it in so long. All of a sudden, I see why everything's so rustling, but, but, but these things are really amplifying.

They're designed to amplify where you're missing Frequencies, particularly in the human voice range, so it should, in theory, make it easier for you to understand speaking Voices, especially women, lucky because they're in a higher register which is closer to the high end of your your hearing range talking about planning ahead, I'm thinking in September of going to the IFA conference in Berlin. Oh yeah, ifa, that's a fun one yeah.

2:15:28 - Caller
Yeah. Well, if you do, will you report back to us? Yeah, I think are a spondent. Sure sure.

2:15:34 - Leo Laporte
It's the. This is one of the oldest Conferences in the world. It used to be a radio conference For a long, I mean. I think they started in the in the 20s, before you were born, lou.

2:15:51 - Caller
Yeah, it 19 to start in 1924 and it was you know.

2:15:56 - Leo Laporte
The name, of course, is in German, but. But but originally it was the grosser Deutsche Funk und Fernseh ausstellung, the great German radio and television exhibition, and Now it's mostly smartphones. But it's pretty cool. It's a ifa. Ifa, supposed to be very cool. I've never been to ifa. Good Well, be our reporter if you go.

2:16:19 - Caller
Yeah, I do have a question. What?

2:16:22 - Mikah Sargent
is it?

2:16:23 - Caller
I have been answered. I did join club twit.

2:16:26 - Mikah Sargent
Thank you for your support. Thank you, lou. I.

2:16:30 - Caller
I I need a good way to selectively download Podcast that I want to listen to. I got a Google podcast thing and I got all hundreds of podcasts all the way back to April On my phone that I don't want because I've already listened to them.

2:16:53 - Leo Laporte
So what phone do you use?

2:16:56 - Caller
I have an Android. It's a Pixel 7.

2:17:00 - Leo Laporte
Okay, that's why you're using Google's podcast. Don't use Google's podcast. Terrible Function, free. We love pocketcasts, right, mm-hmm? And one of the things pocketcasts will do is in the settings It'll say I want to subscribe to this as the tech guys podcast. I want to download five, ten, fifteen episodes and I want you to delete them after I've heard them. And you can even queue up, you know, do you want to hear the latest? Do you want it? You know it's much more flexible than Google's podcast app, so I can say to pick all of them from last Friday on or something like that exactly.

2:17:37 - Caller
Yeah, I won't all of them, it'll just download the ones you want and yeah, it'll clear them out after you're done.

2:17:44 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it's quite nice and it's free.

2:17:45 - Caller
Yeah, that's another thing you can't do with Google is you can't skip forward. For example, if I want to skip to where you're talking to Chris Markwart With Google, I haven't found a way to do that. I have to listen to 40 minutes of podcast. What a terrible podcast.

2:18:03 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, this seems like a very poorly designed Pocketcast. Lets you listen at any speed.

2:18:05 - Leo Laporte
It lets you jump ahead Yep. You have a button that says 45 seconds forward or 30 seconds back, but you can adjust and change those times. What those are. We don't put chapters on the screen. We don't put chapters on the screen. We don't put chapter headings in yet I suspect we will be with AI's help at some point. So there's no chapter heading. Unfortunately there is on our YouTube channel. There's no chapter heading on our audio podcast. To say, jump to Chris Markwart.

2:18:34 - Mikah Sargent
What did you say? Yeah, and Google podcast, of course, is going away soon.

2:18:37 - Leo Laporte
Oh well, it's good they're killing it yeah so there's moving it all into YouTube. Yeah, oh, that's terrible. Yeah, youtube music has podcasts. Now I don't find it a very good podcast player either pocket casts, that's the one we recommend?

2:18:49 - Mikah Sargent
Ok, and when you joined the club you got an email with links to your, to the page, your special place, where you get the special because you everybody who's a member of the club has their own unique URL For our ad-free versions. So you want to get those and put those in pocketcast. You can actually just paste them in and add them all and then you can decide. Once you've got them all in there, you could decide I don't want to download that one, or maybe only download the most recent one and delete it after a week. You, there's also. It's very functional. Jumping ahead until we put chapter markers in will be manual. Just press that, for I press the 45 seconds.

2:19:28 - Caller
Boom, boom boom, boom and I tried to join discord. I'm unsuccessful. It's any way you can demonstrate with your squirrely.

2:19:40 - Mikah Sargent
I it is, it's all to.

2:19:44 - Leo Laporte
I don't know I you know to be, honest, I never had to, because I created the discord channel I was, so I never joined it. Yeah, so maybe you can explain it we did an episode we did.

2:19:56 - Mikah Sargent
We have a video that goes through this process. Yeah, so we have a video. We'll we'll put it in the show notes again today.

2:20:05 - Leo Laporte
I. Where is it stored? Is it aren't, is it?

2:20:07 - Mikah Sargent
I don't. I don't know if we should have it at a short link or something we should, but I know if you go to a twittv Slash club, twit, I think there's help stuff there. Yeah, we do have an FAQ and so it's twittv slash club, twit slash FAQ and it has that information about how to join the discord, but I think it even does have. Yeah, okay, there it is. So it has that YouTube video embedded where I walk through the process. So, if you thank you for doing that, yeah, twittv slash club, twit slash FAQ. And that's where you'll go, arizona, lou, to check out the video that shows you.

2:20:43 - Leo Laporte
One of the reasons amp is our community manager.

2:20:46 - Caller
He's much more word.

2:20:48 - Leo Laporte
It's asking for a pass.

2:20:49 - Caller
I didn't know if it was my computer password or my Twit password you don't have a twit password, so it couldn't be that.

2:20:57 - Leo Laporte
So the way discord works, this is a little confusing. Yep, set it up first. Yeah, you got to create an account first. You're gonna create an account that isn't you're unrelated to anything else, including us. Discord lets you have multiple Servers that you join in one client, but you have to have a discord account first. So create your own. I'm sure you explain this in the video, but just as a shorthand, to create your own account in Discord and then you will have a discord password. You know It'll be your Arizona Lou email and then you have a discord password. That's what you log into discord with, and then you can join different servers, and so Then that's where the link to discord will actually do something.

2:21:40 - Caller
Until you have this, we're trying to get more people to see you guys, Well thank you.

2:21:44 - Mikah Sargent
Thank you so much.

2:21:46 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, we appreciate to it that TV slash club. Twit if you want to join seven bucks a month.

2:21:51 - Caller
Information about a rotator cuff.

2:21:54 - Leo Laporte
Do you have a? Do you have a bad rotator cuff?

2:21:58 - Caller
Well, I did. I had surgery years ago.

2:22:01 - Leo Laporte
It's in your elbow right. I thought it was a shoulder, but it's an elbow.

2:22:05 - Caller
Somebody told me the if you go to my website Arizona Loucom and and then click on Smart stuff yeah and go down to Health and fitness, you'll see a book. It's called the seven minute rotator cuff solution. Okay, okay that was really helpful in rehabilitating my shoulder and so it is a shoulder. Avoiding surgery with my other shoulder.

2:22:37 - Leo Laporte
Oh yeah, one thing it says don't reach back for the email. It's the first thing it says hey Lou, always a pleasure. Thank Arizona Loucom. Thank you Lou.

2:22:49 - Caller
Hey, thanks, guys, don't we got our audio working.

2:22:52 - Leo Laporte

2:22:53 - Caller
Take care.

2:22:54 - Leo Laporte
It's always a problem With Bluetooth because it's promiscuous. So I'm sitting, I'm talking on my phone in my AirPods Pro and then I turn on my iPad and all of a sudden it switches over to the iPad from the phone. It's so annoying. I Think that's enough for today.

2:23:11 - Mikah Sargent
I think we've done it. Yes, I'm gonna go work on my rotator cuff With seven minutes of exercises.

2:23:18 - Leo Laporte
I Am just gonna go get some food.

2:23:21 - Mikah Sargent
I'm probably I'll eat these acorns. I might have a cup of coffee and some food, yeah thank you everybody for joining us.

2:23:27 - Leo Laporte
We do ask the tech guys oh, somebody was saying tomorrow's event, the Apple event, which is 5 pm Pacific time, what time is that? In England we are still on summertime, because that's a long story. But basically the sugar manufacturers of America, the confectionaries of America, said you can't change the clock before Halloween, you got to give the kids time to get more candy. So our are, we go into daylight stand to a standard time, I should say on next Sunday. So we are still believing on a summertime. So it would be 5 pm Pacific summertime, pacific standard saving, daylight saving Pacific time.

Oh, it'll be 12 am London time midnight one long, whilst midnight GMT, yeah, which is, I presume, london, it is, yeah, midnight UTC, and this show, which is currently 2 to 5 pm Eastern, 11 to 2 pm Pacific time, which is right now 1800 UTC, will be 1900 UTC. So next week 1900 UTC. I hate time math More than we just stop the insanity. Stop the insane, imagine how I nuts. It's nuts. All of a sudden I'm burying my nuts and the Sun is suddenly in a different spot.

2:24:44 - Mikah Sargent
What the hell, what's?

2:24:45 - Leo Laporte
going on.

2:24:46 - Mikah Sargent
I'm using my sextant to try to figure out where I'm supposed to be going.

2:24:50 - Leo Laporte
Suddenly, the stars are in a different place this, all this madness, and next Sunday we are on standard time, which means we are going to fall back, which means, for those of you who are already on standard time, suddenly, unaccountably, we're gonna start an hour Different time it's a different time.

There you go if you want to watch live, it's at live. That's what that TV. There's audio and video streams there. If you're watching live, chat with us live at IRC dot twit TV. Of course club twit members get beyond the velvet rope access in our club twit discord, if you could figure out.

2:25:31 - Mikah Sargent
Call us 8887242884 during the week to leave a voicemail. We love to answer your voicemails, atg at twittv to leave an email. Call dot twittv During the show to join our zoom. And again, don't forget to join the club to check out our great escape room in a box event earlier. That's at twittv slash club twit.

2:25:54 - Leo Laporte
Thank you all for being here.

2:25:55 - Mikah Sargent
I'm Leo Laporte and I'm Mikah Sargent, and we are wishing you a great geek week Adios what?

2:26:07 - Jonathan Bennett
Hey, we should talk Linux. It's the operating system that runs the internet, such a game console, cell phones and maybe even the machine on your desk. You already knew all that. What you may not know is that twit now is a show dedicated to it, The Untitled Linux show. Whether you're a Linux pro, a burgeoning sysad man or just curious what the big deal is, you should join us on the club twit Discord every Saturday afternoon for news Analysis and tips to sharpen your Linux skills. And then make sure you subscribe to the club twit Exclusive untitled Linux show. Wait, you're not a club twit member yet. We'll go to and sign up. Hope to see you there.

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