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Tech the Halls

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Mikah's iPhone 15 Review

Mikah Sargent reviews the new iPhone 15 Pro Max, discussing its titanium design, Action button, A17 Bionic chip, and camera upgrades. He tests the device extensively to determine if it lives up to Apple's claims. Click here to subscribe and download more reviews: Hands-On Tech!

Get the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

TWiT fans, our 24/7 livestream has gone away as we pivot back to basics on our network. The mission remains the same: super-serving our community by bringing them the best tech content ever! Check out the revamped streaming hub in Club TWiT on Discord for interaction, learning, and connecting. Shows can also be watched live on YouTube. More changes are expected as TWiT evolves in the podcast world. Support and patience are appreciated. Subscribe for updates at

Check out this post for more information: Strengthening Community Engagement

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