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Tech Titans Clash

In this episode of This Week in Tech, we have three influential women in tech - Amanda Silberling, Abrar Al-Heeti, and Shoshana Weissmann who share a treasure trove of information. We discuss Mark Zuckerberg's bold claim about Quest 3 outshining Apple's Vision Pro, and the hefty $500 million fine that Apple is facing under EU antitrust law. We also talk about a French village's unique approach to combat the smartphone 'invasion', Sarah Silverman's ongoing copyright infringement case against OpenAI, and the release of two books about Twitter that are highly anticipated.

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Big news for all TWiT fans out there! We're bringing our exclusive Club TWiT shows to everyone in audio form! Imagine having access to your favorite tech talks, expert opinions, and handy how-tos right at your fingertips. Starting this week, you can tune into these previously exclusive Club TWiT shows anytime, anywhere.

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NASA's Inner Circle

Join us on This Week in Space (TWiS) as we interview NASA's Deputy Administrator, Pam Melroy. With her background as an astronaut, Melroy shares the awe-inspiring story of her time at NASA and provides insights into the Artemis Lunar Landing Program. Subscribe and download our episodes to join our interstellar escapades.

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