Ask The Tech Guys 1997 Transcript

0:00:00 - Leo Laporte
Well, hey, hey, hey, it's time for Ask the Tech Guys. I'm Leo Laporte coming up. You might wonder why we're dressed so well. We celebrate Dick DeBartolo's birthday with a couple of crazy gadgets.

0:00:11 - Mikah Sargent
And I'm Mikah Sargent, and we get to answer one of my favorite questions how can I show my iPhone or iPad screen in a video?

0:00:19 - Leo Laporte
Then, why does my remote control only work after it's been in the refrigerator for a while? We answer those questions and more next on Ask the Tech Guy. This is Ask the Tech Guys with Mikah Sargent and Leo Laporte, episode 1997, recorded Sunday, october 22nd 2023. Enjoy the BS. This episode of Ask the Tech Guys is brought to you by Mylio. Mylio Photos is a smart and powerful system that lets you easily organize, edit and manage years of important documents, photos and videos in an offline library hosted on any device, and it's free. See what has us so excited by visiting and by our friends at ITProTV, now called ACI Learning. Keep your IT team's skills up with the speed of technology. Visit Twit listeners can receive up to 65% off an ITPro Enterprise solution plan after completing their form. Based on your team's size, you'll receive a properly quoted discount tailored to your needs. Well, hey, hey, hey. That's who's Mikah Sargent looking sharp? Why?

0:01:45 - Mikah Sargent
thank you. Now there's Leo Laporte and Velvet, also looking sharp.

0:01:49 - Leo Laporte
Can I take you to your table, sir Mikah Sargent? Party of two. Every time I wear a tux this is a perp for those listening purple velvet tux that I got for last year's TWIT cruise to Alaska, so probably still soaked with COVID. But anyway, every time I wear a tux I feel like I don't look fancy, I look like a Mater D, because these days all the only people you see wearing a tux are service personnel.

0:02:21 - Mikah Sargent
right yeah, and the only people wearing three piece seats suits are wedding goers.

0:02:28 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, but you know what you did this last week to me. I thought, I better wear the tux. This is going to do it again, who knows? Anyway, this is the show where you answer your computer or technology questions, your pewter question? It's the Sharp Dress Tech Guys episode. What is this 1997. That can't be, do you?

0:02:47 - Mikah Sargent
remember 1997? Wow, I cannot believe we're on 1997. Let's see Five. Yeah, I do, I do. I remember getting Ringworm that year. I remember Such fond memories, so nostalgic it was in California.

0:03:06 - Leo Laporte
And at that point, they still had sandboxes.

0:03:09 - Mikah Sargent
I was Mary Faye Pendleton school.

0:03:10 - Leo Laporte
Oh, wait a minute.

0:03:12 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, wait a minute. How old were you? I would have been five, 97. Five years old.

0:03:19 - Leo Laporte
Ugh, ok, yeah, never mind, let's stop talking about the year of the Ringworm Five years old.

0:03:27 - Mikah Sargent
I thought you were an adult.

0:03:28 - Leo Laporte
I thought, oh, he came out to California to visit us or something In 97?

0:03:32 - Mikah Sargent
I forgot how young you are. That's wow If you think I'm 40 and I look like this. That is very kind of you. You look every bit of 31 or whatever you are, I will be 31 this year.

0:03:45 - Leo Laporte
Let us tell you the phone number 888-724-2884. 888-724-2884. We are live Sundays, 2 to 5 PM Eastern, 11 to 2 Pacific. So if you're watching at that time, you can call right now. Actually you can call anytime. Maybe you leave a voice message if we're not here, but you will get through Absolutely.

0:04:10 - Mikah Sargent
Can they zoom us? They can. They can zoom us by going to calltwittv. We suggest going to it on your mobile device, because if you do, you've got the phone that has the camera and the microphone right there. So you head to calltwittv in your browser of choice, give the browser permission to access your camera and your microphone and you will go into a waiting room where we will have the opportunity to bring you up on stage. We ask that you do raise your virtual hand in Zoom. There is a button to do so. Trevor does, trevor does and Micah from Maine does. Yes, maine and Micah as well, and that is because we do have people who just like to tune in on Zoom and watch the show.

Somebody just sit there like J-O-I-O-G, j-o-i-o-g, which is supposed to be his rap name. Yeah, I think so, yeah, and so that's a great way to get in touch. Or you can also email us at at twittv. When you email us there with your question or your audio or your video, that is also an opportunity to get on the show and also work out Leo's rotator cuff.

0:05:13 - Leo Laporte
Because I stick the email back here. Hey, mark German's newsletter came out this morning, 5.10 am, october 22nd. Why is he working on this? I know why. Why are you so busy? Headline Inside Apple's big plan to bring genitive AI to its devices? Yawn, but wait, watch, go back to my screen, because watch, way down, way down upon the swanee river.

Apple's iMacs and MacBook Pros are in short supply. Rights Mark German, who is, we gotta say, the most reliable rumor guy of all, ahead of planned launch at the end of the month. So Apple's last updated the iMac in April of 2021. Since then, news about a follow-up model has been as elusive as a PowerBook G5. I don't even know. I don't get the reference. In an era of in-house Apple chips, it's rare for a Mac to go this long without an upgrade. It's been 900 days. This was never the plan. They wanted to do a larger and even Mark had even said this pro-focused iMac soon after the little 24-inch iMac launched. You know, of course. I know why this happened Because Lisa just replaced her iMac Pro or Intel iMac Pro with the 24-inch iMac. So of course, apple's going to know. Perfect timing.

I'm told, says Mark German again reliable source the company tabled the iMac Pro plan a while ago due to cost concerns. Anyway, a new iMac is finally on the way. The company is readying the updated 24-inch that's not the 30. Apple's planning a Mac-centered product launch around the end of this month.

0:07:04 - Mikah Sargent
On the 30th or the 31st is the desk.

0:07:07 - Leo Laporte
That's Halloween. Don't do it on Halloween. I don't want to see Tim Cook in us. Spooky what costume would Tim Cook wear?

0:07:12 - Mikah Sargent
Snoopy or something. Yeah, yeah, he do a.

0:07:15 - Leo Laporte
Maybe you look like Bono. You have Bono dresses, tim Cook, that'd be funny.

0:07:20 - Mikah Sargent
With the finger touch, the infamous finger touch. So awkward. Et fun home. Anyway, what a shocker. Yeah, because we thought that at this point there wouldn't be any new announcements. But yeah, could see some MacBook Pros and a new 24-inch iMac.

0:07:40 - Leo Laporte
I do want to reiterate. There is a MacBook Pro no one should ever buy, absolutely. There is 13-inch, because it is not good. I don't know why you should either get the 14 or 16 when it comes out. The problem is they'll probably. If they're going to push a 13-inch, this would be when they do it. So we just want to give you proactively. Don't get your hopes up. If they put out a 13, don't buy it. I actually made a note to myself some months ago, leo. I said do not buy a new MacBook until a 14-inch M3. And this I said to myself self with an OLED screen, but a mini LED screen would be the next thing, would be OK.

0:08:22 - Mikah Sargent
So OLED, or better, well, oled. I guess they're not. Yeah, it's too good. Micro.

0:08:27 - Leo Laporte
LED probably would be better than OLED, but I don't think they're going to do that. But a mini LED would be pretty good, not as good as OLED, I think. Anyway, I made a note, so I wouldn't like you know how Odysseus had his men tie him to the mast so he could hear the sirens singing, and wouldn't be? I know the sirens will be singing on October 30. So tie me to the mast, tie you to the mast, and even if I say, but I have to have it, you say no, you don't. No, leo, you said you wouldn't do it. Thanks, I needed that. A little note from a little. This is kind of an inside note to listeners of our shows and viewers of our shows.

Eero Plus has an ad blocker right, it does you use it, I do yes, and it apparently is blocking some of our servers. I've heard it's blocking CacheFly, which is our CDN, as you know from all our ads, but it may also be blocking Libsyn, which it does our advertised cast. They host some of our content. Podsites, which is Spotify, ad analytics. Podscribe most of our stuff doesn't have that in it or Memberful, which is for club twit folks. So we're not sure what they're blocking, but we have a blog post by our own, patrick De La Hante. If you go to this week or twittv and look at the blog post, eero Plus Update Made Blog Podcast, it'll tell you what to whitelist. And Eero, when we called them, said well, if you're having problems, would you have? If you're listeners are having problems, you have them. Contact us at supporteerocom. So I would like to get at there's no reason, cachefly should be blocked.

I can understand if they want to block some ad networks.

0:10:12 - Mikah Sargent
I have actually had some issues with the ad blocking that Eero does anyway. As you know, my partner has a PlayStation 5 and their.

0:10:23 - Leo Laporte
I bought it for him as a gift. It was a gift, let me get some credit for crying out loud, and so as you know, as you very well know, gave it to him yes.

0:10:34 - Mikah Sargent
That was the point.

0:10:35 - Leo Laporte
And so I know, but the point was only known to me.

0:10:38 - Mikah Sargent
Look, sometimes people want to share that with the world.

0:10:41 - Leo Laporte
Oh you didn't know you were protecting, I was protecting, just my generosity, because I might be one of those people who gives with the left hand without the right hand knowing Exactly. I wanted to let you in charge of that Both hands. Both hands get to know.

0:10:54 - Mikah Sargent
So point is playing on the network or whatever and getting notifications saying that the network is not able to connect in some ways, and this and that and the other, and I would toggle off Eero's ad blocking and then it would start working. So it's blocking stuff that it shouldn't be blocking. I ended up going into the AdList or the Allow List, rather, and adding a bunch of PlayStation server things and we have also created you can go to twittv slash allow list, which will now contain the various domains that you should add to Twittv slash allow list.

0:11:31 - Leo Laporte
All one word, All one word, All one word, lowercase, that's so you know what to tell your ad blocker, whatever it is, if you want to get, if you're having trouble getting our podcasts, I promise you we're not doing anything nefarious or evil or wrong. We just different people host the shows. We've got almost everything's on cash fly, but some of it's on Libsyn and that is so we can use their Advertise Cast which puts ads in empty slots, that kind of there's. You know, look, folks, I've told you before advertising and podcasting has gotten very tricksy. For some reason, podcast advertisers advertise, are decided they don't like podcasts. Everybody wants to be on Marquez Brownlee's YouTube channel. Yeah, a lot of YouTube, not us anymore.

So, as a result, you know we have to do whatever we can because they're making demands, but we will never, I promise you we're not gonna spy on you. We really try to keep this as limited as possible and we can't because it's a podcast and because it's Sunday. You know, nfl day, big Sunday.

0:12:30 - Mikah Sargent
I see what's on your screen.

0:12:31 - Leo Laporte
You see it's a big Sunday. Just want everybody to know Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey's relationship definitely isn't a fling. Okay, just wanted everybody to know that in tech news that's the hot tech news. Okay, you could stop now. We actually have a big event coming up on Tuesday. That's right, qualcomm. So we've talked a lot about how great we think the M1 chips, the M2 chips, are in the Apple. Their Apple Silicon has just leapfrogged over everybody else and really I love these M1 based machines or M2 based machines. But Microsoft and Intel and everybody else says, well, you know, we can do this, we can do this, we can do this we can do it.

Intel is yet to Qualcomm, which makes ARM chips for phones but also makes and I think has an exclusive with Microsoft for ARM chips for Windows. On ARM has said we have licked it, we figured it out and we can make a chip every bit as good as apples. Watch us Snapdragon X. They are having their annual Snapdragon event is Tuesday. Keynote is at noon on Tuesday Pacific, 3 pm Eastern. We will stream it. We'll cover it because I think it's gonna be important, so you're gonna start a little bit early. On iOS today that is correct.

0:13:55 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, 8.30 as opposed to nine. We'll start a little early.

0:13:58 - Leo Laporte
And Mac break weekly will start now or early, 10, as opposed to 11. This is all Pacific time, and immediately after Mac break weekly, the Qualcomm event, followed by security. Now. So a little program of note, and I think this is. We'll see.

0:14:11 - Mikah Sargent
We may be wrong, right, but I know that the Windows watchers of the world are also interested in what Snapdragon is doing. They would love.

0:14:21 - Leo Laporte
I mean, can you? I mean, I mean, I'd like it for Linux too. If you wanna use a PC, why should you not get the efficiency and the performance of Apple Silicon Do?

0:14:30 - Mikah Sargent
you think that this could also push forward, in a way, Mac gaming? If the Windows side of thing is things that suddenly run on ARM chips and that becomes more viable, could we then see gaming developers really start to focus on ARM chips as the basis of what they're doing? You think that would have an impact at all?

0:14:51 - Leo Laporte
No, no okay, mostly because Apple has a completely different technology for graphics the metal Metal, yeah, versus the DirectX that's used on Windows and I you know really this is a complicated subject. Most games are developed on game engines, either the Unreal Engine or Unity. Unreal Engine doesn't outrun an Apple. Most of the best games on Windows are running on Unreal Engine, so those will never run an Apple because it's complicated, it's hard to port it over to Unity. A lot of unit games do run an Apple, but not all so. And then if you're not using an engine, then you're writing your own kind of graphics engine and you're probably gonna base it on DirectX, which does not work on Apple, as opposed to Apple's metal, which does not work on Windows. So there's more than just the instruction set of the processor, unfortunately. I wish it weren't so. However, you know we're seeing some pretty good games on the AMX side. Slowly but surely.

Baldur's Gate 3 is on Macintosh, which is nice.

0:15:55 - Mikah Sargent

0:15:56 - Leo Laporte
That's one of your favorites, isn't John Ashley? I believe it is.

0:15:59 - Mikah Sargent
I haven't been playing him. My girlfriend, Lindsay, has been playing the heck out of it, though she is six campaigns in D. Wow. She hasn't beated the game yet, though I know our own. Anthony Nielsen, also very much likes that, and Paris Martino is a big Baldur's Gate fan.

0:16:13 - Leo Laporte
Oh sweet yeah, all right, enough of us gabbing away. John Ashley, producer man, we've got Dick D Bartola we're gonna celebrate. One of the reasons we're dressed up Dick is celebrating his 78th birthday this week, so we've got Dick coming up. We're gonna celebrate his birthday party at noon. Right, yeah, and I think we should do some calls. But do you think maybe I should take a commercial break here? Is it too soon?

0:16:36 - Mikah Sargent
I wouldn't say no, personally.

0:16:40 - Leo Laporte
So, yes, that's what I like a producer with convictions, ha ha ha ha.

0:16:46 - Mikah Sargent
I'm yes, let's take it. A convicted producer, a conviction, yeah, he is Okay.

0:16:51 - Leo Laporte
Well so, when you guys, when you guys hired me, never convicted, never, let's just say Never.

0:16:58 - Mikah Sargent
Only charged, never convicted. That's the name of my autobiography.

0:17:02 - Leo Laporte
Ha ha ha ha, I feel like Jerry Lewis. In this outfit You'll never walk alone. Our show today brought to you by. I'm so actually thrilled to have these guys. Wix web agencies you're gonna love this one.

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0:18:42 - Mikah Sargent
That's why it was the perfect time. It's like he planned it.

0:18:45 - Leo Laporte
I guess that's probably the right way to go. Who should we start with here?

0:18:49 - Caller
I feel like we have to go with the main man.

0:18:51 - Mikah Sargent

0:18:51 - Leo Laporte
Main man Micah. Main man Micah, welcome to the tech guy show. Come into our Stargate main man Micah. He is the one of the co-hosts of the airplane guy podcast and is an airplane aficionado and probably agrees with me that I will never fly Southwest again. Actually, I will. The next flight I'll be going down to Las Vegas. That's the easiest way to get Vegas from here. Hello, main man Micah.

0:19:21 - Caller
Hello, can you hear me? Am I unmuted and is everything working? Everything?

0:19:24 - Mikah Sargent
appears to be working.

0:19:26 - Leo Laporte
We read you five by five, echo Bravo Got cleared for takeoff.

0:19:32 - Caller
First I need to apologize. I didn't get the invitation. I didn't realize it was formal, formal night. I'm underdressed, I just feel awful. I shouldn't be attending.

0:19:43 - Leo Laporte
No, actually you're perfect, because the theme tonight is under the sea and you are over the sea. That's a beautiful shot out of an airplane window, I think.

0:19:53 - Caller
Thank you. That's someplace over Newfoundland on my way back from London last time. That's gorgeous.

0:19:58 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, you know, it's so funny how I was thinking this is. I was taking off, did a lot of flying this last couple of days. We're hurtling through the air at 600 miles an hour, five miles above the ground.

0:20:11 - Mikah Sargent
It's like we take it for granted. Yeah.

0:20:14 - Leo Laporte
Like no big deal.

0:20:15 - Caller
Don't you hate it. It drives me nuts. Everybody has their windows down. They're looking at their screen Nobody's looking. Nobody has any idea or cares, and it really kind of drives me crazy. On the 787s, the flight attendants can control the windows and they can darken them so that you can't look out whether you want to or not.

0:20:33 - Leo Laporte
You can't open that up, huh.

0:20:35 - Caller
Well, no, you can't. If they do it for everyone although if you're very kind to the flight attendants, as I am, and have given them a gift ahead of time and say, you know, I'd really like to be able to look out they can individually control you.

0:20:46 - Leo Laporte
There's another thing on Southwest that it's like it doesn't have begging. On one flight they said, hey, thanks for the candy guy in a one. Oh, wow, Anybody else. Oh, wow. And then I'm getting on the flight and a guy says I'm a NASA, I work at NASA. Here have some stickers and pins I forget you got to. You now have to bribe flight attendants. That's part of the deal, johnny Jett. Now wait a minute.

0:21:09 - Caller
You don't have to bribe them, but it's a nice thing to do because they work incredibly hard. Their job is not easy at all. Then and I don't know if I'll say this on the air and you can bleep me if you have to, but I always tell them I really, really want to thank you because I know you're not here to kiss my, You're here to save it.

0:21:26 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's right, they try every once in a while. They say you know, we're not waiters, we are, we are safety personnel, that's our first job. No, I know. And they don't even get paid till their planes and you know door closes and stuff. It's just a. Anyway, I appreciate it. We had very nice. Southwest always has fun flight attendance, so I like that. That's always fun.

0:21:47 - Caller
Southwest is great for what it is, but you have to remember what it is. And if you're going to fly, you know, a couple of hours it's wonderful, but if you're going to be flying cross country, you know, as you were saying before the show, leo, at our age and at our size, you want to be flying in business class. It's just the way it's got to be, you know.

0:22:05 - Leo Laporte
Yeah it's too bad, but that's, that's probably the case. What can we do for you, main man Micah?

0:22:12 - Caller
Well, I was calling about a couple of things that you spoke about last week, and I think I have a solution for one of your callers. Love that you had a recorded call from someone who was trying to find a way to use his GPS for his daughter that wouldn't re-root her, and I've got two really simple solutions, and maybe neither one would work because you guys didn't think of them, and that's why I'm a little concerned.

0:22:34 - Leo Laporte
We've also got a lot of email chiefly turn off connectivity and then use the downloaded map. But I mean you want your phone to work. But anyway, what is your solicit suggestion?

0:22:47 - Caller
Well, that was mine. You turn off Wi-Fi and you turn off your, your phone, and you have the map downloaded. And cellular and you have the map downloaded and then you're all set. It won't reroute because you can't.

0:22:59 - Mikah Sargent
It has no idea what's going on.

0:23:00 - Caller
Yeah, exactly, it's perfect, although then if you need your phone, you have to, you know, get in the settings and turn your cellular network back on. That's the simplest one, but the one that's slightly more expensive. And actually the thing that I use is I have a separate GPS in the car. Nothing works better from my perspective than a Garmin GPS. It's a much better system than any of the phone systems that I've used and better than anything built into any of the automobiles. It's designed specifically for that and you can. If you power it up without the antenna on it, you're going to get the route and it's going to be the same route each time. And it's a separate screen, which is pretty good, because that way you don't have your phone screen in front of you that's giving you text messages and all these other things that are coming in while you're driving the Garmin maps can be updated, but it is not online.

0:23:51 - Leo Laporte
So it's using. It has the GPS satellite radio, obviously, so it can see where you are, but it's doing the map calculation internally on device right? So exactly yeah.

0:24:04 - Caller
Now some of them also have an antenna built into the power supply so that it can receive updates and traffic updates and it might re-root you. But you just get a standard power supply line for $5 and plug it into your well, they don't call them cigarette lighter adapters anymore but plug it into that power port and then you're all set.

0:24:25 - Leo Laporte
I needed a GPS because I was driving all over Providence and New England. Cities are crazy because they're old and so the streets are all kind of nutty and the drivers are even nuttier. And so I was really reliant, totally reliant on I used Apple Maps on car play and it did a good job, but I, you know, I, found myself feeling guilty. For instance, it always tries to put me on the highway and I didn't want to go on the highway and I always felt guilty, ignoring. Now merge into the freeway when I go straight. But you know the good thing about Apple Maps, it doesn't do that kind of passive, aggressive rerouting, it just silently continues on. Garmin does that, though I bet rerouting.

0:25:10 - Caller
Yeah, it will do that. And I mentioned Garmin. There are other brands. I just happen to really like Garmin. I've always used them and I have a couple of them, and in fact I'm heading to Tampa in a month and gonna bring one with me for my rental car, because I just think it's a lot simpler than having to use my iPhone. Good answer, okay, there's two ways. That was one reason why I called. I called for another reason I took a little bit of offense when you were talking with Rod Pyle last week because you were besmirching Boeing, and while Boeing the current Boeing perhaps does deserve to be besmirched, you need to remember that.

0:25:49 - Leo Laporte
Well, that's who we were besmirching. We weren't besmirching Boeing, old Boeing. We were besmirching him for the 737 MAX Fiasco, which admittedly was a misstep on their part. And mostly Rod was besmirching them for how poorly they've done the latest aerospace projects for NASA.

0:26:06 - Caller
Well, I can talk about the 737 MAX a little bit if you want to, but that wasn't all Boeing, tell me good stuff about. Boeing, but Boeing is not Boeing anymore. That's what you need to remember. In 1997, boeing, this incredible company run by great engineers, merged and was taken over by McDonald Douglas, this terrible company run by accountants. And McDonald Douglas bought Boeing and kept the Boeing name, that's sure. So Boeing is really McDonald Douglas right now.

0:26:41 - Leo Laporte
Because you're right. I mean I love flying in the 747. I love the 777. Isn't it amazing that for years the 727 is the workhorse of airline, just went for 30 years and now I'm always happy to fly a 737. I did fly a MAX this week and I feel fine now. I know they fixed them, but you're right, I mean they made you know. What I do miss is the DC 10, which was a McDonald Douglas. I thought that was a great plan, am I wrong?

0:27:08 - Caller
And the DC 10 had horrible problems at first. There was this is one of the examples is that the DC 10 was competing with the L 10 11. At the same time they were both coming out, they were both three engine jets and McDonald Douglas was building the DC 10 at the same time that Lockheed was building the L 10 11. And the word at the factory they wanted to get the DC 10 out so quickly and ahead of the L 10 11 that the rumor at the factory, what everybody was saying was fly before they roll, meaning that they wanted the DC 10 in the air and with the airlines before the L 10 11 even rolled out of the hang of the first time.

0:27:49 - Leo Laporte
And they rushed it so quickly. Nobody flies DC 10s anymore. Like they hold that, you still see the 727s, but nobody's flying a DC 10 anymore.

0:27:58 - Caller
Well, the DC 10 is a very old aircraft and it was retired. The MD 11, I think FedEx is retiring them now. That was a derivation of it, also a TriStar, but they just don't need the three engines anymore. You can do the same thing with a bigger plane with just two engines. It's best with fuel. But the last aircraft that the real Boeing designed was a 787. And while there were some problems with that, they were technology problems based on the new battery technology that they resolved very, very quickly, right. But everything else since then the max etc and so on, were McDonald Douglas designs.

0:28:33 - Leo Laporte
I only know airplanes from the back seats and and I, so I don't have any other knowledge, but I know which ones I like to fly on and I love the Dreamliner.

0:28:43 - Caller
I really I'm the 787 and the A350, if you're going long distance, that's the plane you want to be on, because they can keep the cabin pressure at a lower altitude, a higher pressure, with more moisture in it, and you feel so much more refreshed so yeah, anytime you're flying overseas. If you can possibly get on one of those to definitely do that, I do. I think I wanted to go ahead Go ahead.

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that you are correct, is that it's not a technical thing, it's just a courtesy thing. If you're in the middle seat, you get both arms. Aha.

0:29:16 - Caller
That's how it goes.

0:29:17 - Caller
It's common courtesy, that's, it's well-known common courtesy among frequent flyers, but most of the little old ladies that are flying.

0:29:24 - Leo Laporte
Southwest. She didn't know that, just don't know. And nor did Marshawn Lynch on my life. I was, I was. I told Mike I was flying like this. I just, you know, I use Flighty, which is a wonderful app, the best app in the, isn't it great, absolutely fabulous.

0:29:40 - Caller
It's Ryan who designed that.

0:29:42 - Leo Laporte
Unbelievable and I use it because of you and Johnny Jett both both singing its praises and it's like 25 bucks a year but but if you fly it at all, it's really worth it. You often know before the gate knows whether you're going to be delayed. But I just got my Flighty passport and I don't know how it knew. But I have traveled 489,000 miles, almost half a million miles, 48 days, three hours in the air, 78 airports, 28 airlines I can't remember how many countries, 50 or 60 countries. So thank you, I didn't even know Flighty was keeping track of this 48 days.

Well, let me give.

0:30:20 - Caller
Flighty. Just one more or maybe two more little plugs, because people don't realize how great it is. Yeah, it's $25 a year, but I think it's only $10 a month and you can subscribe for month to month. So if you're not a regular traveler, you can just get it when you're going and have it for that month and then stop the subscription.

0:30:38 - Leo Laporte
I just want to reward them because it's just such a great app. I just want to give them my money.

0:30:42 - Caller
It's absolutely super and it's constantly being developed. And I can also tell you that I'm very, very fortunate in that I have friends that are dispatchers. So if I have somebody, if I'm flying someplace and there's an issue, I can get in touch with my friend and he can tell me well, this is delayed or that's delayed or whatever. And I had that happen maybe a year ago where there was some horrible weather up here in Portland and I had to get down to Charleston and the flight was delayed and delayed and delayed and I called my friend to see what was going on and he said oh no, no, it's going. And then I got the message from flighty that said, no, it wasn't then and it's. Later he texted me and said oh no, it isn't.

0:31:22 - Leo Laporte
I found out before he knew. Yep, it's amazing. It's only iOS, sad to say, but if you are using iPhone flighty and you fly a lot, there's no substitute. And it works on the Apple Watch too, so I was keeping track of everything on my Apple Watch. It was just really.

0:31:38 - Caller
And even if you're not flying, it works great with. If you have friends that are flying, you need to keep track of them. You can send your friends your flight itinerary. They can see what's going on. Yeah, I do that. I sure you up the airport yeah.

0:31:49 - Leo Laporte
When I'm on my way home, when I'm leaving in the plane, I share my itinerary. I don't, I didn't know there were 78 airports in the world, let alone 28 airlines. But I don't, and I also don't know how flighty knew this, because I've only been using them for a few years, but I guess they must have asked the airlines or something. Anyway, I was very, I was impressed with this. Thank you, main man Micah. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Great talking with you. Take care, bye, bye, I think of Trevor. What do you think?

0:32:18 - John A.
Let's do Trevor.

0:32:19 - Leo Laporte
All right, that's what I'm thinking. We're thinking, great minds thinking alike. Trevor's had his hand. Join us in the.

0:32:30 - Mikah Sargent
Stargate oh, I think Trevor might have accidentally hung up because Trevor was in the on-air room and now Trevor is gone. We lost Trevor.

0:32:38 - Leo Laporte
Who else should we? Should we talk? Should I should I? Should we do a voicemail? Let's do a voicemail. Or an email Voicemail time. Hi Leo and Micah. This is Charles in Chicago. Hi Charles.

0:32:52 - Caller
I have a question about carplay from Apple. Of course I use it religiously and every time I get in the car and plug my phone it tries to navigate me home automatically and drives me bananas. I don't need it to navigate me home, I know where home is. Could you tell me if there's a way to turn that quote feature off?

0:33:12 - Mikah Sargent
That quote feature.

0:33:14 - Leo Laporte
That's a great question. You know, I mistakenly favorited the hotel that we were staying at in Lisbon last spring and every time I get in the car it says do you want to go to Lisbon? And I say no, thank you very much. How do we? I got rid of that, by the way, by unfavoriting that hotel, so no longer asked if I want to go there. Yeah, how do we change this behavior?

0:33:38 - Mikah Sargent
That's a little annoying, so because your home is listed as in in iOS land, is it a?

favorite. It's not that it's a favorite, it's that it's a frequent location. Buried deep within the settings, in your privacy settings, there is a section marked frequent locations, and it usually is your work in your home, and Apple, over time, realizes oh, this is the person's home, this is their work, and that's why it's doing that. If you turn off Siri suggestions for carplay, though, then you should no longer see this, but what that means is that you're turning off all Siri suggestions. So if, for example, you have a home kit garage door that whenever you get close to your home, it pops up on your thing, if that won't be there, if you have calendar events that are about to pop up, that won't be there. But if you just want to excuse me, remove your home as this thing that that iOS, and therefore Siri and therefore carplay, knows about, then you can do that in your settings.

0:34:40 - Leo Laporte
I'm surprised that it starts the navigation each time, though. Have you ever experienced that? I've never experienced that.

0:34:46 - Mikah Sargent
So I think what our caller is actually talking about is it doesn't go as far as to start the navigation where it's talking to you, but what it will do is because I've had this happen a number of times it will show the route and it will show your plans along the route, so it's not actually navigating.

0:35:06 - Leo Laporte
It's just saying, in case you want to go there. Yeah, and if you tapped it, it would start navigating. Yes, exactly.

0:35:11 - Mikah Sargent
So I think that's a nice feature, right In a way. I almost feel like I hate to say it, but maybe just get over it. It's not really. I know, I know, but it's not really doing anything. It's just happening in the background. It's showing it. Yeah, it's just showing it. So if you can ignore it, then you know nothing is changing. But if it's just it's grinding your gears, then you can go into your settings, to the privacy settings, go into your locations and remove it from the house.

0:35:37 - Leo Laporte
I do have to say. Scooter X is posted a medium article. Stop Apple Maps on CarPlay from automatically navigating home. I wonder if some of them actually are starting the navigation.

0:35:48 - Mikah Sargent
No, this is what I was talking about showing serious Okay.

So yeah, this is this was the also serious suggestions for CarPlay, right, yep, you open settings, you navigate to maps and then Siri and search and then toggle it off for maps, turn off the suggestions. Yeah, so that's good. This, this, that very specific thing, is a little bit newer where. It used to be that if you turned off serious suggestions for CarPlay it would turn off all of those automatically happening things. But now you can go into settings, you can tap on maps and then just turn them off for maps.

0:36:21 - Leo Laporte
So it's not really navigating, it's just showing. It's just showing you. Yeah, I've seen that. Yeah, when the little round annoying if it said turn left right, it started talking.

0:36:29 - Mikah Sargent
But yes, I have never had it do that, it's only ever just shown my navigational route.

0:36:36 - Leo Laporte
I see you've pushed a button, john. Should I? Should we go to the wireless caller? Were you talking? You didn't push a button. I want to say hi to Wave 13. I'm picking up Wave 13. I'm picking up the waves, the miracle waves, because Wave 13., wave. Hey, can you hear us? Yeah, hi so. I was wondering.

0:37:02 - Caller
I have a new phone now, but a while ago in my phone it just like quit out, like it died, and then I just didn't turn on after I charged it Is there anything wrong with it.

0:37:16 - Leo Laporte
It sounds like the screen went dark and you had to turn it on in order for it to work.

0:37:25 - Caller
Like it died and then like I tried to turn it on again and then didn't turn on it sounds like the battery might have gone.

0:37:33 - Leo Laporte
It sounds also like what happened to Lisa when she did the update. Oh, it could be that. So when you charge it, it doesn't take a charge. By the way, what's your first name? I don't want to call you Wave 13, unless you want me to. Tyler, skyler, skyler or Tyler. Okay, well, bye.

You got to go to work. Okay, I think her mom. I think her mom was. You know, one of the reasons I had to pick her up is because she did what we keep trying to tell people. She was on her phone. I could see her on the camera swiping and stuff and I wanted to.

0:38:05 - Mikah Sargent
I thought oh, this is good, but maybe the rule was not to say your name and then so you had to get off. Oh, maybe, or maybe she to work, you know, I sound like they were going in the mall.

0:38:15 - Leo Laporte
I don't know. I just that's what I thought.

0:38:17 - Mikah Sargent
But yeah, there are then two options. You can do a force if you're still listening out there. You can do a force restart on your phone If it is the issue that Lisa had, or if you try to plug it in, it's not getting a charge. It might be that the battery has just gone bad.

0:38:34 - Leo Laporte
They do sometimes, if it's an older phone, they only have a certain number of charges they can do. Yeah, well, thank you for calling. Anyway, it was worth a try, okay.

0:38:44 - Mikah Sargent
Trevor is back now. We could try All right, oh good.

0:38:47 - Leo Laporte
Okay, let's see if we can get Trevor on Musta musta. You know, sometimes when we to say your name, you jump and you push the wrong button and hang up.

0:39:02 - Caller
All right, trevor Yep, it is real, apart and the tech guys.

0:39:08 - Leo Laporte
You don't remember Mike's name?

It's okay, don't get the guy a complex. He's gonna be, you know, I'm gonna be long gone. Mike is such a young guy. I'm gonna be long gone. He's gonna be hosting this show for years. So be nice to Micah, he's gonna be the tech guy by himself, Maybe. If you would just like to put a picture of me, I would love to Just a little, a little framed photo. Oh, your little people. We could have had those. Oh yeah, what happened to my little people? Does somebody eat my people? Oh, no, they're not candy. You got ahold of your people. What can we do for you, trevor?

0:39:46 - Caller
Oh, my journey is still going for getting the Living with Disabilities podcast going oh it's this Trevor, hi Trevor, good to talk to you. Yeah, so I think about emailing you about a couple things, but then it's like you get too many emails.

0:40:03 - Leo Laporte
I can never answer emails. Yeah, that's. That's a yeah.

0:40:06 - Caller
But basically I've looked, I went through looking for podcast posts and it's just all one solution. I don't want it. I spoke to the buzz Because I'm moving in a higher time.

0:40:18 - Leo Laporte
We are now using Libsyn for some of our shows, and I'm a big fan. Libsyn started hosting. What's wrong with them?

0:40:28 - Caller
150 bucks a month. What they? Used to be free. Okay, my pictures that I have I'm posting 22 days a month, times three hours.

0:40:43 - Leo Laporte
Okay, that's why you pay for storage on Libsyn, not for bandwidth.

0:40:48 - Caller
I have a VPS. I get like four to eight cents a gigabyte.

0:40:53 - Leo Laporte
Well, we talked about this before you could host it on your VPS.

0:40:56 - Caller
Yeah, so the last two things I have to work out now is to do the how to do the RSS screen also make the site and then to go to all the providers and then boxing, going through pot tracker, did you?

0:41:10 - Leo Laporte
look at anchor FM Spotify solution ever Spotify is terrible. Okay, I'll take your word for it.

0:41:19 - Caller
Yeah, but now I'm now I'm into the stuff that's really thinking about. Like, how did the live show and I'm looking at I want to go get, look at Wirecast Pro and now they've gone to a subscription, only surprise, you can't buy it anymore. Yeah, yeah, I think you know it's funny because Libsyn when they first started.

0:41:38 - Leo Laporte
They started roughly when we started in 2005 and they were free. But I know they no longer have a free plan that starts at $5 a month and I suspect that what's happened is bandwidth is not free and in the early days, you know, maybe everybody was trying to grow rather than make money, but eventually, trust me, you have to make money. So once they, once you know, once the blush wears off, it's time to start charging, and I think that it's yeah, I don't.

I don't know if anybody does it for free, except for anchor FM and what is nice one of the nice things about anchor is that they will do your RSS for you. So in the early days of podcasting, let me, let me put on my old man hat. In the early days of podcasting we did it by hand.

I was literally, because an RSS feed is an XML file. It's like HTML, it's a markup language and if you look, you can actually look at an RSS file. You can look at ours if you want. If you just open it in your browser, you could see all the text. It's just a formatted text and you can do it by hand. It's a pain, but you can't. For a long time there were a number of programs that would do it for you so you could enter, fill out forms and they'd write it, but honestly, it's too easy to make mistakes. It's too easy to make mistakes.

And I think that's why I like anchor, and that's that's because they'll do everything for you. They'll make it possible for your show to be everywhere.

0:43:12 - Caller
But for doing the video is the issue. Thing is well, they don't. I'm looking at what I'm looking at Wirecast Pro, because I need separate channels or anything I have like we call it the. I have my audio coming in, you know, before microphones.

0:43:28 - Leo Laporte
I love you, but this is you have such a specific issue and we've talked before and I don't really think we can, I can help you here, because it's just so specific and it's, I think, you're just going to have to figure this one out on your own. I'm sorry to say. I've told you some ideas. You know some things I think work, but that's yeah, there's almost a point.

0:43:54 - Mikah Sargent
there's got to find some give in a way, and so there's the opportunity to, if you want to do, think about starting out, maybe you host your video part on YouTube and you do the audio part.

0:44:05 - Leo Laporte
Actually, youtube might be a great place. They actually do some video as well as audio, only podcasts.

0:44:11 - Mikah Sargent
Right Now they've got, I think Google, of course, is bringing over podcasting to YouTube itself, so I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see even more from them. But yeah, perhaps exactly what you're looking for you're not going to find and you've got to make some compromises somewhere, and we've provided some different tools you can use to get what you want for the most part.

0:44:37 - Leo Laporte
By the way, anchorfm is now called Spotify for podcasters, and I actually haven't tried the new features yet, so I don't know how it's changed. I'm not sure either. Yeah, I had a podcast. I still have a podcast on there called Leo on the line. It was my emergency escape hatch. If everything falls apart, I thought, well, I can always do that and I can just call people up.

0:45:02 - Mikah Sargent
It's a lie on the line. You remember.

0:45:03 - Leo Laporte
Leo, I'm on the line right now. Tell me something and I hang up and do another one like that. Hey, you know who's on the line, who's on the birthday boy. But before we say hello to Dickie D to celebrate his birthday, I want to tell you a little bit about sponsor Mylio. We love Mylio. Have you been playing with it? Of course, I put everything in Mylio now, yeah.

So I think a lot of us are looking for a way to organize all of our photos, to keep track of them, to sort them, to preserve them for future generations and preserve them for ourselves, and there have been, in the past, some great solutions. For a long time, I used to Picasso. I loved that. Then Google bought it and killed it. I used Lightroom with Adobe and then Adobe started wanting you to store your photos in their cloud, not going to do it. I've recommended Google Photos, but a lot of people don't want to store these precious photos on somebody else's servers. You got to find out about Mylio. Mylio is fantastic. Mylio is the smart way to organize your photos, to share your photos, to keep track of your photos. It's free, on a single platform, so you can try it, make sure it works for you and you don't have to store your photos in somebody else's cloud. Now Mylio has a cloud that you can store them in. You can also. Mylio has built-in encryption, so it's safe for you to use Mylio with Google Drive or iCloud or OneDrive or any, or Dropbox or anywhere else as a backup solution, because they're encrypted, no one can see them.

Mylio is the solution to digital management and I should really say it's called Mylio Photos. It's for photos and videos and even documents, and when you set it up, I set it up so it imports everything from Instagram, everything from Flickr, everything from Facebook, everything from iPhoto, everything from my documents folder. I love that, so I don't have to even think about it Mylio. Whenever I take a picture on a phone Android or iOS or I make a new document, it all gets into Mylio. Mylio has OCR optical character recognition built in, so it knows the text in a PDF file or a photo. You could search that way. It's got incredibly very sophisticated cataloging. For instance, it'll automatically on device by the way, it's not doing this in the cloud assign AI smart tags to your files. Dynamic search quick filters makes it possible to find specific photos very, very fast. You'll have to train it on people's faces, but what I did is I. I trained on a few faces and then it goes through all.

I have 200,000 photos in Mylio. In fact, I wanted to get everything out of Google Cloud, out of Google Photos, so I did a takeout. Google Photos takeout Mylio ingests. It removes the duplicates. It even makes it easy for you to edit a photo either. In Mylio.

They have good photo editing tools, but you can also say edit this in and then substitute your editor right there. They just added a spaces tool, which is great for mom, because I can now put her in a space and she can see the photos I share with her, but she can't see the photos I don't share with her. You can create custom categories in a quick collection that's easy to share so you can share with other Mylio photos users. You can even collaborate on editing, managing. You can have, let's say, you've got a wedding or an event. You can have a Mylio space for that event that everybody can upload to. And again, yeah, you could do that in Google, but you're not giving the photos to Google Exactly. I love the option to keep spaces private, either with passwords or pins. I get extra security when sharing my spaces. I love Mylio photos.

Mylio photos. Try it free on one device and with a Mylio photos plus subscription, all your devices can connect in one library iOS, andrew, android, mac, windows. No cloud storage required. It's they sync peer to peer with offline storage. I don't need to rely on the cloud to keep files accessible through devices. I actually use my Synology NAS for the backup. I can also create new backup systems and know they're secure. Works great with your NAS. Or, as I said, encrypt and then put it on Dropbox.

Download Mylio today for free my L I O and see what's got us so excited. This is just to me, life changer. Get Mylio photos on your computer or mobile device. Go to our special URL, And, as I said, free forever for on a single device. So this is a great way to see if it's right for you. Try it on a phone. I would put on your computer or something with a lot of storage. Make that your master device, but it's up to you free Thank you, Mylio. Thank you to Burke, who felt so guilty that during the last ad he brought me half a donut. Is that chocolate cake donut? He's taking care of me. That's what he's doing. Thank you, burke. I'm going to save that for my cup of coffee later.

Oh, a nice little dip. Yeah, I was in the land of Duncan and I didn't go to Duncan once. Really, yeah, honestly, that shows restraint. It was real restraint, because there's a Duncan on every quarter of the college. I mean not kidding, it's worse as Starbucks. There are dunkins everywhere, all over. Sometimes there's dunkins inside of dunkins. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, happy birthday, boy Dick DeBartolo. Happy birthday to you, thank you very much we dressed up for you, Dickie D.

0:51:00 - Dick DeBartolo
Yeah, I can see that I would say. I said to Dennis why are they dressed like that? He said birthday glow. It's just, it's on for days.

0:51:09 - Leo Laporte
It is. I'm glowed up, all glowed up, all glowed up for you, dickie D. For you, dickie D, happy birthday. Did you have a good what it was? Thursday?

0:51:19 - Dick DeBartolo
It was Thursday. Yeah, dennis had his surprise party with about 500 people. No Two open bars, what? No, you're lying. And as he walked in I said oh my God. He said yeah, it's for you. And I said did they misprint the sign? Cause it says welcome to PEPCOM.

0:51:38 - Leo Laporte
Ah, those sign painters. They messed up. It was for you the chocolate fountain and everything. Just for you and a number of other tech journalists.

0:51:51 - Dick DeBartolo
So PEPCOM was on your birthday. That was nice of you, yeah, so that was a perfect way to celebrate it, cause I like gadgets and I like food, and they had both those things.

0:52:02 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, they realized PEPCOM is used to be just along with CES, but now they do it all year round. And they realized the best way to get tech journalists to come and cover new products is to feed them. Yeah, and they feed them quite well actually. Yeah, they do.

0:52:21 - Dick DeBartolo
No, absolutely. It's very funny. There was a toy event last year where there was food and when you went to the table it said the food is I'm sorry, but it's only for exhibitors.

0:52:35 - Leo Laporte
Oh, okay, no, sorry yeah.

0:52:38 - Dick DeBartolo
This year. I went to that event and I think there were maybe 20 of us. Yeah, that's why.

0:52:44 - Leo Laporte
Yeah yeah, it is a big part of press events. So you have brought us back virtually two fabulous gadgets.

0:52:54 - Dick DeBartolo
Yeah, you know, I didn't know about either one. The first one is called Locks Box. I asked where the salmon was, but it happens.

0:53:03 - Leo Laporte

0:53:05 - Dick DeBartolo
L-O-X-X Now I could use this, but of course in a city there's no room for it. So Locks Box goes on your porch or wherever you want. You screw it down so they can't just take the box. And the box is Wi-Fi, cell and Bluetooth enabled. And the guy said what's different about Lock Box? Because there are other systems out. There is you register each delivery service that you use, but with Lock Box they make it so the last four digit of your tracking number is all it needs. That's clever.

0:53:50 - Leo Laporte
And of course the delivery guy has that.

0:53:54 - Dick DeBartolo
Exactly and then it will phone you or, if you don't have a LTE service, it'll, through your home Wi-Fi, send you a text. It's very clever, yeah. And I said to the guy what if the guy comes and opens the box? The box stays open, unlocked for a minute and there's a package in there and he takes it. I said unlikely because of regular delivery service. He said well, we have the exact time that the box opened, we know exactly where the package came from and the service, of course, will know who the driver was for that. So I said it's highly unlikely that someone's gonna take your package. This is. I mean, they know that we can track it.

0:54:41 - Leo Laporte
We have all our packages delivered to our porch and it's safe because we're on a dead end and we're in a safe neighborhood.

0:54:46 - Dick DeBartolo
But if you, you have all your packages delivered Right to the porch.

0:54:51 - Leo Laporte
Yeah for him.

0:54:51 - Mikah Sargent
He's saying it's okay. Just the other day, right down the street from where I live because I got a notification on the like community app, I was flabbergasted. This I felt kind looking older woman who had her dog with her walks up with absolute utter no concern at all. Walks up to this person's porch. Sees this big it was a big package on this person's porch.

0:55:20 - Leo Laporte
The porch must have had a camera. Yes, they had a camera.

0:55:23 - Mikah Sargent
Exactly so they were able to share this and with I kid you not, I will just say a grin. There's perhaps some words I wanna use before that, a certain kind of grin on her face proceeds to pick up this very large package, while she puts down the leash from her dog and hoist it and carry it away with the dog trotting behind her. And I thought, if I ever saw this person, I would never believe that they would ever steal a small package, let alone a gigantic package.

0:55:51 - Leo Laporte
It's been porch piracies become a big problem. Yeah, a lot of people.

0:55:54 - Mikah Sargent

0:55:55 - Leo Laporte
So this actually really looks like a good product. I think they've solved all the issues.

0:56:03 - Dick DeBartolo
So there's a four cubic foot one, I think is 399. And then there's an eight cubic foot one which is $449, $50 more.

0:56:15 - Leo Laporte
Okay, so this is only for somebody who really has been losing packages in his like turn of the era?

0:56:20 - Dick DeBartolo
Yeah, exactly, and they have, I think, a $2 subscription for a month you have to pay for it, cause they would have to contact the APIs for the shipping places and all that kind of stuff. So ongoing web services, Exactly. The other thing was bizarre. It turned out that this company has been around for 20 years, but the woman said they only built electric saws big installations for corporations.

0:56:49 - Leo Laporte
Oh great, you're recommending a table. Saw, we're gonna have a bunch of four-fingered listeners here. No, not in this case. What?

0:56:57 - Dick DeBartolo
No, not no. They have a little one minute video. I also put the link to it on my website. That shows you how it works, and I was hoping oh, you can hear this, if we want.

0:57:10 - Leo Laporte
All right, let me turn on the audio. Yeah, yeah, oh, you know what? My audio is not going to the right spot.

0:57:16 - Mikah Sargent
Please tell me they do the hot dog finger thing oh.

0:57:19 - Leo Laporte
God, yes, what's the hot dog finger thing?

0:57:22 - Dick DeBartolo
Exactly because the saw is running at 4,000 RPM. Yes. There's a little bit of electricity in the blade and when it senses like skin, in five milliseconds a break, which is this big aluminum block comes up and stops the saw dead in five minutes Before it got here and I'm not gonna test it Now, when that happened.

0:57:48 - Leo Laporte
Ha, ha ha. What the Look at that.

0:57:55 - Dick DeBartolo
So you will probably have a small nick, but you'll have a finger. And also it lowers the saw under the table Once the break hits, it also lowers it and shuts the motor off.

0:58:10 - Leo Laporte
Wow, Now that.

0:58:11 - Caller
It looks like it breaks the break. Oh, here comes the hot dog here you go, here you go. Yeah, this is so that they don't test it themselves.

0:58:18 - Mikah Sargent
They're like look, it works, but we're not gonna use our actual fingers. You know, I have to tell you no, no.

0:58:22 - Leo Laporte
After years on the screensavers and our producer, paul Block, who really liked a stunt, I could tell you it's a good thing this didn't come out when we were doing the screensavers, because he would have made me do it. Oh no, with my finger. Oh, what are you kidding me? He would do anything for ratings. We, we, we. Maybe you don't remember. Remember, yoshi, we had a guy. Come on with a taster.

0:58:42 - Dick DeBartolo
No fingers, Yoshi, wasn't it Well?

0:58:44 - Leo Laporte
yes, but he tased. He said Yoshi got tased on the show because it's like it's spectacle, it's good TV. And I could guarantee you Paul would have seen this and go oh yeah, you're gonna do it too, Leo. No way, Yikes.

0:59:02 - Dick DeBartolo
Yeah, no, you know what? I was on Good Morning America covering it for the Miami Boat Show, and the guy had a canoe with a giant motor in the back and wings that flipped out so that you could row and then take off and fly. And the guy the director said so, Dick, we want this as your exit, Okay you'll. You'll fly out Sure, and I'm thinking is he crazy?

0:59:36 - Leo Laporte
TV baby.

0:59:38 - Dick DeBartolo
And fortunately the sound man said are you crazy? You won't hear a thing. Can you hear that motor?

0:59:46 - Mikah Sargent
He can't hear it and I said Saved by the sound, yes, and also they invented headset deck.

0:59:53 - Dick DeBartolo
Be aware, if the wind is more than three miles an hour, you'll be going where the wind goes, not where you want it to go.

1:00:00 - Leo Laporte
Wait, remember seeing that. I'm trying to see if I can find it the morning show, morning TV show where the reporter had on one of those jet packs that you fly with with water, oh yeah, or in the water. Remember that. Let me see if I can find it. Well, it didn't go well. That's what happened.

1:00:23 - Mikah Sargent
My favorite news while he's looking, my favorite news reporter one is when a woman is going to a place that makes wine and they are actually mashing the grapes.

1:00:35 - Leo Laporte
Oh yeah, I remember this one, yeah, yeah.

1:00:37 - Mikah Sargent
And she decides to cheat by having the other person stop while she quickly smashes the grapes and then unfortunately falls out of the grape smashing area and it cuts back. It got worse and worse. Yeah, it was bad. And then she screamed yeah, she makes some sounds and they're like oh, no, this is from channel 69, I don't know where this is.

1:00:58 - Leo Laporte
Fox News. Here we go. Good morning everybody. Oh, that's the temperature. Oh, at a point. Show the morning news starts. Look over there. And it starts right now, oops.

1:01:10 - Leo Laporte
It starts right now. That could have been me.

1:01:15 - Leo Laporte
I could just see you, and that's myself. Wow, well, I'm glad that somebody's had the good sense. But that's TV for you, Dick. Anyway, this song. So what's the name of this? The saw thing. Oh Saw. Stop S-A-W-S-T-O-P. And boy, if you're using a table saw, you probably should have this. Do you have to buy their table saw, or is it? You know what?

1:01:44 - Dick DeBartolo
The woman said actually Chad said that his father had worked as a shop teacher and the school bought one of these and originally you could attach it to a regular saw, but I think that's not available anymore, so I probably tried to start out. Maybe they couldn't control how well you installed it.

1:02:04 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that could be. Oh yeah, that's a good point, but you know what, for 900 bucks it's not a terribly expensive table saw. And just having that, how much are your fingers?

1:02:13 - Dick DeBartolo
And it's also very feature-laden. I don't use power tools, but it has a rack and pinion fence and the high-low shelf things that I'd use.

1:02:23 - Mikah Sargent
Oh yes, the high-low shelf.

1:02:26 - Leo Laporte
I don't know any of that stuff, yeah.

1:02:28 - Dick DeBartolo
All I know is it cuts wood. I'll ask Paris Martin no and not fingers.

1:02:33 - Leo Laporte
She's taken a woodworking class, so she might know something about this. I'll ask her about it on this week. Oh, that's good. Yeah, she's. By the way, I can announce it here yes, our new host, stacey Higginbotham, left us on this week in Google. She actually left all podcasting to go to work as a policy person at Consumer Reports. We're very proud of Stacey, but it left a pretty big hole on this week in Google and we've been searching and we found, I think, a great replacement. She can't, nobody will ever replace Stacey, but she's gonna be great in her own right part. Paris Martin no, from the information, is gonna be our third me, Jeff Jarvis, aunt Pruitt and now Paris Martin no, joining us on this week in Google. Great, and she's a woodworker. Well, I don't know if she's a woodworker. She told us she was taking a class, so I'll ask if they have the. If the saw, stop and if not, stand back. Stand back. Thank you, dickie D. Happy birthday.

1:03:29 - Dick DeBartolo
Oh, you know what. This is in the mail to you. Unfortunately, it didn't get here in time for the show. The cover is so good oh we should.

1:03:36 - Leo Laporte
The cover is great, dick's website is gizwizbiz and of course you're gonna go there to find links to the two products you just mentioned. But you, after you do that, you're gonna go to the what the heck is it? Contest. It ends soon. It ends, just a couple of about a week In the October.

1:03:53 - Dick DeBartolo
Yeah, halloween, you're playing for this Bobby issue.

1:03:58 - Leo Laporte
The Bobby issue. It looks like Barbie to me, but okay, whatever you say. I'm just teasing. Look at that. There's Alfred E Newman as Ken. That's great. He's a perfect Ken.

1:04:12 - Mikah Sargent
And that that item is clearly the what the heck is it A peppermint disc holder? Oh yes, it's holding a peppermint. Good, good, good oh my God, it's.

1:04:23 - Leo Laporte
you gave it away.

1:04:23 - Mikah Sargent
The peppermint's right in there.

1:04:25 - Leo Laporte
Either that or it's a peppermint porthole Could be on your peppermint Barbie shop.

1:04:30 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, exactly.

1:04:31 - Leo Laporte
Or it's a hypnosis, a hypnotist's monocle oh yeah, look into my eyes I did.

1:04:38 - Dick DeBartolo
That could be because I bought 500 of them. Oh no, they got you. Yeah, the guy said you want to buy one of these, and then a box Is that a big hint?

1:04:46 - Leo Laporte
Did you just give us a big hint? There are 18 autograph copies of Mad Magazine. Up to six for the right answer, up to 12 for the best wrong answer. Judges decisions are final and you'll win the Mad Magazine with Barbies dud date, alfred on the cover. Is this clearance sticker actually part of the cover?

1:05:07 - Dick DeBartolo
No, I love that. I emailed Susie, who puts the the cover's original for this issue. The insides are reprinted, but I love that. That clearance sticker, Because Mad is $5.99, but that's it just makes it seem so funny. Oh, that's so clever.

1:05:28 - Leo Laporte
It's nice they're doing new covers, I mean, and I like that. You know, honestly, Mad Magazine, the older stuff is the best stuff anyway.

1:05:35 - Dick DeBartolo
And new Foldins.

1:05:36 - Leo Laporte
And new Foldins. What are you, what is your article in this?

1:05:41 - Dick DeBartolo
Let's see the Teen Rage knit with teenage knit with mutant turtle.

1:05:48 - Leo Laporte
Well, that never gets old. They just got a new movie came, just came out.

1:05:51 - Dick DeBartolo
Yeah, exactly. So the timing's good People. If you don't watch the movie too carefully, you could think my satire is the new movie.

1:05:59 - Leo Laporte
GizWizbiz is Dick's website. His podcast, gizwiztv with OMG. Chad Dick, happy, happy birthday.

1:06:09 - Dick DeBartolo
Thank you guys, I'll see you in a month. All right, thank you, dickie, take care birthday and I'll see you at the GizFiz. We love the Giz. Good thing you, micah.

1:06:16 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, yeah right after this we can Google. Every Wednesday we do the GizFiz for club members. If you're not a club member, you should be. You really that's. Do it for Dick, don't do it for me, do it for Dick. $7 a month gets you ad, free versions of all the shows, gets you the Discord channel where you can chat and it gets you special shows just for the club. Like this guy here, dick DeBartoloz, gizfiz, if you want to see the Giz, I would say seven bucks a month's worth it just for that. You just go right, go to club, join club Twitter twittv, slash club twit. Thank you so much, dickie D. Thank you, not trooper.

1:06:58 - Dick DeBartolo
Okay, guys, thanks so much. Bye, bye, bye, bye.

1:07:03 - Mikah Sargent
All righty Is she break time or is it time for phone call?

1:07:10 - Leo Laporte
That's fantastic Is the wireless caller I'm gonna pick up Home.

1:07:14 - Mikah Sargent
Frank Kim. That's not a right name, but I'm gonna pick up that person. You gonna pick it up or should I?

1:07:19 - Leo Laporte
It's been picked up. It's been picked up.

1:07:22 - Mikah Sargent
It's been picked up. And now Star six, if you have not.

1:07:26 - Leo Laporte
Hello Kim or Frank. Which is it? I'm guessing it's Frank.

1:07:34 - Caller
Hello. Hey, Frank where you calling from. Hey, I'm asking again. I'm sorry, I was just learning how to unmute. Where are you calling from today? I'm calling from Nebraska, all right.

1:07:47 - Mikah Sargent
Welcome to the show.

1:07:48 - Caller
The corn husk is still. I have an issue. You got it. You got it. I've been listening to you for a lot of years. I'm about the same age as you are, so I'm not near as tech savvy, so you gotta bear with me here. Longest drive I ever took was route 80 through Nebraska.

1:08:05 - Leo Laporte
That just. There's a lot of corn in Nebraska. I never ended. It was a long trip.

1:08:09 - Caller
Yeah, but if you get off I-80, there's a whole lot of other countries you could see and you wouldn't know you're in the same state, I bet yeah, all right, I'm sorry, go ahead.

1:08:17 - Leo Laporte
What's your question?

1:08:19 - Caller
Oh no, no problem. Hey, I enjoy the BS. I just don't want to take up your important time here.

I have an issue hey we have a show title, I will get you to say it. Oh yeah, you do. There you go. No BS right. Yeah, okay, I've got a problem I'm sure you've never, I'm sure you've never had before and I wish I knew and had a solution for it. I have a Phillips DVR. You know, I live out in the country so I get over the air so I record that way. You know it's got a hard drive in it and it's probably 12, 14 years old. The issue I have with it is the remote control. I have to put it in the refrigerator to get it to work. What I told you it was unique.

1:09:02 - Leo Laporte
I love this.

1:09:05 - Caller
Let me ask does it have replaceable? It's a little too to work when it's cold and not warm.

1:09:09 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's interesting. The batteries normally does it have replaceable batteries in it?

1:09:15 - Caller
It does have replaced the batteries. I've done everything under the sun and it's getting worse as it gets older. I first discovered it by accident. Thank, you.

1:09:23 - Mikah Sargent
I needed to know this. How did you know to do this?

1:09:26 - Leo Laporte
That's what I needed to know, Well let me just put this in the freezer.

1:09:30 - Caller
Yeah, well, I do that now. I hope this isn't a too sensitive conversation. Since I live in the country, I can go outside to do certain things. Well, once I was struggling with it and couldn't get to work, I put it in my pocket and went outside.

1:09:44 - Caller
And it worked when you came back, because it was winter.

1:09:46 - Leo Laporte

1:09:48 - Caller
Exactly, exactly. So I started experimenting, but I have to say that's very. I actually put it in the refrigerator and it worked Very astute of you to say While it would work when it was cooler Just cooler weather here in the house, but now it's getting to be it's refrigerator. When I pull it out of the refrigerator or the freezer, it works instantly. It works great for a couple of minutes until it warms up enough, and then it absolutely the remote absolutely will not work.

1:10:15 - Leo Laporte
So there are some cases where stuff won't work unless it gets warm. We call that a cold solder, where there's a solder joint that wasn't properly done. But when it gets hot really, I mean really hot and kind of remelts it, it works, it makes the connection. But cold, that's an interesting one. Sounds like a busted cap. I'm gonna say it's a capacitor, right.

1:10:38 - Caller
Yeah, so it's like leaking probably, and then when you cool it, it's probably hardening again.

1:10:42 - Leo Laporte
Okay, so, and this is not uncommon- you guys were my last resort.

1:10:47 - Caller
I spent hours on the internet and everything else and can't find an answer.

1:10:50 - Leo Laporte
If you search for bad capacitor, you'll see there were a lot. There was a period of time when there were a lot of motherboards and other devices with poorly manufactured capacitors and they'd start to leak or they'd fail. Now, let me think about this. He probably I mean you're not gonna be able to open up the remote. By the way, that was Benito. We missed you, Benito. Yeah, thank you, We'll get him back. Thank you, he's the busted cap guy. So, no, you probably can't desolder that cap and replace it, though. Right, that's the problem.

1:11:26 - Caller
I mean that's Well, could you? Probably not. I have not. I can take the remote apart. Here's what I would do.

1:11:32 - Leo Laporte
I take the cover off of him. Get on eBay. In fact, it looks like scooter X has already found your replacement on eBay, wow.

1:11:39 - Caller
Even this, this old machine, huh.

1:11:41 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, this is $175 for the whole thing, but I wonder if you could just find the remote by itself. Yeah, it's probably a bad capacitor on the remote and when it's chilled it works again.

1:11:57 - Mikah Sargent
Because isn't it the difference of the metal expanding or contracting based on the temperature right?

1:12:03 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, well, the way capacitors work. They have liquids inside it. What a capacitor does is it holds, it stores electricity. It's like a little battery in a way, right, oh?

1:12:12 - Caller

1:12:13 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, another good idea. Another good idea is to get a programmable remote and replace that old one by programming the functions into a programmable remote. So you put the remote in the freezer and then let it chill down and get the new one ready and there's a button that says program it and take it out of the freezer and press the start. You know the power on button program that you could power all the buttons. Get my button gear.

Yeah, I think you need to replace the remote. In other words, once a capacitor goes bad, it's only gonna get worse. In fact, it is right, you have to chill it more each time, right?

1:12:54 - Caller
It is, it is, and I probably should just replace it. But you know what this is getting hard to find for us. You know, us old people live out in the country and just have TV antennas, decent DVRs where, yeah, yeah, nobody makes them for over the air.

1:13:10 - Leo Laporte
There are still some OTA DVRs from other companies that are new. If that Phillips dies on you, a Channel Master, makes them really excellent DVRs for over the air, specifically for this. I think they may be one of the last companies that are still doing that Channel Master.

1:13:27 - Caller
Yep, no, there's not too many, or some of them. They're just a little teeny tiny box that look kinda like a road or something. Yeah, that's like this, I'm not sure how that?

1:13:33 - Leo Laporte
That's the Silicon Dust HD Home Run. Yeah, and it records on. Yeah, that's kind of an interesting one, because you can use that to one box to connect to your antenna and then it puts it out over your network, your internet, your LAN, so you can see watch TV everywhere in the house on that one connection to the internet. That's from Silicon Dust, the HD Home Run In between 1999 and 2007, which is exactly, by the way, when you bought that Phillips DVR, I'm gonna guess there was a in fact.

1:14:02 - Caller
You're right.

1:14:03 - Leo Laporte
I'm sure it's probably that old yeah, Time goes by faster the older we get, as you know, wikipedia has an article called capacitor plague higher than expected failure rate of non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors between 1999 and 2007, due to faulty electrolyte composition that caused corrosion. So a lot this happened to a lot of motherboards Ultimately could cause a fire. I think you don't have to worry about it because your battery powered so you're not putting a lot of voltage through that thing, right, but I think Benito's got. I think Benito nailed this one.

1:14:44 - Caller
I think you're right. It makes sense because of all the other things I've tried to think and tried to research. That does make sense and I guess my first instinct on that was usually things when they expand, you get from heat, you get one, but if they're liquid in the cooling, you know, create a problem or corrosion, like you said.

1:15:07 - Leo Laporte
Here the seven symptoms of a bad capacitor Problems. Turning on this is from upgradedhomecom A burning smell from your unit that would be more like an AC. Random shutoffs, delayed AC actions, no cold air. This is all for an air conditioner Higher energy bills, no voltage. But of course in a remote control you'd get some of the same intermittent symptoms, and cooling it down might make that capacitor work for a little while, but in the long run I think you're gonna have to get a universal remote and replace it, and that's what I'm gonna do, by the way.

1:15:46 - Caller
That's the best, because the DVR works great.

1:15:48 - Leo Laporte
yet here's an answer from chatGPT. Wow, um, user5205 asked chat. Maybe I should ask chatGPT. That's interesting. What did you? Why is I seem to have a problem here? What did you ask your chatGPT? I wonder what the problem is. Let me try it. My remote control stops working, but when I bring it outside to the cold air it starts working again. Why? Let's see what. Let's see what, chatgpt asks Interesting observation.

1:16:37 - Caller
There could be a few reasons why your remote control behaves this way.

1:16:42 - Leo Laporte
Oops, I turned it down. Yes, she thought a battery too. Oh, crumb, this wants to do an SOS call. Nevermind, I'll read what user5205 came up with. Some remote controls have a this is another solution, by the way, rubber or silicone button membranes beneath the buttons. These membranes can degrade or become less responsive over time. Cooling the remote can temporarily improve the electrical conductivity of the materials and make the buttons work more reflectively. So maybe that's it Now. Remember, chatGPT is just making stuff up Right. So who knows? But actually that kind of makes sense.

1:17:18 - Mikah Sargent
In a way, you could wonder yeah, perhaps the silicone, the contact on the back of the silicone, that needs to touch the contact on the chip itself, something there has degraded. And then that's the part where it's just kind of like hand wavy and because of cold, then the connections will be better.

1:17:37 - Leo Laporte
Well, maybe yeah, or maybe yeah, maybe yeah. I don't know Exactly, I don't know, I don't know, and I guess I probably should have.

1:17:44 - Caller
The very first thing I did before I found out it was cold was to take because it's easy to take apart four screws, because I was. My first thought was those connections on that silicone pad were bad, but it didn't make any difference.

1:17:56 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, oh well, that's good to know then yeah, no, so it's gotta be the capacitor.

1:18:02 - Caller
I'm really comfortable.

1:18:02 - Leo Laporte
I'm liking that answer and then you're not gonna be able to really fix that, because it's a little circuit board in there and you're not gonna desolder the capacitor in place. Although you could, it might be a flat spot.

1:18:11 - Caller
Every time I touch one of them, it's a disaster anyway.

1:18:14 - Leo Laporte
But you could just get a universal remote and program it while that thing is still working.

1:18:18 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, before it goes all the way, yeah, and you have to I don't know send it to space to get it to work. Hey thanks for the call.

1:18:28 - Leo Laporte
I appreciate it. Has winter come to Nebraska yet, or?

1:18:36 - Caller
Nope, not yet. We've had a couple freezers, but we've also been close to 90s the last few days, so it's kind of one of those up and down it's crazy.

1:18:42 - Leo Laporte
It's crazy. Frank, a real pleasure, thanks for calling us and a great question. I love that it was a fun question, I love that, and he gave us a show title. Yes, indeed, take care, frank. Thank you, our show today, I enjoy the BS I enjoy. What should the title be? No more BS. It's all BS. I enjoy the BS. I enjoy the BS.

1:19:05 - Caller
I think that's what Frank actually said was I enjoy the BS. I like that.

1:19:09 - Leo Laporte
Our show today, brought to you by our friends at IT Pro TV. They're now called ACI Learning. You probably know this because everywhere all over the studio, it says ACI Learning. They are our studio sponsors for 2023. And if you have an IT team that you're trying to keep up to date, there is no better way than ACI Learning. Aci Learning kept all the fun and the personality of IT Pro TV, but they have now amplified it with robust solutions for all your training needs. You want to get training your team's going to enjoy because they're more likely to do it. One of the things that's great about ACI Learning they have an 80% completion rate on their videos, which is 50% higher than the industry average.

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Oh my goodness, I wonder what she thinks.

1:23:33 - Mikah Sargent
Well it processes. My favorite new feature is that chat GPT can take your prompts for Dolly and then turn them into something that will make the best prompt for Dolly.

1:23:43 - Leo Laporte
So you can, you can customize your graphics prompt. Oh, she's still listening. Let's see what she. She's what, what is she Interesting?

1:23:51 - Mikah Sargent
You're saying she Well, listen to her. Well, because, yeah, I mean as opposed to it.

1:23:57 - Leo Laporte
Well, listen to her. She sounds just like Scarlett Johansson. You wouldn't call. Sorry, I'm having issues.

1:24:02 - Caller
Right now. Our systems are experiencing heavy load. Please try again later.

1:24:06 - Leo Laporte
Plus, you just sent me seven minutes and 10 seconds of nonsense. Did you see that article she? Did say investing in a universal remote is a practical solution.

1:24:16 - Mikah Sargent
There you go. Yeah, she got that from us, though it's see, now you've got me saying she, it got that from us, though probably from listening to us say yeah.

1:24:24 - Leo Laporte
She's. She's got the whole conversation with Frank on here. Wow, I love this, though, because you're right, I know it's a machine, yeah, and it's not even a very bright machine, it's, it's it sounds like. Scarlett Johansson.

1:24:38 - Mikah Sargent
That's pretty cool. Mine's a guy, I've got mine.

1:24:40 - Leo Laporte
You like it you want to have a guy. Yeah, she sounds like a depressed Scarlett Johansson. Yeah.

1:24:46 - Mikah Sargent
A little low, low. What is that? Low energy, yeah, but there's another low adrenaline, low adrenaline, do you?

1:24:52 - Leo Laporte
suffer from low adrenaline.

1:25:00 - Mikah Sargent
Just taking a while.

1:25:02 - Caller
I'm just a digital assistant, so I don't have emotions, feelings or physiological responses like adrenaline. However, I can provide information on adrenaline and it's effective.

1:25:12 - Leo Laporte
See this is the problem I have with it it's gassy, it keeps on going. Yeah, they should stop at that first sentence. It does, but then it goes off for another eight paragraphs about adrenaline. I didn't ask it about adrenaline, I'm asking about her. Anyway. It it her, just like the movie. All right, moving on, who should we talk to next?

1:25:33 - Caller
Uh, let's go with J Ohio G.

1:25:37 - Leo Laporte
J in the G, j to the G in the Ohio of the G of the J of the Ohio, j Ohio, g, ohio, did. Am I supposed to do something? No, no, no, I got it. J to the G to the Ohio, ohio, hello, hey, j.

1:26:18 - Caller
Hey, how's it going? It's good. How are you? Doing pretty good, Doing pretty good Um where are you going?

1:26:27 - Leo Laporte
Hi, yeah, thank you, poor Micah, so often left out.

1:26:31 - Mikah Sargent
No, I was going to say I really like your voice.

1:26:34 - Caller
J, oh, thank you. Um, oh, sorry, I'm actually right now outside of us. Cincinnati Ohio, nice, oh, northeast I love, since he, um, yeah, yeah, I'm actually kind of interested in checking out the chili I've. I was born in Ohio but I've never been able to really enjoy some of these other. You've never had Cincinnati chili, no no, wow, it's not very good.

1:27:00 - Leo Laporte
It's. They put cinnamon in it. It's not my, it's a little. It's different if you're used to regular normal chili and then you can get it one way, two way, three ways, whether it's got beans and onions and spaghetti and spaghetti and the chili. That's five way yeah.

1:27:14 - Caller
I've heard. I've heard, I'm, I'm. I'm not saying I'm not going to turn it down, but you know I am interested in trying new foods. That's why I love traveling. But I don't know if the spaghetti is really my cup of tea, but I'm going to have to try it.

1:27:27 - Leo Laporte
You got to go to skyline, get the skyline chili. Three, four or five way. There it is, it's good, it's just it's not like other chili in the rest of the world. It's just not like other. It's a little cinnamony, it's interesting. Anyway, I, I, you know what, let's all go, let's go out and and have some. What can we do for you, jay, okay, for you. I was a little bit skeptical about it but I, I enjoyed it.

1:27:50 - Caller
I felt it when we opened our doors, didn't see that Well. Well, first I do have a kind of a response. You like you and, oh Actually, great title, I can't wait to see it on the podcast. But, micah, you had a message that came in against of the email of a person who wanted to take pictures with her phone and have it automatically documented with the time and date on the photo itself.

1:28:18 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember that.

1:28:20 - Caller
Yeah, that was sometimes back, but I heard it when I was on vacation. On my flight home From my cruise, I realized I do have an app just like that. Oh, it's called open cam. Open cam, oh yes, and there's an option in the settings photo settings saying you know, timestamp photo.

1:28:39 - Leo Laporte
Interesting, so you use that instead as your camera. Is this it. Mark Harman open camera. Is this it.

1:28:47 - Caller
Yes, mark army.

1:28:48 - Leo Laporte
Yes, so and it and so that's a setting. That's actually a great solution and it's been updated. It was updated in August of this year, so it's that yeah, fairly recent, and I can see you could even see right here the, the timestamp that it's put on there. That's, that's cool, awesome, thank you for this. What a good solution. Where did you go on your cruise?

1:29:09 - Caller
Part of a Mardi Gras to Actually, you know it. I need my wife here for this, because all I know is I had great fun, lots of food and, oh, puerto Rico was a first stop.

1:29:19 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I love that. Oh, so it was a Caribbean, was Western Caribbean.

1:29:23 - Caller
Yes, just Puerto Rico. And what Grand Turk and another stop, yes, fun.

1:29:28 - Leo Laporte
Oh, isn't that fun.

1:29:30 - Caller
You know, I do have one of the question though. Yes, you got me interested when you're talking about the my little Leo program. Yes, and you know I love photography. It's kind of my you know passion project. But I also love to keep the raw files and I've always had problems with one kind of like an online data manager or, you know, basically backup service that will do the raw files at a reasonable cost. But also, I was interested Is there anything under Linux that is like Mylio, or is there? Yeah, Mylio. Onto boom to.

1:30:06 - Leo Laporte
I've talked to Mylio. I said guys, you got to make a Linux version for me and and JG over here, so you're primarily Linux, yes, yeah. No, yeah, they don't currently have a Linux version and so that is an issue. Of course, you can keep it on your phone. I'm sure you have iOS or an Android as a phone and it works on both of those. What would I use? This is the problem.

When Picasso went away, there really weren't any great. We call this a category dam. Digital asset management, damn, damn. And all Photographers need a system, a damn system, because that, you know, there's got to. You have a lot of photos and, among other things, you want to pick the ones that are the best, Prioritize those. You want to be able to scan through them. If you do a wedding, you want to be able to scan through all the shots and go that one is a three star, that's a five star, quickly and easily, and then you want to be able to edit them, and a Good digital asset management solution will do all that. By the way, I don't even so many features of Mylio. They have a great ranking system that is fast and easy. You know, one click so that you are one tap of the button so you can really do that. That's a great dark room. Maybe, I don't know, on on, I don't know if a good damn for Linux actually. Yeah.

1:31:34 - Caller
I know I've looked at. I think it's dark tail, what?

1:31:36 - Leo Laporte
you're referring to.

1:31:36 - Caller
Yes, I'm sorry, yes, yeah, I live at dark table and to me it seems so powerful for photo editing. I never really got a chance to really do it for management because I'll just do folders and Lay with a folder and then inside of folders, of course, either the time and date or the location that I was taking pictures at, whether it's California or New York or or Texas and maybe something for Thanksgiving with you know all the photos from there.

1:32:01 - Leo Laporte
You see here that this shot of the interface where you can give it stars, it does, and you can categorize them. It is, it is. I think they're trying to make a lightroom clone, basically.

1:32:13 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it was actually suggesting that you could use lightroom on the web.

1:32:17 - Leo Laporte
No, no, no, don't go with that, let's not go crazy. It's not being saying. I think dark table is probably the tool I would recommend is the one I've used for years. Yeah, there's a dark room on a Mac. I always confuse, confuse it to. But dark table is very mature. It's an active development. They've done a great job. It does raw and, depending on whose raws you're using it, it does a very good job of interpreting it. I've always been impressed by dark table, which, by the way, is available, I think, on Mac and Windows as well. It's a really interesting. They say it's a workflow application and raw developer, so maybe it isn't tuned to be a digital asset management Tool. I think maybe you're right. Folders and all of that might be the way you end up doing it. I wish there were. I really wish there was something. There were a milio on Linux, because that's that's the way to do it. There's sponsor we should mention. Okay, so I don't other than that, other than the dark table, I don't have any other recommendations. That's the one, okay.

1:33:26 - Caller
Well, look, I appreciate it. Thank you for giving my 15 seconds of a fame, and y'all take care.

1:33:32 - Leo Laporte
Thank you for calling back. I love talking to you. Where are you going next? Where are you going next? Oh, um.

1:33:39 - Caller
I'm a truck driver, so I'm I'm gonna delivery just around the corner from here and I'm gonna probably go back to North Carolina.

1:33:47 - Leo Laporte
Nice, all right. And then in your travels, do you have a plan? You know, because when you get off a cruise, there's nothing more depressing like vacations over. I need where, where's. Where's my next meal gonna come from? I'm gonna have to make it so. So I always plan my next trip before the. So I know I have something to look forward to, have you planned your next trip yet.

1:34:08 - Caller
Yeah, um, what I do? I'm a, I'm a glass hauler, so I pretty much have a dedicated route almost. But a lot of places I've been to I've been to before, so I know where to stop, I know where to park, I know you know when they're going to uh, unload me, so that's why you haven't had season out of chili, you don't have time.

1:34:25 - Mikah Sargent
You gotta get to the next place, so what?

1:34:27 - Leo Laporte
do you say glass? What do you mean? Glass like pains of glass?

1:34:31 - Caller
Basically, yeah, what I carry is I wish I had my trailer with me, but I'm going to the gym Today. I have a free day today, nice. But what I carry is from the manufacturer to the people who will cut it down, make windows and doors Um and mirrors out of how?

1:34:47 - Leo Laporte
what an interesting specialty.

1:34:48 - Caller
Yeah, because you have to drive really careful. Yeah, yeah, well, careful than not. Yes, yeah, that's very cool.

1:34:57 - Leo Laporte
Of course Of course you talk to say Somebody tells me to haul glass, I'll think of you. Jg, thank you.

1:35:06 - Caller
What I will say is you know you talked to Samuel Sammon I know I listened to him because of you and he talks about potholes in in michigan. Glass can't handle the potholes if you do it right. So you know it takes a little bit of a Skill if you will.

1:35:19 - Mikah Sargent
That's terrifying. I know I'd be like yeah, oh no, you're making me go through.

1:35:24 - Leo Laporte
Have you ever lost a load?

1:35:26 - Mikah Sargent
of glass. That is a good question.

1:35:28 - Caller
Not a full load, but I've had to dump off a few pieces.

1:35:31 - Leo Laporte
Yes, Can you hear it when it when it's going? Can you hear smashing glass in the back?

1:35:36 - Caller
Yes, yes, just like you probably heard in all the cartoons and movies, you know what glass sounds like and whether it's a crack or it's a whole load up at all. Yeah, yeah, you're going to turn heads and kind of worry, it's not on you.

1:35:48 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, just I can imagine my face, just to be like oh, that happens how much fun to talk to you, jg Thank you for calling.

1:35:56 - Caller
I appreciate it, thank you. All right, take it easy, guys. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.

1:36:01 - Leo Laporte
But he said he I wonder if his business card says I haul glass, it should, it should, it's good, good Should. Um, I'm gonna do this. My rotator cuff is. I was about to say you need to kind of stretch that rotator cuff a little bit out.

Yeah there you go Good form, good form seven seven ten you ever do that You're on a date Only as a joke. I remember in the old days when I was a young man, that was the way. That was the way. All right, let's see iphone 15 pro max camera assessment. This is mike from orlando, florida. Hello, mike, I would like an assessment of the camera, the lenses and the quality of the images. I've watched many videos from what I consider reputable photographers. Some like it a lot, some think it's garbage. Okay, what do you think? Compared to past iphone cameras, I'm very happy with the iphone. I have a 15 pro max, as you do too, and I think it's gorgeous. Now I just got also the, the pixel 8 pro, which is google's latest, and I would say and dx o mark might agree that maybe the pixel 8 is a little bit better.

1:37:18 - Mikah Sargent
But neither with google's computational photography Is as well like and I think you nailed it.

1:37:24 - Leo Laporte
That's why some photographers don't like these.

1:37:27 - Mikah Sargent
Explain what that is so computational photography is this idea that we take what is actually there and then we augment it, we, we make it look better, we make slight adjustments to it, we make changes to it that are Blanketed under this term. Ai, right, and it is In. I think for the average person, it is a thing that you see and you go. I love this because it's trying to make a photograph for you. That, in general ways, is a very pleasing photo. But a photographer, a person who is looking with their eyes and is trying to capture something exactly as it is, who takes a photograph and has the computational photography magic happen, they see a photo that is not what they expect. They see a photo that has been taken and made in a, in effect, fake, because it has these, these additional changes made to it, and I think that's the difference at the heart of what apple is doing and what google is doing, and honestly, on the google side, I think it ends up being a Thing that pleases more consumers. Yeah.

1:38:34 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, and I think the the week. Third is samsung, which really over photo processes. Yeah, and you might hear a lot of photographers saying they don't like how the samsung looks, but remember, these camera phones are not Made for the same audience. As a professional photographer, you wouldn't shoot a wedding with a camera phone, right, and you want more. You want more control and that's why you would use a professional digital camera. But a lot of most people who using smartphone cameras are, you know, doing it for instagram, right?

1:39:04 - Mikah Sargent
And we that's. The thing, too, is that so many of us are taking photographs in what Actual professional photographers would call low light settings, because a lot of us are taking photos indoors, and even just being indoors, even with lights turned on into space, still ends up being what is technically low light, and so you think about having these photographs that if we were taking them With with a professional camera, even if we bumped up the iso and we did this into that without more lighting, it's gonna look pretty Grainy and bad. What our photo, what our cameras are able to do, though our phone cameras are able to do, is take something that isn't a low light and make it look better, like some photos that you took recently this is uh when I was in Rhode Island, we had an amazing hammer.

1:39:50 - Leo Laporte
Now this was. I was actually testing the camera. This is the iphone 14 or 15 pro max, because it was very dim. Now you have to hold the camera steady. But look at, for instance, look at the background, look at the lights, the bokeh. The bokeh on this was gorgeous. This is not portrait mode. Um, the detail is crisp. This looks delicious.

Oops, and it just went dark. But it is designed. It is designed For instagram. It's designed so that I don't have to think about it.

If I were gonna, I probably could take a better picture with a fancy camera, but I need a tripod. I made some lighting. I would have to know a lot about which lens I'm using, I would have to set it carefully and I'd probably get a bad, a bunch of bad, images. I just took this on the fly, quickly. So it really it's. It's what you it depends on what you're doing.

Now I will show you dx o marks camera, current camera reviews and right now, their favorite camera Is the uh iphone as the huawei p60 pro. I'm I'm in trouble with my connection here, so let me Just because that's why it went dark, the p60. Uh, huawei, I don't even know. Can you get this in the united states? It came out in the spring. Then the number two camera that had that 156 points for the camera. The number two camera is the iphone 15 pro max 154 points. And then one point lower, the google pixel 8 pro. But now A lot of people will say, well, that's dx o mark. I mean, are they sell software? Are they good? I mean, right, it's. It is such a subjective thing. No objective number is going to capture. That is the iphone one point better than the pixel 8. What does that?

1:41:35 - Mikah Sargent
mean? And if two people say that the photos are garbage and six people say that the photos are the best they've, what does that even mean? I think it really does boil down to what you think. You have to look at the photographs and see if you Like the way that the photographs look and the. The fact is, no one can capture every Specific situation that you would be in and be able to show you how you might make adjustments to it. I really do think that at this point, so much of it boils down to personal taste, whether it's it's capturing a photo that you are happy with. I don't really. I I'm very happy with this phone camera, uh, the the ability that it has, and I love how the photos look, but I also understand how someone might look at them and and feel like it's not taking what A professional camera would do. Yeah, we know that it's not supposed to be a dslr. It's not a classic 35 millimeter lens camera. It's just capable of capturing photographs in a similar way.

1:42:41 - Leo Laporte
But I would say it's very, very capable for the market. It's aimed at either the pixel 8 or the iphone 15. Really give you great images and, frankly, I would include the uh samsung s23 altar as well Just, I think, all the camera you need basically, uh, and the only reason to use a bigger professional camera is because you want more control, you want to do different things that the camera can't do, and I think some professional photographers don't like the iphone because it makes decisions for you, right, um, but 99 of the time it's the decision you want. That should be made, yeah so I would not hesitate.

If you're in the market for a new phone, you want a good camera. The iphone 15 is pro, or pro max is fantastic. I think they've done a great job. How much better is it than the 14?

1:43:33 - Mikah Sargent
this much right and what does that mean? Who knows what, how much is this?

1:43:37 - Leo Laporte
really it's just. Is it that or this? So it's not, I would say, so much better, it's a little better. It's not so much better that you should give up the iphone 14. In fact, it's really only one area that it's better, which is the 5x zoom, but so the 14 is five. If you're on an iphone 10, get the 15 if you can afford it. That's all Um, all right, all right. I, as they say, as they say in the streets, I, I Do I do?

1:44:08 - Mikah Sargent
we want to take that question from the chat.

1:44:12 - Leo Laporte
How do I get chat gpt on my phone, like leo and mica? Yeah, you have to be a subscriber 20 freaking bucks a month. So you have to be a fool Like us. Yeah, but we do it so you can benefit. Yes, it's really, I have to say.

1:44:28 - Mikah Sargent
having played with it a lot, I have to and I I quite like having it there Um.

1:44:36 - Leo Laporte
It's a toy, yeah, you find it useful.

1:44:41 - Mikah Sargent
It depends.

1:44:42 - Leo Laporte
It's expensive toy.

1:44:43 - Mikah Sargent
It's an expense. Okay, yes, it's an expensive Fidget? No, I I have, but it isn't okay Right now I'm coming to terms with what you're saying, and that is true when I look back on the different things that I've used it for. Almost every instance it was just for play. Um, I did mention the one time that I used it for information that I actually needed, but I went and checked the you know fact, check that information, because I needed to make sure it wasn't coming up with something that was fake. So, yeah, in that way it is. It is a yeah because I can't trust it.

Yeah, if you can't trust it, then it's a, it's a toy, it's. It's a fun toy, but it is a toy.

1:45:23 - Leo Laporte
I it now. They recently added this feature. To talk back to you, that's a new feature and the feature to get dolly. They've had what they call multi mode, where you can put a picture in there as well as a text. I like that. I didn't know it could give me dolly prompts. Yeah, dolly comes from open ai as well. Exactly.

1:45:40 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, and instead of going, because if you go to dolly on the web and you type in something, nine times out of ten At least it's been my experience you get not a great photo. But if you do it through chat gpt, what chat gpt does is it takes your response. So maybe I say, um, I want a photograph of a Podcaster dressed as a pumpkin, and it will take what I say and it will turn it into something that will produce a better result from dolly, and when I've used it this way it looks so much better. Unfortunately, if you do it on the app, it does not reveal what the prompt is. You have to do it on the web to actually see what prompt it has written for you. But that has been One of my favorite new additions there and I will say that there is one place where it is not served as a toy and that is anytime I have a, an article or A pdf or something that I want to have like quick summarization of it's very handy.

For that I can. I can feed it a url and say can you give me the bullet points of this and get back kind of the base, and that there it's. It's not so much a toy as it is a very handy feature to have um.

1:47:00 - Leo Laporte
I'm here on chat gpt. I, like I said you have to. You can use it for free in a limited way, but I'm on chat gpt at open ai. I've clicked chat gpt for um which what? So I can give it a picture here do the drop down for gpt 4 up?

1:47:18 - Mikah Sargent
at the top and then choose dolly at the bottom.

1:47:20 - Leo Laporte
Oh, dolly 3.

1:47:21 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah and then now just tell it something that you want it to make. Okay, do.

1:47:26 - Leo Laporte
I have to say a prompt like anything, or just say so I, for example, I want a high detail illustration of blank detail. Illustration Of.

1:47:40 - Mikah Sargent
Of what? Oh, what about five, five level?

1:47:43 - Leo Laporte
chili or whatever it was. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. Cincinnati Skyline chili, five ways, All right. So now it's good. Is it gonna draw something? Well? It's so first, it's going to Take what you just said, yeah, and it's going to essentially Translate it into something that dolly is going to better understand a good test, because Is it going to give me five different ways of skyline chili, or is it going to give me skyline chili in five?

1:48:19 - Mikah Sargent
five ways, five way chili and that's where the beauty of using chat gpt is. The filter comes into play where, if you just went to Uh, open ai's dolly directly and type that in oh, so this is going to give you a different answer.

1:48:31 - Leo Laporte
It says it's creating an image.

1:48:32 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, so it is basically accessing its own api with dolly three. Okay, and it is Quote-unquote chatting with dolly three and, oh my god, this is what it returns here are the illustrations of Cincinnati skyline.

1:48:45 - Leo Laporte
Chili served five ways and notice how they've Capitalized it so they did recognize, they knew.

I hope they capture the essence of the dish you have in mind. Let me know if you need any further modifications. Well, I'm hungry. What's nice is they put the skyline of Cincinnati and they did the five ways right. We've got your beans, we've got your. I don't know what the white thing is. Beans, that would be beans. Onions, oh, maybe the white is the onion, maybe that's the onion. This is pretty uh, looks, looks tasty. And look, there's Cincinnati in the placemat, or there's Cincinnati in the background. I guess it doesn't know. Skyline, look what is that. Tomatoes, oh, green onions. And white sugar cubes. I don't know what the cubes are.

1:49:30 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, they do look like ice cubes.

1:49:32 - Leo Laporte
Yeah what is? That's a mystery.

1:49:34 - Mikah Sargent
They're in all of the images and what's cool here too, is that you can then say something like I don't like the white cubes in that. Can you change it? Okay, it will take that. Okay, yeah, so you can X out of that, okay.

1:49:48 - Leo Laporte
I don't like the oops, the white cubes. Can? I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna ask you if it can, I'm gonna tell it. Replace them with sliced onions, right, yeah? Or chopped onions. Chopped onions, yeah, okay, we're.

1:50:06 - Mikah Sargent
We're cooking up a dish here, let's see, I don't, and now it's going to so it remembers a previous prompt as well. So that's kind of nice Yep, and it will take that prompt and and run with it to to when.

1:50:21 - Leo Laporte
I was, um, uh, a new father. I used to try I knew this was part of my job to tell my children bedtime stories. I don't know why, but I lack an imagination, so they were terrible. I made up stories about a clown named bobo who lived in a circus train With sally and johnny, the two children, and they would go from town to town and there was always some adventure. And so I thought you know what I should. So I'm, I'm sitting there with my daughter. I said I bet chat gbt could do a better job than me. And it did. Oh, it did yeah.

1:50:57 - Mikah Sargent
I guess.

1:50:58 - Leo Laporte
I did it, so from now on.

1:50:59 - Mikah Sargent
So it has replaced it says Okay, it's got she a whole wedge of cheese in that case, and then some onions.

1:51:07 - Leo Laporte
I made the modifications and replaced the white cubes with chopped onions. I hope these better match your vision. I don't know, but I'm getting hungry now.

1:51:15 - Caller
The white cubes are still there. Still some white cubes on that one.

1:51:18 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, oh no, this is the old one. Sorry, let's, let's. I was, I clicked the wrong or no.

1:51:23 - Mikah Sargent
No, those are the new. Yeah, so they still have white cubes in some cases. That one's a good one with the cheese I love the cheese wedge Cheesehead.

1:51:31 - Leo Laporte
That's just what they look like. Cheeseheads that looks pretty good with a little onions. Yeah, you know.

1:51:36 - Mikah Sargent
I like that.

1:51:37 - Leo Laporte
What is this thing?

1:51:38 - Mikah Sargent
beans looks like, yeah, horn like brown. Okay, baked beans or something, um, but that is a fun illustration.

1:51:47 - Leo Laporte
Here's the point. What are you gonna do with that? Right, but if you were a chili, a sky, like a company called skyline chili, or you wanted to be like, this would be the beginning of the illustration. I'm using your ad. It's a jumping off point. Uh, and that's pretty good.

1:52:04 - Mikah Sargent
I just had a thought. Yeah, you know what people are going to be able to see soon. What's that could be a great prompt. Five podcasters try to escape from and from a wizard themed escape puzzle. We're going to be doing an escape room with club twit Uh and you can all tune in this thursday if you are members of club twitted. Twit dot tv Thursday.

1:52:31 - Leo Laporte
Oh my god, coming thursday I do have a wizard hat. I will bring out the wizard. Should I dress like a wizard? I am planning on, or are we being trapped by a wizard?

1:52:40 - Mikah Sargent
Just yeah, I think we're being trapped by a wizard.

1:52:42 - Leo Laporte
So we have to get out. But I guess if I dress like a wizard I might trick the wizard into letting me out.

1:52:48 - Mikah Sargent
Um, but yes, if you are a member of club twit, then you will get to see this.

1:52:51 - Leo Laporte
If you're not, if you enjoy the bs, you'll really like this $7 a month, $84 a year, at twittv slash club twit.

1:52:58 - Mikah Sargent
When you sign up, you're going to Get to tune in this thursday to watch that escape room, which will be a lot of fun. But you also get access to a lot of other stuff as well. First and foremost, every single twit show with no ads, it's just the content. You'll gain access to the club twit Bonus feed that has extra content you won't find anywhere else behind the scenes before the show, after the show and those events get published there afterward. And Access to the members only discord server, which is a fun place to go to chat with your fellow.

1:53:24 - Leo Laporte
And it's gonna look exactly like this it's gonna look like in the escape room. By the way, notice it added five diverse puddlers.

1:53:31 - Mikah Sargent
I love that it is diversity.

1:53:32 - Leo Laporte
It added some diversity to that's cool. Wait a minute. Why does she have a white beard? Oh, is that Jeff Jarvis? They're all bearded, the bearded podcast. If you're a podcast star, you must all. Oh man, these are great, aren't these cool?

1:53:51 - Mikah Sargent
And if you went to Dolly itself and tight, yeah, it doesn't have headphones, but if you try to type this in, there's the prompt on the side.

1:54:00 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, so that's how I could copy that and then give it to Dolly three. Would it be different? It?

1:54:05 - Mikah Sargent
should show up similar to what you're seeing here. Okay, but see if I went to the website and typed in the prompt that we actually wrote. Remember that it took your prompt that you wrote and turned those.

1:54:14 - Leo Laporte
Oh, this is a better prompt, isn't it?

1:54:16 - Mikah Sargent
That's the whole point of using chatGPT. Chatgpt comes up with a better prompt for Dolly to get a better image in the end.

1:54:23 - Leo Laporte
Well, I should save these and give them to our production team, because I bet they could use this. Yes, you can use it as a template almost.

1:54:29 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, these are fun, aren't these?

1:54:31 - Leo Laporte
cool, yeah, but again, it's a trick, it's a game, yes it is, by the way, there are some women. In some of these there's a woman, two women in that one. That's it, and this one has some women, one woman. So they're these are. This is, I think it's fantastic. There will be women when we do this, because Lisa is going to join us. You're going to do it, I'm going to do it, lisa is going to do it. Is aunt coming? I think aunt will be there.

1:54:56 - Mikah Sargent
Is Jason, how Jason is unavailable. It has to be six people Exactly. Yeah, I can't remember the six, but there will be six there. Join ClubSwitch.

1:55:04 - Leo Laporte
Thursday, so you can see it through PMCIVIC 6 PM. Eastern slash ClubTwit. Let's take another call. This has been so much fun. I'm really. That's chat GPT. And again, it's just a toy. It's a toy? Yeah, it's not, but if you had to create something, it's a starting point. I think it's a good use, for it is as a starting point for you to create something, or perhaps as a prompt to stimulate your creative thinking.

1:55:32 - Mikah Sargent
It's great.

1:55:32 - Leo Laporte
It's synthesizing a bunch of content into something you can digest, that there are certain things it's very good with. Should I ask it for a recipe for a Cincinnati chili?

1:55:43 - Mikah Sargent
I actually that's. I forgot. The protein smoothie that I have almost every day was generated by chat GPT. No, I kid you. Not Long time ago I said I would like a high protein smoothie recipe that also includes a good amount of fiber and nutrients, and it's good. And it's good, it's. It's holy cow the chia seeds was the secret there with, oh yeah, fiber and nutrients.

1:56:11 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, if you let it sit for a while, they expand.

1:56:13 - Mikah Sargent

1:56:14 - Leo Laporte
They get gooey, they do get gooey.

1:56:17 - Mikah Sargent
Real quick actually before we take another call, do you mind taking one last quick break? Ok, we can do that and we're done with the break. I see Susan who's called in the past. I think we should probably pick up on Susan Listener.

1:56:32 - Leo Laporte
Oh yeah, she's the save a memory girl I know Susan. Hi, susan, I just pulled you up and just press star six, as you know, and I'm going to ask for a recipe for Skyline chili.

1:56:46 - Caller
Hello guys. Hi Susan, welcome back. Thank you. Hopefully this is an easy question because you guys do it every single day. I am looking for a way to and I should say I'm. I'm from Longmont, colorado, and thank you for choosing me. I am looking for a way as I move forward with my business. I want to create some videos and I want to be able to show the display on my iPad and my iPhone. And you guys do it all day long and I'm just wondering what hardware and software could I use? I usually use Zoom when I'm recording. I also have Camtasia and I have the full Adobe suite, so the recording part I've got. But I'm looking for a way to easily like display my iPhone or my iPad so I can show people how to use various apps, including Mylio, because I am a Mylio certified consultant. You are OK, I am.

1:57:52 - Mikah Sargent
Oh yeah, that's great. It sounds like you're on Windows, yes.

1:57:55 - Caller
I am ambidextrous, but my home environment is all Apple at this point, so I'm currently sitting at an IMac Pro, ok that's.

1:58:04 - Mikah Sargent
That's good news, because I was a Windows and I was going to suggest using what is it OBS? Obs Studio will let you pull in the video. Other devices, yeah, but OK, if you are on the Mac, I you can't go wrong with Ecam Live, and the reason why I suggest this is because I've seen other tools that try to show your iPhone or your iPad screen and it there's always some lag there's, there's not, it's not a smooth and it doesn't work as well and as easily to control it. Rosemary Orchard is my cohost on iOS today. She and I every week use Ecam Live that's E-C-A-M-M Live as our familiar with it and that's just primarily software, right?

So I don't need, you know, a hardware switcher for the only hardware you would need for that is whatever plugs into your iPhone If you've got a USB-C iPhone at this point, or if you've got you know a lightning and then plug that into your computer and then you're you're good to go. What will happen is it will show up as a camera source in the app and you can either have it overlay on your screen, like you might want to, or you can have it be just the screen and you could be overlaid on it, or vice versa. And what's great about E-C-A-M is that it will also let you bring in screen capture. So if you want to show something that's on the Mac itself that can be up there, you can have the iPhone over that, you can have an iPad in the corner. I mean it's. It's the full feature.

1:59:37 - Caller
So, like I could have my PowerPoint or my keynote running and then have part of the screen, be you know, here's the actual app that I'm going to talk about and navigate through that. Absolutely. Pull up my OK.

1:59:52 - Mikah Sargent
Perfect, yeah, it does. It does all of that and it sounds like you're. Are you doing these as videos that are being recorded? Are you doing them as live kind of seminars through Zoom?

2:00:03 - Caller
They're going to be recorded material. I want to offer some online courses through my website so that I can try and help more people. You know, one on one you only go so far, but you know, if people are interested in learning how to maybe use photosweeper to dedupe their photo library, you know I'd love to show people how to do that. There's lots of great tools, even like Mylio. Show them the power of Mylio, Because it is an awesome tool. Leo's correct in that, yeah.

2:00:35 - Mikah Sargent
That's. That's. Another beauty of ECAM is that it actually is a recording suite as well. So while it in fact, I was just talking to Doc Rock, who is the community manager over at ECAM Live, and he has kind of advocated for kicking that live word off the end because it keeps people from believing that it's a great tool for recording. Oh, it's right, oh, it's only for.

No, it is a recording suite and what's great is they recently added a feature where you can record two video streams at once. So say you needed to do some editing afterward. It will let you record, kind of that, that main camera feed where you're switching, but maybe you want to have that iPad being recorded separately in the background, just in case you wanted to overlay that and do some editing. So, yeah, it's got great built in recording features. It's got a built in audio mixer so that you can have audio coming from the iPad as well as coming from your microphone. Yeah, they they're not a sponsor on the network, but they should be because I can go on, we love them, we love them. It's great yeah.

2:01:37 - Caller
So so it would be an app that I install and I wouldn't need to use Zoom for, for example, or Camtasia, I could just do all my recording right through that app, yep.

2:01:48 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, but it does. It can act as a virtual camera for Zoom.

2:01:53 - Mikah Sargent
So yeah, if you wanted to do live seminars or something like that, you could still do all about that you're just talking about, and then you just choose that as your and just bump it into Zoom. Zoom.

2:02:02 - Caller

2:02:03 - Mikah Sargent

2:02:04 - Caller
Wow, ok, perfect, that's awesome. Yeah, and I and I started a podcast, but we're not video, we're just audio and currently I'm just doing that through Zoom and we're capturing the audio through that. That's good, that works, but live Ecam live could capture the audio as well, right, yeah, I think.

2:02:24 - Mikah Sargent
In that I mean, you could absolutely do that, yes, but I think in that case it's better if you're just fine. Yeah, zoom to do that, because it's just right there and that way, yeah, zoom's got built in protections and stuff where the other person's audio is being captured at the same time, zoom's audio processing is quite good.

2:02:43 - Leo Laporte
It is, I have to say it's, pretty impressive. It's what we use all the time. Yeah, yeah, perfect. Tell us your website again.

2:02:51 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, what's in the podcast now?

2:02:52 - Caller
Yes, yes, so the website is save a memory dot photo and I can help people remotely. So if you've got a digital library you need help with or you're struggling with Mylio or some other tools like Lightroom, I know all of that. And then my podcast. There's a link there that will take you to the podcast at the top of my site or you can go directly to inside photo organizing dot com. So the link from my website. Also, I am hosting some of the latest audio files there directly, but you can find us on all your your favorite podcast apps.

2:03:33 - Leo Laporte
I'm so proud of you. You've really made this. Yeah, it's awesome, wonderful business and you're doing well with it.

2:03:39 - Caller
Yes, I just picked up another client About maybe 1500. We call it analog photos, so digital. The. I'm sorry the print photos that I'm going to be digitizing of her and her siblings and her, her grandparents, on both her her parents side. So, yeah, so I just secured that today and I'm very excited. I always love new projects and I really love the old photos, you know, the ones on postcards from the 19, early 1900s, the silver photos that you have to use filters for. So I just love bringing things back to life.

2:04:17 - Leo Laporte
Susan, are you in Rome here in this picture? This is a great. Is that the same? That's awesome.

2:04:24 - Caller
Thank you. Yeah, that was my. I took a cruise. You guys have been speaking about cruises and so I had a Mediterranean cruise and I got to Rome a couple of days early actually a week early, because my my mother's side of the family is from Sicily and they nice, they live in Milan, my, my cousins and so I flew out there a week early and spent a week in Milan was fabulous and then my cousin and I took the fast train to Rome two days before I had to embark on the ship.

2:04:55 - Leo Laporte
That's the way to do it.

2:04:56 - Caller
Yeah, we got some extra time coming around the corner and it was the first time I got to see the, the Coliseum, and I was so cool.

2:05:03 - Leo Laporte
So cool Save a memory photo. That's why you want to save these memories. You'll never you know. They're just, they're incredible. Susan, as I remember, were you a school teacher, I was a webmaster for a local government master and social media manager and then, early on, also a records manager.

2:05:23 - Caller
So I've got all that background of knowing how to scan images and retouch them and video and then also helping people with genealogy Because I need to figure out like how to it helps me date your photos. So I ask you to fill out a little family group sheet and then I build you a little family tree which you get when, when we're we're all done and yeah, it's just great.

2:05:52 - Leo Laporte
Pleasure seeing you again. Yeah, so good to chat.

2:05:54 - Caller
Thanks for answering my question, guys Of course I got to go to Jason.

2:06:00 - Leo Laporte
You'll see why in a second. Jason looks pretty darn cool. Hi, Jason.

2:06:07 - John A.
Hey, I talked to you about a year ago. I have the light sensitivity and I couldn't find a new computer, remember? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

2:06:15 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, my daughter has a similar problem with LEDs and she is just hard for her because she all these screens are LED backlit now.

2:06:24 - John A.
Yeah, I have to wear the sunglasses pretty much all the time. It's really irritating. Yeah, and even in the dark, in order to stare at the screen. This time to for this to wait for now, I had to.

2:06:37 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I'm sorry.

2:06:38 - John A.
To wear these. So I apologize. I have a special. I have this green light. It's called an, a lay lamp. It's next to me. That's why I have a green tent and it's. It's really good for people with migraines, and I really. When my wife bought it, I thought it was, you know, a waste of money, but wow, the first day I used it it really helps. So it's a specific band of green.

2:07:02 - Leo Laporte
I'm going to get this for my daughter because her light sensitivity is really kind of ruining her life. She can't work in she. She had a great job she loved, but they had LED lights above, very bright, and it gave her migraines. So I'm going to help her with this. This looks really cool, so then it works for you.

2:07:22 - John A.
Yes, I had. I bought a second one because they're not cheap and I was so afraid that I was going to drop it on the way going to work every day.

2:07:31 - Mikah Sargent
Oh wow, that's how much.

2:07:32 - John A.
So I just I bought, I bought a second one. So I have one in my office at work. All I have is a computer screen on and this and I have the door closed and it's totally dark, and that's pretty much how my day goes every day.

2:07:46 - Mikah Sargent
Every day my word what?

2:07:48 - Leo Laporte
what particulars is the sensitivity? Do you know?

2:07:51 - John A.
I don't know. I knew it had something to do with my eyes and I had a chiropractor give me whiplash last year.

2:07:59 - Leo Laporte
Oh, nice Thanks.

2:08:00 - John A.
I was stuck. I was stuck in the dark for weeks and then I'd found a pair of sunglasses my son had in a in a box and I put those on and I noticed it over as I recovered. It helped me and I think part of it is from the whiplash. It's permanent, but now the light sensitivity I I don't get headaches. My neck tightens up so much that my vertebrae gets stuck constantly in my shoulders and stuff.

2:08:31 - Leo Laporte
So so he activated that and now it's really a pain. Yeah, I'm going to look at this. La light this is a very specific wavelength that they think. They think somehow soothes hyperactive neurons.

2:08:45 - John A.
Well, I read that, the guy who created it. There was a study, I forget if it was University of Arizona or something. I printed it out. It had like a really big effect on people and I think at the end of the study, all but one person asked to keep the light and he created this product. And I've tried so many things that I thought you know, it's a 40 day money back guarantee. This is a waste of time. But FedEx delivered it on a Sunday afternoon and within six hours it was like, wow, this is really helpful. Oh, I'm going to get her one I guess we go spumps on.

2:09:21 - Leo Laporte
I'm going to get her one, that's, that's, you know we were evolved without artificial light, obviously, and we've created all these artificial lights. But you know, fluorescent lights and LED lights have a flicker. You can't Normal people can't perceive them, but many people are sensitive to that flicker Plus supposedly your brain.

2:09:43 - John A.
There's a part of your brain that registers different light colors and this frequency of green stimulates it the least out of any other color, and that's what he claims anyway. Interesting, yeah, I mean, it's rechargeable. You know, I walk around with it like a flashlight. It really helps.

2:10:03 - Leo Laporte
But I took her to a neurologist and the neurologist said, yeah, she said you're getting migraines. It wasn't pain, but that she would get halos and all sorts of weird effects. And she said, yeah, not all migraines are like headaches. They can be. There Can be other neurological effects, side effects.

2:10:19 - John A.
I've seen four neurologist and 35 doctors. Because it took a while to figure out, I'm glad you found something I'm pretty well given up. So well, the reason I'm calling is computer yes. I found a computer that actually is is working for me, and I thought that's why I would call you back, because I told you I couldn't find anything.

2:10:38 - Leo Laporte
It's not so much the computer. Is the screen right? It's about the screen.

2:10:41 - John A.
Correct. I had never seen a Chromebook with a non glare screen before and I've tried Windows computers with the non glare screen and never I've returned so many things. I tell you best buy, wouldn't let me return anything else. Lenovo has this gaming Chromebook.

2:11:00 - Leo Laporte
Yes, the Legion I happen to see.

2:11:03 - John A.
No, this is an odd Idea. Pad gaming Chromebook. Okay 16 inch.

2:11:07 - Leo Laporte
Oh, it's a Chromebook, of course. Yeah, it's not a Legion.

2:11:09 - John A.
Yeah, and the non glare screen caught my attention and I went home and researched it and it actually has a screen that puts out less blue light. Okay, and it's I don't know how to say this TV Rhineland certified and if you looked that up, it's a special type of monitor that puts out less blue light.

2:11:31 - Leo Laporte
Is it this one Idea pad, 16 inch gaming Chrome. Yes, okay, yes, it's out of stock right now, but maybe they'll have more soon.

2:11:39 - John A.
Well, I didn't buy it directly from them, but what now? I'll admit I have the yellow. The blue light filter is on and it looks like I'm watching the Simpsons on everything that I see, and I have this You're why is Homer Simpson yellow?

2:11:57 - Mikah Sargent
It's a good point, because the artists didn't like blue.

2:12:00 - Leo Laporte
And because of that, by the way, all the emojis are yellow. Somebody asked me why are you always sending me a yellow thumbs up? And I said well, that's just that default he said you know you can change the color. Yeah, oh thank you very much. Now it looks more like me. Oh, I see, but it did look like Homer was giving us the thumbs up. Anyway, sorry, yeah Well, but at least it doesn't give you a headache, doesn't bother you, right?

2:12:24 - John A.
You know and I, there's a 30 day return. I've had it for a little over three weeks because it was, like you know. I want to be sure and I finally I added the extra warranty for it yesterday and in order to bigger SD card, I'm going to keep it. My wife knows that I've been trying to buy a computer for years. I'm using the same one from 2016. Yikes, I couldn't find a new one, yikes. So, anyway, it's a really for a Chromebook. It doesn't have touch, which I never used anyway, and it has that non glare screen, but it works for me and I thought I would call in and if anybody does have lightsense.

2:13:03 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, what was any of that certification?

2:13:05 - John A.
again, I it says T U V, but the? U has two little dots over it.

2:13:11 - Leo Laporte
Okay, ruinlend.

2:13:13 - John A.
Ruinlend yeah yeah, r-h-e-i-n-l-a-n-d certified on the display and I had to look up what that meant. But if you read reviews of it, they all say it's a lower blue light and when I saw that it's like you know what, I'll go try it and bring it home and it's like wow. And actually at first computer I've been able to buy since 2016 that I can use.

2:13:37 - Leo Laporte
So that's wonderful. It's a German certification, yeah.

2:13:42 - Mikah Sargent
I think we did certifying things.

2:13:43 - Leo Laporte
It's a little weird, but yeah, two of Ruinlend Nice. Okay, I'm going to write this down because my daughter uses Chromebooks. She's using the old Pixelbook that doesn't bother her eyes. I gave her one of these nice MacBooks and she sent it back. She said I can't use it. The blinking of the LEDs Are you able to?

2:14:03 - Mikah Sargent
get sunlight.

2:14:06 - John A.
Sometimes it just depends I have to wear the sunglasses. I'm better in the morning than in the afternoon. I went walking last Sunday around 3.45, beautiful weather, cool weather, and then everything kind of fell apart. When I get overloaded, I can't think from visual stimulation. I've told Leo a few years ago I sit and listen to your old podcast. I'm back to like 2016 right now to give me something to do, because I'm stuck sitting in a dark room all the time and I can listen and focus. But to watch stuff it does something to my mind. It's hard to focus. So I was out walking last week. It took me until Thursday before I felt better again, so I try to avoid the sunlight.

2:14:59 - Leo Laporte
We're making new shows as fast as our feet can. You won't have to go back in time too far, and I'm sorry I kept you on hold for so long. I didn't mean to. Next time you call, make sure you get on right away.

2:15:13 - John A.
Okay, well, I appreciate your help. Yeah, get your daughter that light.

2:15:17 - Leo Laporte
I'm gonna.

2:15:18 - John A.
I just I really didn't have much expectation of it. I've tried so many things and returned it, but it's like I have two of them, so yeah that that sells you everything.

2:15:27 - Mikah Sargent
Well, I'm glad you were able to find some relief there and I'm sorry. You know that this is an ongoing thing for you.

2:15:34 - Leo Laporte
She she's not a fan of artificial light in general. You know, she and I think that that's probably true Our, our bodies, weren't involved in this weird artificial environment.

2:15:44 - John A.
Some of us are interested in being aware of with this light. If you sit in the dark, not part of it's being in the dark, it makes you sleepy, so be aware of that. You know it will make you tired. It's supposed to relax your brain, so sometimes you get a little sleepy just sitting with the light.

2:16:01 - Leo Laporte
So all right, I don't think she minds that. Hey, thanks for the call. It's great to talk to you. I appreciate it.

2:16:10 - John A.
All right, thank you, appreciate it.

2:16:12 - Leo Laporte
I appreciate it. Yes, because that's really the show is all about. You know what, though, it's like?

2:16:16 - Mikah Sargent
getting together yeah. We have a good time and there there are so many people with light sensitivity stuff who oh, this is a big subject. Yeah, Not only the green, but also the certified, you know monitors.

2:16:28 - Leo Laporte
So well, and there's so much blue from all of these and you've made me aware of that Don't get me started.

2:16:33 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, the super charismatic nuclei just being blasted by blue light constantly.

2:16:37 - Leo Laporte
If you're super calyphergic, expialidocious nuclei. Oh, there's green behind you. Oh, is it the right wavelength?

2:16:45 - Mikah Sargent
It's probably not. It's very soothing Going to be outputting other colors as well.

2:16:50 - Leo Laporte
We thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate you're putting up with us on a Sunday and my beeping, which I keep muting, but it won't go away. I apologize for that. Oh, we do this show every Sunday from two to five Eastern time, that's 11am to 2pm Pacific time, and you can watch us, do it live or listen if if you just want to be in a quiet room with the lights off, livetwittv. If you are listening live or watching live, chat live in our discord club, twit members can get in there and have a good time. Of course it's free.

On IRCtwittv, if you like, irc, after the fact, on the main versions of the show available to ittv, slash ATG. You could also go to the YouTube channel. It's dedicated to ask the tech guys and, of course, the best way to do this is subscribe. If you already were subscribing to the tech guy show, you're getting it automatically. Tech guy labscom is the website you could subscribe. Got links to a bunch of different podcast clients or just the simple RSS that you could paste into any client. But that way you'll get it automatically. You don't have to think about it and you won't have to worry. Do I have a tech guy? You'll say, yes, I have many asked the tech guys. Now, micah, if they have a question, is there some way they could get?

2:18:09 - Mikah Sargent
ahold of it. So many ways they can get ahold of it. They can send their questions to ATG at twittv. That's the way to help out Leo's rotator cuff. That email will make its way into a mailbox behind us where he'll pull out that question, unless you send us audio or video, in which case then we will play it out or view it out, I guess, and then you can also. Okay, I was worried you were going to sort of read that one out.

I'm just reading it to myself Good, good, good, I also had to calltwittv the browser in your browser on your mobile device and that will get you into our resume where you can join and ask your question live on air. Or Leo, what's the phone number? 88.

2:18:55 - Leo Laporte
No 87, 24, 28, 84.

2:19:00 - Mikah Sargent
I mean, it is that 888-724-2884 is the phone number that you could call While we're doing this show. Of course, you will be able to ask your question live on air, but calling at any time while we're not on air means you can leave a voicemail. We love voicemails.

2:19:15 - Leo Laporte
We do Now. We are still in summertime, or as we call it here, daylight saving time, but we are going to shift the first Sunday in November, which is two weeks from today. So you got next week, the 29th, and then the following week we are going to shift our time. It doesn't probably make any difference to people in the United States, but many of you are already on standard time and so forth, so I always give out the UTC for the show. Right now, coordinated Universal Time, the show begins at 1800 UTC. In two weeks it will begin at a different time, I don't know. I guess either going to be 1700 or 19. I don't know. Anyway, I'll tell you then, but just to let you know ahead of time. That's why we are maybe at a different time. Maybe your time changed in our student and I don't know how to solve this.

Probably the easiest thing is just subscribe to the podcast and you'll listen at whatever darn time you want. Absolutely, is that it? That's it. There's anything more. Anybody has anything. Last five. Okay, I wish I had a gavel who could ask for anything more. Thank you for joining us. We'll see you next time. I'm Leo Laporte. I'm Mikah Sargent.

2:20:37 - Mikah Sargent
Have a great week have a great week. Bye-bye, hey.

2:20:39 - Rod Pyle
I'm Rod Pyle, editor-in-chief of Ad Astra Magazine. In each week, I join with my co-host to bring you, This Week in Space, the latest and greatest news from the Final Frontier. We talk to NASA, chief space scientists, engineers, educators and artists, and sometimes we just shoot the breeze over what's hot and what's not in space books and TV, when we do it all for you, our fellow true believers. So, whether you're an armchair adventurer or waiting for your turn to grab a slot in Elon's Mars rocket, join us on This Week in Space and be part of the greatest adventure of all time.

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