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AI Revolution

Celebrating milestones and major tech shifts! In the latest episode of This Week in Tech, hosted by Jason Howell, the team reflects on ChatGPT's 1st birthday amid the surge in mainstream AI adoption. Joined by guests Rich DeMuro, Tim Stevens, and Abrar Al-Heeti, they explore Microsoft's significant move, joining OpenAI's board as a non-voting observer. They dive into Pika's groundbreaking $55 million raise for an AI video generation tool and Amazon's unveiling of Q chatbot service for companies. Dive into the conversation on the latest in tech innovation. Don't miss out—subscribe, download, and stay ahead in the world of tech!

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Hands-On Reviews

Dive into the latest tech insights with your go-to podcast for all things Mac and Windows! In the recent episode of Hands-On Mac, Mikah Sargent delves into iOS 17's NameDrop feature, debunking privacy concerns and offering a step-by-step guide on using and deactivating it for those concerned about data security. Meanwhile, in Hands-On Windows with Paul Thurrott, explore the wide release of Windows 11 update 23H2, discovering various methods to access and install this pivotal update. Join Club TWiT for exclusive access to their full catalog. Stay updated, informed, and tech-savvy with TWiT's Help & How-To videos!

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