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TWiT Launches New Podcast, Hands-On iOS

Hands-On iOS host Mikah Sargent

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV.

The list of iOS devices — and functionalities — keep growing. As an iOS lover, you enjoy the clean and user-friendly interface, but are you getting the most out of your devices?

Enter Hands-On iOS, Mikah Sargent’s new podcast.

As a digital native and Apple geek since childhood, Mikah is an expert on all things iOS. With his new, short-format show, Mikah will guide you through all the nooks and crannies of iOS, each episode focusing on one topic. Mikah will review apps and accessories, answer your questions, and share the best tips and tricks in 10 minutes (or less, or a little bit more) so you can get the info and get on with your busy day.

Subscribe now at and let Mikah show you how to make the most of your favorite Apple gear. Email with questions and feedback.

Mikah co-hosts iOS Today with Leo Laporte, Tech News Weekly with Jason Howell, Smart Tech Today with Matthew Cassinelli, and appears on other TWiT podcasts including This Week in Tech.

Hands-On iOS is one of four new podcasts TWiT plans to launch in early 2020. Stay tuned for more show announcements.

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