Embracing a New Chapter

Tech Break bids adieu! On December 22nd, we're returning to a back-to-basics approach. Read more...

TWiET: How to Boost User Experiences in DevOps

Jenna Bilotta of LaunchDarkly joins the TWiET hosts to discuss enterprise DevOps and tools available to developers.

TWiT: Strengthening Community Engagement

Our round-the-clock livestream is signing off, yet our dedication stays unwavering. Dive into our newly reimagined Club TWiT on Discord and YouTube Live Streaming options. Follow for the latest updates and join our thrilling journey of evolution.

TWiT Newsletter Nov 20 2023

The New TWiT Live, Election Disinformation and More!

Leo Laporte's Review of the New M3 Max MacBook Pro

Leo Laporte takes on Apple's latest powerhouse, the M3 Max MacBook Pro, on Ask The Tech Guys. Does this premium-priced device live up to the hype? Find out as Laporte shares his insights. 

iOS Today 679 Transcript

Google Pixel Watch 2 Review: Solid Software, Mediocre Durability

Check out this detailed review to find out what it is like to wear the Pixel Watch 2. Learn about Google's seamless integration of Fitbit functionality, from its sleek design and enhanced health tracking to its intriguing imperfections. Will this watch break the trend of being discarded post-review? 

TWiT Newsletter Nov 13 2023

Experience the Future: Tech Updates, Ad-Free Podcasts, and Google Wearables!